What Makes a Good Investment Property?

No matter the route you go for real estate investing — such as fixing up your own home, flipping, or renting out a home or commercial property — you want to make sure you’re choosing the right property. These tips can help your income property bring you ROI instead of regret.

The necessary changes are relatively minor.

Some real estate investors pass on home inspections in favor of a faster closing date. These investors typically have an experienced team of contractors who complete renovations quickly. Time is of the essence with investment properties, because the longer you’re holding onto a vacant home, the longer it will take for you to generate a profit.

This is true for flipping or renting out a property, though less so if you’re renovating for your own home. That being said, in nearly every instance you want a property that doesn’t require massive changes. Foundation problems, mold, or other damages will massively eat away at both time and your savings.

The location is a selling point.

Investment property success lies heavily in where the property is located.

  • For most commercial properties, lots of traffic and visibility is crucial. This isn’t always the case if your commercial property is a huge space, such as for corporate offices. But for local shops, you need a location that requires little to no commuting time for your clientele.
  • When buying your first rental property, consider the demographic you’re targeting. Near a college town? Look for a house that’s on-campus or close to it. Single-family home? Suburbs or just outside the hustle and bustle of a city are great locations.
  • If wanting to renovate and sell your own home later on, you should pick a location that’s on the up and up. It’s not ideally located right now, but it will be in 5-15 years. Smaller cities or cities that are remote (such as places out West) are a good place to look.

The property has potential.

It’s OK if your potential rental investment is a carpet nightmare out of the ‘70s. But qualities like hardwood floors (beneath all that carpet), high ceilings, and killer views make this a property with potential. Again, you don’t want a money pit for an income property, but the underlying beauty can turn out incredibly valuable.

Similarly, if your property is in one of those “up-and-up” locations, there is a ton of potential in appreciation. Property owners in cities like Fort Collins and Boulder experienced insane ROI, selling just as these cities became increasingly popular. Even commercial property owners can see huge success from renting out or selling in an area that’s on the come-up.

No property is perfect, but considering these factors can help turn your investment into a successful one. Find the perfect investment property or sell the one you have with RealtyHive! Learn more about time-limited events and get started today.

Luxury Cabins – Cabin Life Reinvented

I get the dilemma. Really enjoying the outdoorsy lifestyle but not too keen on sleeping in a tent or in a “traditionally styled” cabin. I get it, I understand, this right here is me and you relating on a spiritual level. I mean I’m all down for hiking, skiing, kayaking, etc, but tents on the ground and cabins filled with dead animals… thanks, but no thanks!  It makes little sense to me why some people choose to go to quiet serene places only to hang their food from trees, get eaten alive by bugs, and worry about coming face to face with a bear. None of that sounds peaceful to me, in fact, it completely contradicts the idea of going somewhere peaceful. If I wanted to fight for my life I would have gone to the mall of America on Black Friday, but I didn’t, and I don’t. I just want to climb a mountain, watch the sunset, and then fall asleep on my fluffy cushioned bed while watching Derek Morgan kick criminal booty on a large flat screen TV; is that too much to ask?

The below are what I consider the perfect cabin getaway locations. Nearly all of them break the “traditional cabin” mold, but that is personally what I like most about them! If you’re anything like me, you’ll thoroughly enjoy looking through these stunning properties. If you have a large sum of extra cash to spend (unlike me) you may even consider purchasing one!

10040 E Happy Valley Road 923 Scottsdale, AZ, 85255, United States – $1,350,000

  • built in outdoor grill
  • entrance to home

This is a transitional desert contemporary home. It offers a beautiful open floor plan with stunning mountain views from the floor to ceiling windows! You can watch the breathtaking sunsets over the mountains from your own private hot tub. If you ask me that beats a tent any and every day!

Get more details about this property here:

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9625 E Aw Tillinghast Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85262 United States – $9,975,000

This is what I would call desert mountain trophy home! Get the experience of the Arizona mountains without sacrificing any comforting luxuries. Things such as a lap pool, play pool, spa, multiple sundecks, covered patios, and much more!

Get more details about the property here:

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19 Little Cloud Trail, Aspen, Colorado, 81611 United States – $31,500,000

This is a new construction home in downtown Aspen! That means you can expect all the luxurious stylings and features one could imagine. Now my favorite thing about this house beside the stunning exterior is the stylish and unique lounging areas. Floor to ceiling windows shows you the beauty of the Colorado mountains. 

Get more details about the property here:

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33825 Meadow Creek Drive, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, United States – $4,495,000

This is one of my favorite homes in this article. The first reason is that it is just stunningly gorgeous on the outside. It gives the appears of a classic cabin but with clean modern lines and large windows for lots of natural light. The inside matches the beauty of the outside with modern fixtures and furniture. Not only the physical side of things but the views from the home are breathtaking and personally, I would love to wake up in the morning and watch the sunrise from the private terrace. If I just happened to have 4.5 million dollars to spend, trust me I would. 

Get more details about the property here:

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1166 Old East Ridge Road, Boone, North Carolina 28618, United States – $5,495,000

If you were to combine privacy and breathtaking views you would get this property. Gone are the days of outdated cabins, here is where mountains meet modern for the perfect mountain getaway location. On a plot of 272 acres filled with streams, trails, and waterfalls there are endless things to do around the home, and an endless supply luxurious entertaining spaces!

Get more details about the property here:

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4367 Columbine Drive Vail, Colorado, United States – $2,999,000

If you happen to be into modern architecture or are interested in a home with a hint of Scandinavian interior design, then this may be the home for you. Take one look at the exterior of this home and you know this is a modern day luxury home. The interior reflects the clean line design of the exterior. In conclusion, if you like modern then you like 4367 Columbine Drive Vail, Colorado, United States. 

Get more details about the property here:

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10814 E Heritage Ct, Scottsdale, AZ 85255, United States – $26,000,000

This is a rare find in the back canyons of Scottsdale Arizona. This home is an exquisite combination of Mediterranean Architecture and Contemporary Styling which gives you a completely unique experience. On 4+ acres of land, you can enjoy your own combination of luxury and privacy.

Get more details about the property here:

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5829 E Jean Ave, Phoenix, Arizona, 85018 United States – $6,995,000

This gorgeous Arizona home is located at the base of Camelback Mt on a 2-acre plot of land. With 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, this is the perfect luxury vacation home for any family, with no worries of sibling rivalries over who gets the bathroom next. 

Get more details about the property here:

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109 Willoughby Way, Red Mountain, Aspen, Colorado, 81611 United States – $29,999,999

Aspen Colorado is a famously amazing place for mountain side getaways and cabin vacays. This cabin offers 2.4 acres of land for all the privacy imaginable, but on the same hand is only a two-minute drive to the convenience of shops and restaurants nearby. 

Get more details about the property here:

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2957 Roses Branch Rd, Bakersville, North Carolina – $5,700,000

Once you cross the South Toe River there is a private world just waiting for you! There you’ll find this gorgeous self-sustaining smart house with CTRL 4 programming, whole house SONOS sound system, a security system, whole house backup generator, and radiant floor heat. This house comes with every comfort you could image, it’s the epitome of a luxury getaway cabin!

Get more details about the property here:

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6270 W Bucking Bronco Place, Tucson, Arizona, United States – $1,350,000

A stunning home with 360-degree views in every direction. These views will make you feel like your on top of the world…literally. You can look at these views from the 1500 sq ft covered patio which also has a built-in patio.

Get more details about the property here:

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20957 N 112th St, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States – $6,995,000

This French FarmHouse Estate looks like something straight out of Romeo and Juliet, and with 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, you could have housed both sides of their families. Although that may not have made for a particularly peaceful cabin stay. Located in the Upper Canyon of Silverleaf this house has astounding panoramic views of the mountainside and city lights. 

Get more details about the property here:

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2010 GCR 14N Kremmling, Colorado, United States – $23,500,000

This home is different compared to the others, it offers a more of a traditional styling. This home offers some unique yet appreciated additions such as the indoor bowling alley, and personal outdoor mini golf course. This house consists of 3 branches one could call them. The main house situated in the middle, and a guest house on either side connected by bridges over cascading waterfalls. Talk about a unique home, huh?

Get more details on the property here:

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161 Waterside Drive, Lake Lure, North Carolina, United States – $2,750,000

If you’re looking for breathtaking views from nearly every spot in your house, consider this contemporary masterpiece perched above the north end of Lake Lure!  Outdoor stone patios with covered cook-center that includes a gas grill, gaucho wood-burning grill, sink, concrete countertops, and hot tub create an exciting outdoor area/entertaining space. This is the perfect family cabin with a luxury spin!

Get more details about the property here:

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7004 N Invergordon Rd, Paradise Valley, Arizona, United States – $13,950,000

This luxury home is on approximately 5 acres of mountainside estate. This house offers a balance between luxury and class. Its traditional styling and high ceilings will make you feel like royalty, the only thing missing is a throne, but hey those can be added. For your convience, We have attached a link to a throne-like chair to fulfill the royal fantasy! 🙂

If your looking for a throne like chair to complete the cabin look here:

If your looking for a throne like chair to complete the cabin look here: I Want A Cool Chair

Get more details about the property here:

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handing over rent keys

5 Reasons to Rent Instead of Rushing to Buy

Home shopping can be an exciting, yet nerve-wracking time. There are a lot of important decisions to be made and those choices can impact you and your family for many years to come. Is this the right house? Are we getting a fair deal? Are we making the right choice?

In a highly competitive housing market, there can be huge disadvantages to taking the time to carefully consider your decision. Wait to submit the offer? Lose the house. Have to sell your house before you can buy? You might get lucky, maybe not. It may seem counterintuitive to go from homeownership to renting, just to go back owning again, but here’s why you may want to consider renting instead of rushing.  

5 Reasons to Rent Instead of Rushing to Buy

       1). You’ll know your budget

A huge advantage to selling your home before you buy a new one is that you’ll know exactly what you’re working with in terms of finances. Planning on upsizing? You’ll want to know how much of a price increase you can afford. Downsizing? You’ll need to consider what to do with the profits of your sale. Either way, it’s much easier to do this math when you know what you’re concretely working with.

        2). You’ll be first in line

Without having a home of your own to sell before buying a new one, you are able to submit a more enticing offer to sellers, especially those looking for a quick close. This free-and-clear method, paired with knowing your budget, means that you will be ready to act on any home that interests you and work on your own timeframe.

       3). You can take advantage of the hot market

Real estate prices are at an all-time high in a lot of places, but experts debate how long this streak will last. Now may be the time for you to sell at a premium, but that doesn’t mean you want to buy at a premium, either. Rent just until you find the right deal.

       4). Buying a fixer-upper is a little easier

If you’ve already found a place to rent and you’re getting accustomed to your new temporary digs, it might not be such a stretch for you to imagine staying a little longer. Instead of buying a more expensive move-in ready home, you make the option of a reno project a little more palatable. After all, you just moved in, what’s another month or two– especially if it’ll shave a few years off your mortgage.

       5). You may get to remember the joys of renting

Building amenities are one of the truly great things about rental life and can be a great upside to renting between homes. From included utilities to complementary gyms or community pools, these features can definitely help to smooth the transition.

Want to find your perfect home from motivated sellers who want to see your offer? Check out the properties in our next upcoming time-limited event by clicking here!

Advantages of a vacant home

During their real estate search, many buyers don’t often think about the advantages of looking at a vacant home. In fact, with a blazing hot real estate market, there can even be some stigmas attached to a vacant property. Many times buyers even start to psych themselves out. Should I be worried about how long a property has been vacant? Can I still have a full inspection? At RealtyHive, we feature many types of property and know the many advantages that a vacant home can have.

You can see it on your schedule

Unlike an occupied home where you have to coordinate schedules with current owners or tenants, vacant homes are often able to be shown at any time of the day. While the convenience factor is one benefit, there’s another reason this is so beneficial for a prospective buyer. 

Imagine you’re looking to buy a home in a unfamilar area, an area you haven’t spent much time. Maybe you don’t know the area or the neighborhood too well. Depending on your location, the character of the neighborhood may change from day to night. Wouldn’t it be great to find out there’s a loud and rowdy bar down the street or a school-induced traffic jam before you made your offer? Or what about a property that should have a wonderful view of the night sky, but instead has industrial lights coming from the nearby farm? Viewing a vacant house allows you to see these details (the kind you normally find out about after the fact) ahead of time. 

It’s easier to picture yourself in

When looking for real estate, you should make it a point to look past the current tenant/owners “stuff”. Sure, you might fall in love with the current furniture and design, but more than likely you’ll find yourself thinking “Why would you chose that couch?” or “How do you live in this mess?” 

When you look at a vacant home, you don’t run into this issue. Instead, you get to see a room for it’s unchangeable features. How much space do you have, what is the configuration of walls like, what does the natural light look like? 


The sellers are probably motivated

The biggest advantage of buying a vacant home tends to be the sellers. An unoccupied property costs the owner each and every month they hold on to it, even if the property is completely paid off. 

These holding costs (everything from mortgage to taxes to utilities) can really add up and can often lead sellers to agreeing to a sale price much lower than the list price. 

Find the perfect vacant home or search through hundreds of listings at the most competitive prices on the market.