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Beauty Queens to Tropical Dreams: Learn More About Venezuela

Venezuela has received a lot of negative attention in recent years due to high levels of inflation, high crime areas, and a questionable political environment. While there are many reports of the negatives of this beautiful country, there are many more positives. Here are some things you may not know about the “Land of Grace” … Continue reading “Beauty Queens to Tropical Dreams: Learn More About Venezuela”

Island Escape 101: Exotic Tropical Fruits

One of the first things you realize when you move to a tropical land is just how many fruits you’ve never heard of or tried before! Sure, US supermarkets are stocked to the brim with far more products than you’ll find in nearly any store in the Caribbean, but that doesn’t mean you can find … Continue reading “Island Escape 101: Exotic Tropical Fruits”

door county wisconsin farm

Beyond the Brewery: Explore Door County’s Hidden Charms!

Door County, Wisconsin is regarded as the “Napa Valley of the Midwest” thanks to an abundance of wineries, art galleries, and other cultural activities, but not everything on this peninsula isn’t as prime and proper as it seems. Beyond the award-winning artisan cheeses and world-renowned cherries, lays another Door County–one that’s funky, spunky, and so … Continue reading “Beyond the Brewery: Explore Door County’s Hidden Charms!”

unknown island remote beach

Island Escape 101: Unknown Islands

Many travelers get a special thrill when they tell someone about their latest adventures and get blanks stares and questions of “Where’s that?” While many people travel to Jamaica (more than 4 million a year) or the Dominican Republic (more than 5 million annually), it’s not as often that you hear of travels to Montserrat … Continue reading “Island Escape 101: Unknown Islands”

beach of english speaking country

Island Escape 101: English Language Paradises

You’ve been dreaming of escaping the drudgery of the 9-5 Monday through Friday workweek. You’ve got your sights set on sun and fun in a tropical paradise, but where to go? There are many great places to choose from, but if you’re looking for an easy transition it may be a good idea to find … Continue reading “Island Escape 101: English Language Paradises”

men fighting in a field

The Battle of Toledo: How a Real Estate Deal Prevented a War

If you take a look at a map of the Midwest United States, you may notice something strange with Michigan. More specifically, you may notice that Michigan is effectively two land masses that aren’t connected (save for the Mackinac Bridge) and that the northern part, known as Upper Michigan, is actually completely attached to Wisconsin … Continue reading “The Battle of Toledo: How a Real Estate Deal Prevented a War”

deck view white wine table beach

Island Escape 101: Passport Requirements

With thoughts of the sand between your toes and the intoxicating smells of suntan lotion mixing with the spray of the ocean, it’s easy to imagine spending your days living your best Caribbean life. Before you find a long-term rental or property to own and kiss your mainland life goodbye, you’ve gotta make sure you … Continue reading “Island Escape 101: Passport Requirements”

neon rock totems in desert southwest

Beyond the Grand Canyon: Awesome Places to Visit in the Southwest

In Europe, it’s not uncommon for someone to leave their home on a Friday for a weekend trip that includes crossing international borders. For much of the EU, a few hours drive or train ride will land you in another country—or perhaps a few countries over. In the United States, that same scenario is pretty … Continue reading “Beyond the Grand Canyon: Awesome Places to Visit in the Southwest”

person holding mug filled with snow

Forget Snow Birds, Snow Babies are the Newest Trend in Real Estate

For better or worse, real estate is an industry ruled by trends. Whether you’re considering moving from the cities to the Leave It to Beaver suburbs (1950s) or from your McMansion(1990s) to a tiny home (2010s), it’s possible that you’re part of the current real estate trend.   As we near the end of a … Continue reading “Forget Snow Birds, Snow Babies are the Newest Trend in Real Estate”