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#WinWithRealtyHive: Selling in Stiles

    Everyone in real estate is talking about how hot the market is. In many areas, single-family homes can barely hit the MLS before an accepted offer is reached, but that isn’t always the case. In areas with more sellers than buyers, selling a home can take weeks or months if not years. That’s … Continue reading “#WinWithRealtyHive: Selling in Stiles”

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Beyond the Brewery: Explore Door County’s Hidden Charms!

    Door County, Wisconsin is regarded as the “Napa Valley of the Midwest” thanks to an abundance of wineries, art galleries, and other cultural activities, but not everything on this peninsula isn’t as prime and proper as it seems. Beyond the award-winning artisan cheeses and world-renowned cherries, lays another Door County–one that’s funky, spunky, … Continue reading “Beyond the Brewery: Explore Door County’s Hidden Charms!”

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5 Psychology Tricks to Use When Selling Your Home

    When selling real estate, the goal is always to get the highest sale price possible. In some markets this is easy. According to Zillow, in 2017 nearly 1 in 4 homes sold over the listed price, and in some cases, far over. While the area, home type, and other factors come into play, … Continue reading “5 Psychology Tricks to Use When Selling Your Home”

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Island Escape 101: Unknown Islands

    Many travelers get a special thrill when they tell someone about their latest adventures and get blanks stares and questions of “Where’s that?” While many people travel to Jamaica (more than 4 million a year) or the Dominican Republic (more than 5 million annually), it’s not as often that you hear of travels … Continue reading “Island Escape 101: Unknown Islands”