ICYMI: Deep Dive and Ask Me Anything Webinar with RealtyHive

In RealtyHive’s recent webinar session hosted by Ash Patel of Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Podcast, we took a deep dive into the world of equity crowdfunding, global real estate and cashback, with RealtyHive Founder and CEO, Wade Micoley.

Watch the full session below to learn how Wade started RealtyHive’s global real estate marketing platform and cashback program, hear from existing investors, and learn how you can become part owner through equity crowdfunding.

Why RealtyHive?

RealtyHive CEO, Wade Micoley started his career as a real estate agent, quickly learning that there was no simple way to gain new clients. He saw that the industry was ripe for innovation, especially in marketing. That’s when he founded RealtyHive.

Even in the best real estate market, unique properties require more exposure to be sold quickly. Because of this, awareness of the need for personalized marketing solutions is exponentially increasing and positioning RealtyHive to capture the current market.

In addition to creating an unmatched property marketing solution, Wade saw the need to bring more value to those buying the properties. Through this, Cashifyd was born; connecting property buyers with real estate agents who offer a part of their commission back to the buyer at closing. 

RealtyHive and Cashifyd combined, create a win-win solution for all clients involved, truly encompassing what the gold standard for global real estate means.

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