ICYMI: Deep Dive and Ask Me Anything Webinar with RealtyHive

In RealtyHive’s recent webinar session hosted by Ash Patel of Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Podcast, we took a deep dive into the world of equity crowdfunding, global real estate and cashback, with RealtyHive Founder and CEO, Wade Micoley.

Watch the full session below to learn how Wade started RealtyHive’s global real estate marketing platform and cashback program, hear from existing investors, and learn how you can become part owner through equity crowdfunding.

Why RealtyHive?

RealtyHive CEO, Wade Micoley started his career as a real estate agent, quickly learning that there was no simple way to gain new clients. He saw that the industry was ripe for innovation, especially in marketing. That’s when he founded RealtyHive.

Even in the best real estate market, unique properties require more exposure to be sold quickly. Because of this, awareness of the need for personalized marketing solutions is exponentially increasing and positioning RealtyHive to capture the current market.

In addition to creating an unmatched property marketing solution, Wade saw the need to bring more value to those buying the properties. Through this, Cashifyd was born; connecting property buyers with real estate agents who offer a part of their commission back to the buyer at closing. 

RealtyHive and Cashifyd combined, create a win-win solution for all clients involved, truly encompassing what the gold standard for global real estate means.

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Huge Wins for RealtyHive and Cashifyd

Thanks to our incredible community, RealtyHive and Cashifyd have experienced positive growth since inception. 

In this blog, we are sharing some recent successes that we are pumped about, and we hope you’re just as excited as we are!

Florida Property Closes at 117% Above Suggested  Bid With RealtyHive’s Help!

When a seller was quickly looking to close on their beautiful home in Orlando, Florida, they knew they needed a platform that would bring the most exposure possible to their property, at speed. 

With RealtyHive’s support the seller was able to achieve these incredible results: 

✅ 220,000+ property views

✅ 8,395 property clicks

✅ Sold after 14 days on the market 

✅ Sold 117% above suggested bid

Ultimately, RealtyHive’s unique ability to maximize property views through kick-ass marketing and Time-Limited Events made this a dream close.

Check out the video below to learn more about RealtyHive:

Interested in marketing your property on RealtyHive? Click here to get started.

Marcus Gets $1,600 Cashback Buying His First Home Through Cashifyd!

First-time homebuyer, Marcus, connected with Cashifyd agent, Alisha, to help him find his dream home, AND received $1,600 cashback…on a purchase he was going to make anyways! 

How did Marcus receive this incredible check?

Well, in traditional real estate, if an agent referred Marcus to another real estate agent, that agent will make a referral fee off Marcus wanting to buy or sell – and that’s only fair, it’s the “distribution” chain.

Through Cashifyd Marcus became that middleman, and thus received cash back for being his own referral!

Check out this cool video explaining Cashifyd:

Here’s what Alisha, Marcus’s agent, is saying:

More Wins on The Way!

We look forward to keeping you updated as we continue to gain traction and garner more wins for our sellers and agents! 

If you want to enjoy our success in a new way, we encourage you to learn more about how you can join our investor community on Wefunder.

RealtyHive’s International Growth

Have you heard the recent RealtyHive buzz? We just launched two huge announcements on our Wefunder page about our newest partnerships with international brokerage RE/MAX 1st Choice Belize and SIMCA International Development.

RealtyHive is thrilled to achieve even more international growth and consumer adoption through these partnerships! 

RE/MAX 1st Choice Belize

Our Director of Business Development, Alex Ryczek, is currently in the process of onboarding the RE/MAX 1st Choice Belize team with results worth sharing! Ryczek upgraded four agents to the Time-Limited Events program, resulting in over $1,000,000 in newly listed properties in a matter of days. 

Plus, we’ve received incredible feedback from the RE/MAX 1st Choice Belize team and agents are excited to get more international exposure on their properties currently lingering on the market. 

Check out this panorama view from one of our new properties soon to be auctioned in a Time-Limited Event!

Total Properties Added to RealtyHive: 323

Total Dollar Volume: $140,471,948

“We are extremely excited and grateful to be partnered with David Kafka and all of the wonderful people at RE/MAX 1st Choice Belize. We look forward to showcasing their properties to our international audience on RealtyHive.com and assisting with buyer loyalty and retention through Cashifyd!”  – Alex Ryczek; The RealtyHive Marketplace

The team at RealtyHive is looking forward to getting these properties in front of more buyers around the globe in the coming weeks! This partnership is just the first of many opportunities positioning RealtyHive as the clear gold standard in real estate marketing around the globe.

SIMCA International Development Partnership

SIMCA has partnered with RealtyHive to feature twelve of their development properties in our Time-Limited Events marketing. SIMCA is the #1 developer in Mexico’s Southeast territory! 

Our platform’s increased global exposure places these developments in front of vacation rental owners, buyers looking for a second home, property investors, and more.

With over thirty completed development projects, SIMCA has units ranging from $149,000 to $1,500,000 USD and will be available in our Time-Limited Events auctions soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for these standout listings!

Join The Hive!

International properties in general are an amazing buy. They offer rental investment opportunities. They’re about as superb a vacation home as you can get. Plus, there are often tax laws that make owning an international property both lucrative and more affordable than you might realize. 

The RealtyHive team is eager to share our mission and vision with you, and encourage you to join our community today to take advantage of our global platform positioned to take on international markets! These are the first of many exciting announcements we have on the horizon, and are looking forward to sharing our future successes and milestones. 

If you have any questions about RealtyHive, visit our Wefunder page to learn more, or click here to schedule a personal meeting with RealtyHive’s Founder & CEO, Wade Micoley. 

RealtyHive’s Most Frequently Asked Investor Questions

Since the start of our Equity Crowdfunding raise on Wefunder, RealtyHive has received a handful of questions and comments from investors and consumers alike, regarding RealtyHive and our overarching mission to redefine the gold standard of marketing in the real estate industry.

Our campaign has garnered the attention of many industry innovators and retail consumers, and we are excited to reach new heights of development through this phase of crowdfunding on Wefunder! 

Below we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions, and aim to provide a more sound understanding of our process at RealtyHive, and our goals through our capital raise

Q: How do the agents feel about both RealtyHive and Cashifyd? Is it considered competition?

What is so unique about what we’re doing at RealtyHive is that it’s not disrupting a service – we call it frictionless disruption. Everyone wants RealtyHive in the room; the agent, seller, and broker!

This contributes to an 85% adoption rate when RealtyHive meets with a seller about our product.

When you look at Cashifyd-

Agents will spend anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000 a month to be in a lead generation program like Zillow, Trulia, realtor.com to receive leads.

The great thing about Cashifyd is, you only pay as an agent when you select to participate in leads, and you only pay at closing. Total win-win.

We’re here to help agents, not take them out of the picture!

Q: So how big do you think RealtyHive can be?

The RealtyHive platform has the ability on the backend of our site to pull in about 90% of the MLS in the United States. 

After taking a look at properties on the market for over a hundred days, we discovered $33 billion worth of real estate, just residential, remained on the market in the United States. And that’s in one of the best Real Estate markets ever!

When you add commercial, land, and businesses and take that worldwide, the number of  people that need help when their property is being sold is massive, and RealtyHive is a tool that expertly services that market.

Q: What is Cashifyd’s purpose and what’s the market opportunity for cashback?

When we really dug into the industry a few years ago, we found that there were no open architecture platforms out there for cashback in real estate.

Through Cashifyd, anyone can participate, and they pay nothing unless they buy something.  The agent only pays if they sell something. We see this as a huge opportunity, not just in the US, but around the globe.  

Q: Do you have any big projects you are working on for enhancements and features to the RealtyHive & Cashifyd platforms?

The next level for RealtyHive is the automation of the connections. In other words, rifling into who needs us and when. The next step is through our backend system, identifying those agents that have the properties we know could benefit from our program. 

At RealtyHive we anticipate enhancement by year end, allowing agents to claim their listings on our website, and be featured on their own properties for free

We will also be rolling out two additional features! Soon we will allow lenders to join the app, create profiles, and be exposed to a large lot of buyers just starting their purchase process. Buyer’s get access to lender’s comfortable dealing with cashback, they fully understand how to do that process. 

With interest rates as low as they may ever be, many homeowners have or will refinance. Now lending institutions have to look for ways of organic growth and Cashifyd fit right into that process.

The second big feature will be launching Cashifyd for sellers! Similar to connecting buyers with agents who offer cashback, Cashifyd for sellers will connect sellers with agents who offer deep discounts on the selling side.

Q: What does an exit look like for RealtyHive?

We believe we’re positioning the company for the right type of acquisition. We all really enjoy what we’re doing at RealtyHive, coming up with creative, new programs and ideas that can enhance marketplaces.

If we’re doing that and having a lot of fun, returning profits to our shareholders, perhaps we do it longer. If we get the right opportunity, with the right money, that would be a team discussion. 

We love doing this, and we are going to do this as long as we can!

Q: How much feedback have you received so far? 

We have gotten a lot of feedback from the most important people out there, which are the buyers and the sellers that use our programs. They see both RealtyHive and Cashifyd as game-changers to the industry, putting the consumers first while also working in tandem with agents and brokers.

We understand the industry very, very thoroughly. We know what’s wrong in the industry, and we know what’s wrong in the marketing aspect of it. We know how to be more effective at it, and we learn from every single one of our clients.

Q: What changes have you made based on that feedback? 

The feedback that we get is in direct response to having meetings, not only with sellers on the RealtyHive side, but also the brokers, and what could make our platform easier to use. 

On the Cashifyd side, we think it’s really important to talk to everybody (buyers, sellers, agents, and lenders). How’d you find us? What do you like? How can we help you? Was it easy to use?

Even though Cashifyd recently launched, we have already received some great suggestions from users that we will be putting into future enhancements. 

Q: How many actual sales have you made? 

On the RealtyHive side, we have tested and run through our platform for over 1,300 transactions. Meaning, 1,300 properties have come through the process and successfully closed. 

Through that process, there’s more than just a property being on the site and closing. There’s the marketing that goes behind it as well. How effective was that marketing? What were our total counts on those properties for direct views and direct click-throughs? 

Q: Who are your competitors? 

There are portions of what we do at RealtyHive out there, such as old school auction companies that sell properties. However, RealtyHive brought that same process into retail formatting, tied behind clients’ needs, thus creating an entirely new funnel.

There are companies out there that just market properties, but they don’t have the unique factor of the Time-Limited Events and the potential to make marketing efforts more effective. 

We have competitors; there’s no question. What is unique about RealtyHive is that we have created our own playing field. By creating your own playing field, you are able to create new rules of the game and that gives you a substantial advantage.

Q: Why choose the Equity Crowdfunding route? 

We have some very smart, and very savvy real estate professionals that saw the opportunity and invested in us. On Wefunder, we are offering the exact same terms as we did with those very first investors. Now, both accredited and non-accredited, everyday investors can join us in changing the global real estate landscape. 

Q: How much will be spent on founders’ salaries? 

It’s a dollar! Our founder, Wade, is very invested in the company’s future successes. 

Q: How will these funds be allocated? 

Last year we did $1.7 million in revenue, without Cashifyd and some of our future enhancements. We’re raising money to speed up the process of these future features.

We think these new enhancements are of high value not just for the company, but for the consumers. The whole idea behind this is to raise money to bring in more developers to streamline our offering, releasing more RealtyHive & Cashifyd features to clients around the entire globe.

At RealtyHive, we deeply value our customers’ feedback, and encourage you to visit our raise page if you have any additional questions or comments regarding our raise and our platform.

We are now accepting early investors on Wefunder for as low as $500. Join our community of innovators here

We’re RealtyHive and This is Our Story

As an entrepreneur I’ve always been fueled by a desire to improve business systems. In the 1980’s Real Estate offered me an opportunity to improve processes and systems, and I dove in headfirst, determined never to look back. Early on in my career I became one of the top real estate brokers in the nation, winning various awards, speaking in panels, and attending tons of real estate engagements. 

Then in 2000, opportunities with a great group of professionals led to break ground as a co-founder of Nicolet National Bank, which later became the fastest-growing bank in Wisconsin. 

When the real estate market crashed in 2009 and disrupted the entire industry as we know it. Though it was devastating, it was the catalyst that made RealtyHive what it is today. 

RealtyHive Was Born From The 2009 Real Estate Crash

During the crash, tons of properties were coming back into banks, and the banks wanted to do what was in the best interest of their shareholders. 

In an effort to mitigate the loss on properties, I knew I needed to create a platform to help get as much exposure as possible to potential buyers, making sure the banks could close deals faster. 

Later that year, I teamed up with devoted visionaries to create the RealtyHive platform where sellers and agents can market their properties, create more awareness and close at a higher rate, using our unique marketing systems: 

  • “Marketing Matters: Marketing Matters is RealtyHive’s outbound marketing program that promotes the property to a sea of various global platforms, bringing more impressions, direct property views and leads. The best part is you pay nothing unless your property sells!
  • “Time-Limted Events:” This process allows sellers to retain full control of the final sales price. By using a Time-Limited Event, RealtyHive helps increase competition and create urgency for potential buyers which means you can close a deal faster. 

Today, RealtyHive is responsible for selling thousands of properties while serving the real estate community in the private, agency, and banking sectors. Check out some of our case studies: 

I firmly believe the RealtyHive platform and marketing process have revolutionized purchasing and selling real estate in a way that’s consistently optimized to utilize the best internet, media, and print resources across local and international markets. The result is a unique marketing solution that gives buyers and sellers the power to speed up the sale—a win-win scenario. 

Then RealtyHive Implemented Cashifyd, a Cashback Program for Real Estate

As a platform that connects buyers to agents and sellers, we took a deep dive into our competitors to improve our platform and distinguish ourselves. When a buyer uses Zillow for example, they fill out a form, then get inundated by agents all fighting to sell you a property. 

To be honest, it’s overwhelming for the buyer and not a great consumer experience. 

Regardless, it satisfies Zillow because it’s their job to create leads and pass them off to the agents to receive a referral or ad fee as the middle man—regardless if it’s a positive user experience for the buyer.  

We wanted the RealtyHive platform to be a consumer advocate, which meant we needed to remove the “middle-man” structure and empower the consumer by giving them their own referral fee in the form of cashback. 

I took this concept and created the RealtyHive Cashifyd Program—the first global consumer self-referral marketplace for real estate. Here’s how it works: 

Ultimately, we want the consumer to be in control, so we reward you as the consumer for your own lead and it’s free to use. 

Join The RealtyHive Mission and Vision By Investing on Wefunder

Our plan is to be the global platform to connect buyers and sellers, in a way that empowers the consumers.

We are currently fundraising on Wefunder to speed up the development of features and functions that will enable us to get directly in front of agents with properties and put the best information in front of all parties in the transaction.  

We think there’s a huge opportunity to partner with the community of people who share our vision of changing the real estate landscape. We want to bring you all into the innovative process, and everything that comes with being on our team, including giving you the opportunity to own shares in RealtyHive. 

If you want to invest in a company that has an exciting future and will make a difference in real estate, then join RealtyHive’s equity crowdfunding campaign. Your investment will make you an owner of our company so you can make a difference while also benefiting from our success.  

We encourage you to invest in RealtyHive today and join our mission as an investor! If you have questions, please leave them in the Comments section of our campaign page and our team will be sure to address them as soon as possible. 

Wade T. Micoley


How Cashifyd gets property buyers and sellers cashback

Key players in the real estate market today have access to more advanced technology than those of a decade ago. Today, more and more people are turning to the internet and apps to buy and sell properties. This presents an opportunity that stakeholders should not ignore while conducting business.

This is also where a revolutionary app comes in; here’s introducing Cashifyd.

Cashifyd is the world’s first self-referral marketplace that helps property buyers and sellers (you) connect with local real estate experts who offer cashback (referral fee) at closing. 

Read on to find out how this app will change real estate transactions around the world.

How Cashifyd Works

Cashifyd comes into the market with one aim; to provide the most value and savings when buying or selling real estate. Available on both the App Store and Google Play, Cashifyd developed a consumer-centric approach that allows both buyers and sellers to refer themselves to agents who offer a part of their commission back.!

Before Cashifyd, real estate buyers were unaware of commissions they needed to pay to complete a transaction, or even that they could negotiate these commissions.

Cashifyd empowers the consumers. The system lets you negotiate discreetly with agents, so you get agents who will share a portion of their commission – the referral!

Cashifyd allows consumers to leverage their buying power to receive multiple agent offers in real-time, and view the estimated cashback prior to making a selection. Contact information is only released to the agent selected – no more unwanted or unsolicited calls.

The Difference Between the Current Method and the Cashifyd Method

The traditional home purchase process

Here’s how the home buying process currently looks

1. You search for a property online and find one that you like and falls within your budget

2. You fill out a form on a website to get additional information on the property or to schedule a showing

3. Your contact information is then sold to a pool of agents who will then reach out to you

4. You work with your selected agent to view properties and make offers. This agent might end up being the listing agent who is also representing the seller (this is not good for you — see below for more info) 

5. At the time of closing, unless you have negotiated a discount, rebate or seller concessions, there will be no additional savings. 

Know your agents: It is best to work with an agent who represents you and works to protect your interests and get you the best deal (also known as a Buyer’s Agent). If you end up working with the listing agent, that agent is also representing the seller.. This situation puts you in a loss-loss position since you lose a significant portion of your bargaining power. The listing agent’s primary goal is to work in the favor of the seller – to get them the most for their property. 

The Cashifyd process

Cashifyd simplifies the entire home buying process for you. Here’s how the app does it:

1. You’re thinking about buying a home and want to work with an agent who will get you the best deal and has instant access to local inventory. 

2. Download the Cashifyd app and submit your buying criteria. It’s free to use!

3. Watch the agent bids (what they’re willing to give back) come in and select the agent you’d like to work with. Your contact information is only released to that one agent. TIP: it’s best to request your selected agent to sign a buyer’s agency agreement – this ensures your agent will be working in your best interest. 

4. Work with the agent to find a property and submit your offer. At the time of closing, you’ll be getting your well deserved cashback in the form of a check or closing credit – SAVINGS TO YOU! 

Cashifyd makes it easy for you to get a buyer’s agent more actively involved in the transaction. 

The Goal Behind Cashifyd

Cashifyd seeks to:

  • Bring more value to the consumer who is the most important component of the real estate transaction
  • Introduce a consumer-centric approach to the real estate world
  • Give consumers the control by allowing them to refer themselves to agents who will compete for their business and offer cashback. 

Are There Other Apps Like Cashifyd?

There are other real estate firms and platforms that offer similar services like UpNest, Homie, Rex & Homes for Heroes. Cashifyd sets itself apart by not only offering the cashback but also putting the consumer’s best interests & privacy first by allowing them to select the agent they want to work with and not selling the leads directly to the agents. Cashifyd takes the value to the next level by offering the consumer to agent referral marketplace on a global level. 

Finding Properties that you can get cash back on

RealtyHive, the parent company of Cashifyd, features properties from all around the globe with many of them being featured in Time-Limited Events. In addition to being able to get cashback on these properties, sellers of time-limited event properties are highly-motivated to sell. Many properties sell prior to the auction event day 

Available properties can be found on RealtyHive.com and each listing page displays how much cash back a buyer is likely to earn. 

Cashifyd for Agents

Why agents are turning to Cashifyd

Cashifyd gives agents another opportunity to connect with buyers they would not have otherwise connected with through their personal network. For a small fee (most of this going back to the buyer in the form of cashback), agents are able to view self-verified buyers who are actively looking to buy. Whether they’re looking for 1 deal a month or 100, Cashifyd allows agents to bid only on the leads they want to work with.  

Agents can create a Cashifyd profile and participate in bidding on buyer leads for free. Cashifyd fees are only paid upon a successful transaction. All fees are paid at or after closing, depending on the format of cashback the buyer selects.

Cashifyd is great for agents new to the market and offers an opportunity for them to get into the industry running with little experience. These agents can also use the platform to build their reputations on a cost-effective system that brings in leads. Experienced agents use Cashifyd to supplement their business growth, when they see fit.

Agents have control over how much commission they’d be willing to give back to buyer lead. 

The Future for Cashifyd

Cashifyd already allows you to negotiate with real estate agents and will be expanding to additional service providers that are a part of the real estate transaction. 

“He who provides the most value to the consumer wins the consumer.”

Cashifyd is currently available on the App Store and Google Play, and can be used around the globe and in 40 US states that allow consumer rebates.
RealtyHive is currently raising capital on Wefunder to support our vision of combining our Time-Limited Events with programs like Cashifyd to position us for success in the real estate marketing industry. Join us as an innovator today!

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