How Cashifyd gets property buyers and sellers cashback

Key players in the real estate market today have access to more advanced technology than those of a decade ago. Today, more and more people are turning to the internet and apps to buy and sell properties. This presents an opportunity that stakeholders should not ignore while conducting business.

This is also where a revolutionary app comes in; here’s introducing Cashifyd.

Cashifyd is the world’s first self-referral marketplace that helps property buyers and sellers (you) connect with local real estate experts who offer cashback (referral fee) at closing. 

Read on to find out how this app will change real estate transactions around the world.

How Cashifyd Works

Cashifyd comes into the market with one aim; to provide the most value and savings when buying or selling real estate. Available on both the App Store and Google Play, Cashifyd developed a consumer-centric approach that allows both buyers and sellers to refer themselves to agents who offer a part of their commission back.!

Before Cashifyd, real estate buyers were unaware of commissions they needed to pay to complete a transaction, or even that they could negotiate these commissions.

Cashifyd empowers the consumers. The system lets you negotiate discreetly with agents, so you get agents who will share a portion of their commission – the referral!

Cashifyd allows consumers to leverage their buying power to receive multiple agent offers in real-time, and view the estimated cashback prior to making a selection. Contact information is only released to the agent selected – no more unwanted or unsolicited calls.

The Difference Between the Current Method and the Cashifyd Method

The traditional home purchase process

Here’s how the home buying process currently looks

1. You search for a property online and find one that you like and falls within your budget

2. You fill out a form on a website to get additional information on the property or to schedule a showing

3. Your contact information is then sold to a pool of agents who will then reach out to you

4. You work with your selected agent to view properties and make offers. This agent might end up being the listing agent who is also representing the seller (this is not good for you — see below for more info) 

5. At the time of closing, unless you have negotiated a discount, rebate or seller concessions, there will be no additional savings. 

Know your agents: It is best to work with an agent who represents you and works to protect your interests and get you the best deal (also known as a Buyer’s Agent). If you end up working with the listing agent, that agent is also representing the seller.. This situation puts you in a loss-loss position since you lose a significant portion of your bargaining power. The listing agent’s primary goal is to work in the favor of the seller – to get them the most for their property. 

The Cashifyd process

Cashifyd simplifies the entire home buying process for you. Here’s how the app does it:

1. You’re thinking about buying a home and want to work with an agent who will get you the best deal and has instant access to local inventory. 

2. Download the Cashifyd app and submit your buying criteria. It’s free to use!

3. Watch the agent bids (what they’re willing to give back) come in and select the agent you’d like to work with. Your contact information is only released to that one agent. TIP: it’s best to request your selected agent to sign a buyer’s agency agreement – this ensures your agent will be working in your best interest. 

4. Work with the agent to find a property and submit your offer. At the time of closing, you’ll be getting your well deserved cashback in the form of a check or closing credit – SAVINGS TO YOU! 

Cashifyd makes it easy for you to get a buyer’s agent more actively involved in the transaction. 

The Goal Behind Cashifyd

Cashifyd seeks to:

  • Bring more value to the consumer who is the most important component of the real estate transaction
  • Introduce a consumer-centric approach to the real estate world
  • Give consumers the control by allowing them to refer themselves to agents who will compete for their business and offer cashback. 

Are There Other Apps Like Cashifyd?

There are other real estate firms and platforms that offer similar services like UpNest, Homie, Rex & Homes for Heroes. Cashifyd sets itself apart by not only offering the cashback but also putting the consumer’s best interests & privacy first by allowing them to select the agent they want to work with and not selling the leads directly to the agents. Cashifyd takes the value to the next level by offering the consumer to agent referral marketplace on a global level. 

Finding Properties that you can get cash back on

RealtyHive, the parent company of Cashifyd, features properties from all around the globe with many of them being featured in Time-Limited Events. In addition to being able to get cashback on these properties, sellers of time-limited event properties are highly-motivated to sell. Many properties sell prior to the auction event day 

Available properties can be found on and each listing page displays how much cash back a buyer is likely to earn. 

Cashifyd for Agents

Why agents are turning to Cashifyd

Cashifyd gives agents another opportunity to connect with buyers they would not have otherwise connected with through their personal network. For a small fee (most of this going back to the buyer in the form of cashback), agents are able to view self-verified buyers who are actively looking to buy. Whether they’re looking for 1 deal a month or 100, Cashifyd allows agents to bid only on the leads they want to work with.  

Agents can create a Cashifyd profile and participate in bidding on buyer leads for free. Cashifyd fees are only paid upon a successful transaction. All fees are paid at or after closing, depending on the format of cashback the buyer selects.

Cashifyd is great for agents new to the market and offers an opportunity for them to get into the industry running with little experience. These agents can also use the platform to build their reputations on a cost-effective system that brings in leads. Experienced agents use Cashifyd to supplement their business growth, when they see fit.

Agents have control over how much commission they’d be willing to give back to buyer lead. 

The Future for Cashifyd

Cashifyd already allows you to negotiate with real estate agents and will be expanding to additional service providers that are a part of the real estate transaction. 

“He who provides the most value to the consumer wins the consumer.”

Cashifyd is currently available on the App Store and Google Play, and can be used around the globe and in 40 US states that allow consumer rebates.
RealtyHive is currently raising capital on Wefunder to support our vision of combining our Time-Limited Events with programs like Cashifyd to position us for success in the real estate marketing industry. Join us as an innovator today!

4 Essential Upgrades to Include in a Kitchen Remodeling for Big Families

A big family needs a big kitchen. While cozy kitchens and diminutive dining rooms are increasingly common to make room for master suites and walk-in closets, having many people under the same roof is easier when you maximize common spaces. Whether you have several young children or you’re living in a multi-generational home, these four essential upgrades for a big family should be part of your kitchen remodel.

Counter Seating

A formal dining room can be a pain to clean and set for just minor meals and snacks, so include a roomy bar or island with seating in your kitchen remodel. Counter seating provides a comfortable space for weeknight meals, busy breakfasts or lunches with friends and makes post-meal cleaning a breeze. Seating young children near your kitchen workspace also lets you keep an eye on them while you’re cooking.

Extra Floor Space

Avoid a cramped kitchen by incorporating lots of floor space into your kitchen remodeling plans. Plenty of room to move is not only important for comfort but also for safety. Tight corners and narrow traffic areas can result in injuries, especially with small children or elderly family members. Are you working with a small footprint? Keep cabinets and appliances narrow to maximize floor space.

Lots of Storage

A big family means big grocery hauls, and you need lots of storage solutions to keep all that food organized and accessible. Take your cabinets all the way to the ceiling so that no inch of space is wasted. Build in a pantry with lots of shelves and drawers. Make use of the area above your stovetop or kitchen island with hanging storage for pots and pans to free up more cabinet space for food storage.

Homework Space

Are you tired of the kitchen table being covered in textbooks, papers and pencils? Carve out a dedicated homework space in your kitchen. A kid-sized table tucked into a breakfast nook works perfectly, or use long floating desks if you’re short on extra space. The homework area also makes a great spot for crafting or working from home and can even double as a kid’s table for parties and holidays.

Remember, you don’t need a large house to have a roomy kitchen. Smart design can make even the tiniest of kitchens seem spacious. You can also move walls or rearrange rooms to make your kitchen larger. Expand a small galley kitchen into the dining room or combine the kitchen and living room for a contemporary open floor plan.

5 Inexpensive Upgrades to Make to Your Home This Fall

Whether you’re thinking about putting your house on the market soon or being home for months on end has you thinking about making upgrades to your space, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a full renovation project. In fact, you can give your home a facelift for less than a few hundred dollars with some of these easy projects that can be completed in a weekend.

Outdoor Cleanup

Is your home lacking in curb appeal? Are your plants looking tired and faded? If you’re planning to sell your place, a well-maintained landscape signals potential buyers that the home has been cared for, but even if you’re staying put, giving your home’s exterior a boost can increase its value and show the neighbors you care. Spend a weekend cleaning and sprucing up outside; just trimming hedges, cutting back tree branches, weeding, and clearing away any brush or debris can make a big difference. Put down a fresh doormat, and make sure your exterior lights work.

Fall is also the perfect time to get your yard ready for spring. If you aerate, fertilize, and overseed your lawn now, you’ll have lush green grass when the weather warms up. Plant bulbs, or divide your perennials to create more flowering plants in the spring.


For a cheap home upgrade, it’s hard to beat painting. A fresh coat of color can completely change a room’s appearance and cover-up imperfections like stains and dings. If you’re planning to sell, re-painting rooms in neutral colors will appeal to the majority of buyers. If you aren’t selling, don’t be afraid to be a bit bold and experiment. The worst that can happen is you’ll need to repaint.

Your interior walls aren’t the only places that can benefit from paint, either. Painting your front door can add to curb appeal while repainting your kitchen cabinets can take the room from drab to sunny for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.

Lighting Upgrades

Old, outdated lighting fixtures can easily make your home look dated and neglected, even when everything else is in good shape. From the dining room chandelier to the bathroom sconces, take a critical look at the lighting in your home and change out old, ugly fixtures for newer ones. If the lights themselves are still in good shape, upgrade the lightswitches or switch plates for a small change with a big impact. Installing a dimmer switch or a Wi-fi enabled bulb that can be controlled using your phone is another simple project that creates a big impact.

A ceiling fan is also a big upgrade for little cost. A fan not only adds interest to the space, but it can help keep energy costs in check by cooling in the summer and circulating heat in the winter. If there’s already a ceiling light, you can use the existing wiring to install a fan with light without too much trouble.

Clean Floors

Even when you have a no-shoes indoors policy, your floors and carpets can get dirty thanks to pets, cooking, and dust. A thorough cleaning can make a huge difference in your home, eliminating odors, allergens, and stains, leaving the place feeling fresh and new.

If you have carpeting, schedule a professional steam cleaning before the winter to remove allergens like mold or pollen that have come in during the fall. If you have wood floors, consider renting a floor buffer for a weekend. A deep clean followed by buffing can leave your floors looking shiny and new. If the floors are in rough shape, refinishing may be an option, but it’s a more involved and expensive project.


Decluttering your home is a must if you’re planning to move, but it’s also a good idea to schedule the occasional cleanout so you stay organized — and your house stays clean. Sellers should focus on clearing out storage areas like closets and the garage, basement, or attic since buyers are often looking for extra storage space. Well-organized closets that aren’t overstuffed creates the appearance of plenty of space. Even if you’re not selling, clearing out items that are out of season, or you just don’t want anymore, helps you find everything more easily and helps you stay organized.

A new season is also a great time to clean out and organize your pantry. Get rid of any food that’s expired and take inventory of what you have on hand. Transfer items in bulky packages into sealed containers that keep them organized and fresh. It’s a simple change that can take your kitchen from cluttered to functional in no time.

Upgrading your home doesn’t have to mean spending thousands of dollars on projects. It’s possible to make big changes with just some time and a few hundred dollars, leaving you with a fresh, healthy, and organized home.

5 Important Factors to Consider when Investing in Healthcare Real Estate

Healthcare is one of those industries that is on a never-ending upward trajectory around the world. Simply put, every country has a need for a better healthcare system and a greater number of top-quality medical institutions from a variety of fields within the medical profession. As a highly lucrative and ever-expanding industry, healthcare is one of the best industries to invest in in the real estate realm.

Whether you own a real estate business and want to make a long-term investment or if you have a team of medical professionals who are looking to buy a property and build a thriving medical practice, you need to know the key variables that are at play before signing on the dotted line. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the five key factors you need to consider when looking to invest in healthcare real estate.

The pros of owning vs leasing medical real estate

Many medical professionals who are looking to open their own practice will first look into leasing a space instead of owning, and there are some wise reasons behind it. Firstly, leasing allows you to move fairly easily to a new location once the lease term is up, and it doesn’t incur the risks and responsibilities associated with ownership. However, over the long-term it can be overly expensive and wasteful. While you might be tempted to lease, any experienced real estate agent will tell you that buying is the best long-term option.

Owning medical real estate brings numerous advantages to the table, like avoiding the risks of elevated rent, which is bound to happen at some point. If you do your research and pick the right location, then you won’t have a need to move and will retain full ownership of the property so that you can build your brand’s reputation and visibility in the local market.

Conducting due diligence on the property

Of course, you shouldn’t invest in healthcare real estate without conducting thorough research and ensuring a comprehensive due diligence process. After all, this is a grand investment you’re about to make, so you have to make sure that all papers are in order and that there are no liabilities that might catch you off guard in the following months and years.

With that in mind, be sure to check the property’s tax history and make sure everything is in order. Next, check the property’s condition and assess the amount of work and investment capital needed to bring it up to code. Lastly, make sure that the property has a clear title by checking for any outstanding liens.

Purchasing a property with sustainability in mind

As an investor in such a competitive and oftentimes wasteful industry, one of your primary goals should be to ensure sustainability and eco-friendliness in order to minimize financial waste and build an appealing brand. After all, medical professionals want to work in a top-quality workspace, while modern patients want to enjoy their stay at their chosen institution.

You can start by considering the long-term potential for energy savings, and plan to install LED light fixtures like those made for clean rooms that serve a specific purpose while helping with energy conservation. Next, consider the equipment you’ll be using and how it helps conserve energy, as well as the potential of the property to be outfitted with sustainable materials.

Calculating and preparing for operating costs

All this talk about sustainability isn’t for naught, because it will help you minimize operating costs in the long run. In turn, this will allow you to plan your investment and allocate financial resources more efficiently. You might even be able to take out a smaller loan than you initially planned. Be sure to talk to your key players to assess all the costs and prepare your budget for procurement, maintenance, and even expansion in those first few crucial years.

Consider the market trends and locations

Choosing the right location for your medical practice, however big or small it may be, is crucial for your long-term success. On the one hand, the property needs to be accessible and close enough to make it worth the patient’s while to drive over, but it should also be far away enough from the competition so that you don’t have to compete with other clinics. Make sure to do extensive market research to find the ideal location, one that will facilitate long-term growth and help you build a recognizable and trustworthy brand in your local market.

Wrapping up

The healthcare industry is growing around the world, and it’s important that investors know how to choose the ideal properties to build their medical practices. Take these considerations to heart to find the best real estate opportunities in the healthcare sector.

About the author:  Mike Johnston is an avid blogging enthusiast and experienced freelance writer with a focus in real estate, home improvement, and the construction industry. He is a regular contributor to the Smooth Decorator blog.

How to Stage Your Home to Sell It Quickly in a Competitive Market

One of the most important steps of selling a home is proper staging, and a little bit of work could make a huge difference. Making your home as eye-catching as possible will help you stand out in a competitive real estate market and attract motivated buyers.

Start With a Deep Cleaning

The very first step in this process is deep cleaning every single room in your home. While some buyers might not care about a little bit of clutter or dust, it could turn others away. When certain buyers walk through a messy or cluttered home, they might think that the current owner hasn’t been properly maintaining the home either. Luckily, hiring a professional cleaner can be fairly inexpensive if you don’t feel like cleaning.

Remove Most Personal Items

You don’t have to remove every single personal item from your home before you sell it, but the majority of your belongings should be boxed up and stored elsewhere. That includes items like paintings, old family photos, and knick-knacks. You might also want to spend a little bit of time boxing up any extra clutter that is in the closets, under the beds, or in the garage.

Stay as Neutral as Possible

The best realtor in your area is most likely going to tell you that you need to keep your furniture and decorations as neutral as possible. As a general rule, you want potential buyers to be able to walk into a home and envision themselves living there. Having neutral furniture and decorations is going to create a blank canvas for them. Some sellers even rent neutral items to place in their homes if their current décor is too eclectic.

Don’t Neglect the Lighting

One of the easiest and most effective ways to make a home more eye-catching is to improve the lighting. At the very least, you should make sure that all of the bulbs throughout your home are bright and working correctly. You can also clean the windows and pull back all of the curtains if the buyers are going to be walking through your home during the day. Painting the walls a bright and neutral color is another simple way to improve indoor lighting.

If you don’t feel completely comfortable staging your own home, then you might want to consider working with a professional. An experienced staging specialist will be to transform your home in the blink of an eye, and many of those professionals charge very reasonable rates.

Things to keep in mind before you buy a house

Looking for the perfect home might sound exciting. But sometimes, when you venture out in the hope of finding a paradise, you are shown nothing more than pigeonholes. The path leading to your perfect home may feel like a treacherous one, but that’s far from true. All you must do is keep the important points in mind while you are looking for your next home.

Here are simple tips to keep in mind while hunting for a house so that you can avoid making an expensive mistake.

Know your budget

The process of looking for a new home starts by evaluating your bank accounts, assets, cash flow, and liabilities. The most common mistake people make is that they set their hearts on a house that is beyond their budget. Yes, you can get a home loan to cover the deficit, but luxurious homes come at luxury prices which can throw your budget out of the window.

Know your loan amount eligibility

You can easily check how much loan amount you are eligible for using online home loan calculator, but keep in mind that these are only an estimate and not the final word. To get a true amount, you should contact your bank before starting your search.

There could be a significant difference between what you think you’re eligible (pre-qualified) for and what you receive (pre-approved). It’s important to be sure you know the amount of loan you can get before you set your final budget.

What about the other costs?

People think that, once they have bought a house, they are done with the expenses, but that’s not true. As soon you purchase a home, you’ll have a monthly mortgage payment (assuming you took out a home loan), you’ll have to spend money on maintenance, utilities and more. You also might have to purchase new furniture as well. Also, don’t forget to include insurance costs in your budget. All US mortgage lenders require insurance on your property to protect against costly losses.

Be open to change

Finding the exact home you’ve been dreaming of is extremely difficult. For example, you may want a swimming pool, three balconies, and attached bathroom with every bedroom, but when you may only be able to find properties with two out of the three.

If you spend too much time or are too picky, you might miss a good deal on a house. So, it is best to keep an open mind and a keen awareness of your priorities.

Don’t get carried away

People often make the mistake of overspending money just to decorate their new home. You don’t have to spend extra money if your old furniture is in good condition. Instead plan to replace it with new over time, helping you save a lot of money in the short term.

See through the drama

Builders often offer cosmetic changes or upgrades to change the look of your house for extra money. These fixes can alter the look of your house, but it’s important to consider if these are these additions or alterations are worth it.

Many changes and upgrades can be added later by a handyman or contracting service, often at a much lower price than if purchased from the builder. If you’re trying to save money on a new construction home, this may be a good idea to consider for those “nice but not necessary” improvements like decks, patios, or even central air conditioning units.

Pick and choose

Yes, you should keep an open mind when home searching, but that doesn’t mean you have to make bad choices. If you have a big family, buying a big house with 3-4 bedrooms makes perfect sense. You don’t want to feel cramped in your house just because you wanted to save some money.

Make the list of things that you are not willing to compromise at any cost. This allows you to make the right decision.

Keep an eye out

Builders usually promise to finish work at lightning speed, but the truth is, they take ages to complete the project. If you have made the payment for the house, make sure your visit the property regularly and contact the builder for regular updates. If you sense something is wrong, contact the local authorities to ensure your investment is safe.

If you’re purchasing an already-constructed property, make sure you do a proper survey. For example, if you are looking to find homes for sale near Las Vegas, make sure you check every nook and cranny before making your final decision.

Find your own agent

Hire an agent of your own if you want to know all the secrets of the property. You will have to pay a fee to the agent, in return you will get guidance that will be true. Using Cashifyd to find an expert agent in your local area who offers cashback at closing, helping you to save even more on your next real estate purchase.

Things To Know Before Moving To Texas

The Lone Star State May Be The Place To Be In And After 2020
True, the Californians are making a reverse “Okie” migration, and one of the primary places they usually settle is Texas. However, Texas is a huge state and has a massive economy—the tenth-largest in the world.

In many respects, it can sustain this shift, and the result should be somewhat profitable economically. Though property taxes are high in Texas, property costs are low, and jobs are high.

As political unpleasantness reaches a point of dissolution, Texas is going to be one of the many states people from either coast flock to as their communities succumb to political mismanagement. While the state isn’t perfect, there is plenty to recommend it—in this writing, we’ll cover a few things you should know before making the move to best prepare you.

A Diversity Of Industry
Texas has agriculture in terms of farms and ranches, it’s got energy, it’s got the technology, and it’s got entertainment. Sports are big in Texas, so are localized film industries, news industries, and other entertainment venues.

Oil is also a big deal in Texas, and as Elon Musk moves to Austin from California, you can expect Tesla development to come also. There are jobs in Texas, and between Houston, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, and everywhere in between, there is an opportunity for absolutely everybody.

A Hot Economy
Because the industry is diverse and millions are moving to Texas, the economy fostered by diverse industry is in a constant state of flourish and expansion. Owing to reduced legislative control in many regions of the state, there’s greater freedom for small businesses as well. The economy is hot in Texas, those with resources who are savvy can flourish in The Lone Star State.

A Hot Ecology
Now, this is a bit of a negative feature of Texas, but: it gets hot. Super hot. Insanely hot. Hotter than you think. You can chew the heat. And it’s not always a “dry” heat. It will depend on where you are in the state. To the north, east, and south of the state, the heat comes with a heady dose of humidity, but as you go west, it becomes a bit drier.

You need to invest in a solid air conditioning apparatus if the property you’re considering doesn’t have one. Seriously, for some, it can be a matter of life and death. It gets exceptionally hot in Texas.

Football Is A Religion
Well, it’s not truly a “religion”, but Texans love their football. A small town may not have anything else going, but everybody and their grandmother will turn out for the high school football game. If you don’t follow football, pretend as you do. Learn who is who in the zoo and cheer the right folks. It’s almost a cultural necessity in Texas, so keep that in mind.

Property Is Affordable
One of the most affordable property markets in America right now is Texas. You can find multiple decent homes in multiple regions of the state right around the $100,000 range, or even less. Certainly, as you get toward the city, real estate becomes more expensive. That said, even in the big cities of the Lone Star State, you’ll find quite affordable options.

Notable Diversity
Something many in America don’t realize is that Texas is a very diverse state; especially on the eastern side. Houston, Dallas, and Austin are modern, multicultural cities that have a deep history. It’s not just “good ole’ boys” out on the ranch; that stereotype quit being relevant a few generations ago.

Texas has something for everybody, and that reality is trending. This is especially true considering that Texas shares a border with Mexico, meaning for many generations a veneer of multiculturalism has defined the state. While there has been controversy in these communities, greater stability is being seen in many regions.

There’s Ample Reason To Explore Texas
Texas is smaller than Alaska, but it’s way bigger than California, making it the biggest of the continental 48 states. From the east coast and the west coast, everybody is moving to Texas. Right now is a prime time to seek out the property, and put a deposit down on the home that fits you.

Things shift in America, and economies will transition. However, in Texas at least, there seems to be a high degree of security in terms of finances, occupations, real estate markets, and everything else. If you haven’t travelled to Texas recently, or aren’t familiar with the state, you might want to conduct research and see if a move there is right for you.


Five Options To Stop Foreclosure

We are living in very volatile times, and things are no different for those of us who are going through foreclosure. Mortgage delinquencies surged to 7.76 percent in May and things aren’t looking good for millions of “homeowners” across America who may soon learn who truly owns their home. While there are moratoriums in place to keep you from losing your home they won’t be around forever and the clock is ticking. Whether you’re planning to stay in the home or not, there are four great ways for you to stop foreclosure and save your credit, including selling to investors.  

Open Communication Is Crucial

Before we begin, it’s important to understand that open communication with your lender is the secret sauce that will improve your chances of stopping the foreclosure process.

If you haven’t already, pick up the phone and contact your lender right away if you’ve missed, or know you will miss, a mortgage payment. Their number can be found on the statements that you receive each month.

If you’ve received a notice of default, the number to the Loss Mitigation department will be prominently displayed on the notice. 

I know it’s embarrassing, but the one thing that your lender wants is to discuss how they can help resolve your situation.

The lender doesn’t want you to lose your home either. They prefer that you stay in your home because that guarantees that they’ll receive their interest payments each month! 

Loan Modification

Loan modifications are a great way to stop foreclosure if you’re planning to stay in your home. This is when the lender re-writes the loan, including delinquent payments and fees that have accumulated thus far, and restarts the amortization schedule.

While they are willing to increase the principal by rolling in those payments and fees, lenders will rarely ever approve a reduction in that principal of the loan.

There are a few criteria that most lenders look for when qualifying you for a loan modification. These criteria include:

  • The loan is on your primary residence
  • You’re going through financial hardship
  • You have enough steady income to make the modified mortgage payments

There’s a lot of paperwork involved in a loan modification since you’re essentially buying the house all over again with different terms, but it’s definitely worth the effort since it stops the foreclosure and saves your credit!

Personal Loans

If you had a temporary loss of income and your overall situation hasn’t changed much due to your hardship, personal loans can be a good way to bring your mortgage current and stop foreclosure. You will need to pay all of your late payments as well as any late fees that have accumulated. 

Before you make any payments to your lender, be sure to contact them and ask if any of the late fees can be waived as long as you bring your payments current that day. You’re providing them a fast solution to the problem and they may say yes!

Personal loans can come from many different sources including family, friends, investors, and institutional lenders. 

Before taking on any additional debt, be sure to analyze your budget and confirm that your income will support any additional payments that will be required. Budgeting is considered an inconvenience by many people, but it can be a powerful tool.

Actively budgeting your income and expenses will relieve a lot of stress by giving you an objective view of your financial position from week to week. 

A word of caution: Unless you’re dedicated to managing your money from this point forward borrowing more money can be a big risk. If you take on more debt and start missing payments again it can cause substantially more damage to your credit and make things much worse.

Before taking out any additional loans, discuss any loan modification opportunities you may have with your lender.

Tap Into Your Equity

As you make payments on your mortgage each month, you build equity which means that you have a financial interest in your home. 

For example, if your home’s value is $180,000 and your mortgage balance is $110,000 you have $70,000 of equity in the property. This means if you sold the property you would receive a payout of $70,000 (minus commissions and fees).

You can leverage this equity and stop the foreclosure by either refinancing your property or taking out a Home Equity Line of Credit.


If you decide to refinance your property, your lender will first confirm that you have enough equity to preform the refinance. Once this is confirmed, they’ll roll your mortgage balance and any late payments or fees that you owe into a new loan and start the amortization over from the beginning. 

Whether you’re able to refinance or not is largely dependent on the type of loan you have, but “Loans owned or guaranteed by government-sponsored entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may qualify for a refinance under the Home Affordable Refinance Program, or HARP.” (

Aside from protecting your credit, another big benefit to refinancing to avoid foreclosure is that you may also be able to lock in a lower interest rate!

Home Equity Line of Credit

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) are another way to leverage the equity in your home and stop foreclosure. 

HELOCs are simply a revolving credit line that adds another lien to your property, similar to your mortgage. That means if you were to sell the property, the mortgage and the HELOC would need to be paid off before you receive any money.

Since it’s a revolving credit line, you’re able to borrow money on demand, up to your credit limit, and use it for whatever you want! That means you can use it to bring your mortgage payments current and sleep well at night!

As stated in “Personal Loans”, be sure that your income will allow for the required payments for your HELOC. 

Short Sale

A Short Sale is a last-ditch effort that you can make with your bank to stop the foreclosure process and save your credit. Your credit will still take a hit, but its effects are a lot more subtle than a full-blown foreclosure.

By definition, “A short sale in real estate is when a financially distressed homeowner sells his or her property for less than the amount due on the mortgage.” (

This is not a short process. Between the paperwork, listing time, negotiations, and closing, you can expect a short sale to take upwards of 60 days or more. That’s only if your lender will agree to do one in the first place!

Short Sales work differently in different states. Here in North Carolina, most lenders require that the foreclosure property be listed with a real estate agent for a certain term that is decided on by them. 

If the property has not been sold after that term, the lender will begin to gradually lower the price until the property sells. 

When performing a short sale, lenders don’t just have a fire sale or auction for the property and get what they can. They methodically lower the price to make sure they recapture as much of their money as possible!

A major downside to a Short Sale is that some lenders may require you to pay for the difference between what they sold the property for and what you owe them! This is called a “deficiency balance.”

This means that if they sold the property for $130,000 and you owed $150,000, they could come after you for it and saddle you with another loan! That’s not ideal!

Discuss this with your lender before they initiate the short sale so you can make sure you’re not going to walk away with a deficiency balance! 

Your lender is also going to be looking for the right buyer for the property. Buyers who are purchasing the property for their primary residence are considered over everyone else. This means that you’ll likely need to wait for them to qualify for financing with another institution before the purchase is confirmed. 

Also, the property can still be foreclosed on while waiting for a short sale to complete, so be sure you have an experienced attorney working with you who can get the foreclosure postponed!

Selling It Fast

In some situations, it’s going to be better for you to sell your house fast and avoid the hassles and stress involved in your other options.

If you’re planning on leaving the home, local home buyers can stop foreclosure and buy the property in as little as 14 days. Homebuyers are investors who purchase properties, rehab them, rent them, or sell them immediately after purchase.

Since they’re not real estate agents and don’t typically work with traditional lending institutions, homebuyers can stop the foreclosure process by purchasing your property in two different ways.

Cash Purchase

A cash purchase is the simplest way to stop foreclosure. If you have enough equity in the property, the home buyer can simply pay off your existing loan and take ownership of the property.

Very few lenders will object to this and closing can be in as little as 14 days!

Purchasing Subject To The Existing Loan

Laws vary from state to state, but here in North Carolina, selling your foreclosure property subject to an existing mortgage to a savvy investor is a fast and easy way to stop foreclosure. 

The process behind a “Subject-To” sale is beyond the scope of this article, but suffice to say that what the home buyer will be doing is bringing your loan current, taking over the payments, and transferring the property into a trust that they control. 

There’s a bit more paperwork involved in this transaction, but it’s relatively simple and can stop the foreclosure process dead in its tracks!

Foreclosure doesn’t happen in a vacuum, which makes it very challenging emotionally. Everyone runs into trouble sometimes. While it may feel like the world is crashing down around you, taking action on any of these four options to avoid foreclosure will help you stay focused and stop the foreclosure before it ruins your credit!

Things That Make Your House a Home Without Spending a Dollar

A house is so much more than just a few walls and a roof over your head. Do you want to revive your humble abode and make it more homely? 

If the cost of interior design is putting you off, know that it’s possible without spending a single dollar. You can add a few personal touches and make some adjustments that don’t have a price tag. 

This article looks into ways to spruce up and enhance your living space with zero cost.

Make a Few Moves

Moving a few items around and rearranging some of your furniture is the easiest way to freshen up a room. Besides giving your living area a new look, it’s also a creative therapeutic process and productive use of your time.

Start with the room where you spend most of your time and pick one item or area as a focal point. Next, consider your lifestyle and the main function of the room. If it’s your bedroom, you should focus on the bed as the essence of your sleeping environment.

If your family loves watching TV together, arrange the lounge area so that everyone has a comfortable seat. Keep your kitchen area practical and functional, as this is often the heart of a home. 

If you can add a few seats to the kitchen, this will allow your loved ones to hang out with you while cooking. Hearty, homely meals will undoubtedly draw them all to the kitchen.

Fix the Faults

You don’t have to spend money to repair the basics. If your pictures or mirrors aren’t hanging straight, start by aligning them. Look at your curtains too. Are all the hooks in place, and does it hang well? 

The team at Best Online Cabinets also recommend that you check all your cupboard and cabinet doors. Pay attention to loose knobs, handles, and hinges to see if anything needs a little tightening.

Move through the rest of your house and check all your lights to see that the bulbs are all working.

Add a Personal Touch

Nothing can overpower your unique personal touch. Show off your treasures by adding family photos. 

Create a gallery wall of precious moments to add some character. It’s bound to be a talking point, plus you can always add to it as time goes by. Allow your kids and partner to choose what they’d like to add, so everyone has a choice and gets the chance to add their visual voice.

Get your favorite books out and display them on your coffee table. Or rearrange them on the bookshelf, so they’re easy to find.

You can also ask your kids to do a few new drawings and add those to your fridge collection. Why not ask them to draw your monthly calendar or a template to keep your shopping to-do list.

Give it a Good Scrub

Cleaning your entire house will not only add some sparkle. A clean home is beneficial to your health.

Spring cleaning is known to clear the dust and alleviate allergies. When you go all out and do a regular deep clean, it can lead to a stronger immune system.

Spotless and decluttered spaces are also associated with better moods and can bring relief from stress and anxiety. Your list of cleaning tasks should include carpets, curtains, and all your linen. Don’t forget to wipe down the walls and get up on a ladder to reach the light fittings and ceiling.

If you’re finding things you’ve not used for years, get rid of them. Apart from the enjoyment, you’ll get from donating your unused items to a worthy cause, you’ll be giving someone else an item they need.

Go for Greenery

Head out to your garden and bring some of the lush green goodness indoors. Fresh cut flowers and foliage from your grounds adds a beautiful touch. 

You can bring the colors of the season into your space and get creative with branches or other outdoor elements like rocks, stones, or seeds. If you don’t have a garden, you can always add a natural touch with a colorful fruit bowl or brightly colored veggies on display.

Key Takeouts

You don’t have to spend a single dollar to revive your home. Create a homely atmosphere by adding a few personal touches or making a few readjustments.

Fix the obvious eyesores, give it a good clean, and you’re set for a happy and healthy abode. 

A Taste of Beautiful RealtyHive Developments

Although buying international properties comes with a number of benefits, it can also be extremely difficult finding the right one for you. There are so many variables that go into purchasing a property in general but even more so when you’re buying abroad. The simplest to purchase properties abroad is to purchase a unit in a real estate development. International developments also offer amenities that other properties don’t have such as gated communities/security, concierge services, social spaces, and so much more! Want to learn more about real estate developments and whether or not its the right choice for you? Click here!

1. Estepona, Spain

This is a stunning residential development located in a privileged area of Spain. A number of amenities nearby such as golf courses, shopping centers, and much more. This development offers 187 one, two, three or four bedroom properties distributed amongst three different residential spaces. All residences are just minutes from the beautiful sandy beach!

2. Hua Hin District, Thailand

This gorgeous villa boasts 165 sqm of living and dining space! The unique “H” layout of this home makes it just as functional as it is stunning! My personal favorite feature of this home is the upper terrace that boast stunning views of the surrounding mountains. If mountains aren’t your thing the home also includes a 36 sqm private swimming pool. So thats pretty cool.

3. Long Bay Village, Anguilla

This development is the newest beachfront resort in Anguilla. There is much excitement around this new luxury boutique resort as it lies on one of the world’s most beautiful white sand beaches! This beautiful waterfront resort offer 15 professionally managed 1-3 bedroom condominiums! Each residence includes an outdoor terrace with panoramic views of the sea and a hot/cold tub!

4. Bonita Springs, FL

Seaglass at Bonita Bay is committed to providing a relaxing yet luxurious waterfront living environment. Seaglass combines lovely coastal interior design with jaw-dropping panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico! Resort offers amazing amenities such as steam/massage rooms, state-of-the-art fitness center, a theatre room, resort style pool, and so much more! You will never be bored in this Bonita Bay beauty!

5. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

This development property is located in Playacar Phase II, one of Mexico’s most exclusive gated communities. Mara Playacar is surrounded by 18 hole golf courses, restaurants, shopping centers, and is only 2 blocks from the best beach in the Riviera Maya! The luxury amenities and stunning ocean views will make you never want to leave. And since Mara playacar has everything you could ever want or need… you never have to.

6. Roches Noires, Mauritius

5 years ago this large estate was made on the north east coast. Since then it has metamorphosed into a tight knit and lively community! This development is offers luxury residences on a golf course right by the sea. These gorgeous residences also offer stunning natural surroundings, a safe neighborhood, convenience, and a sense of community.

7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This luxurious apartment project located in a once-in-a-lifetime location that overlooks 150,000,000 gorgeous blooming flowers. Each apartment is designed to offer uninterrupted views of Miracle Garden & Butterfly Garden. This development is particularly perfect for lovers of the architectural designs of the Roman era, an inspiration for the design of this real estate project.

8. Paradise Island, Bahamas

Situated on Nassau Harbour, Bahamas in between an Ocean Club and One&Only Resort, This beautiful development combines amazing location with stellar views! This gorgeous piece of waterfront real estate has a never ending list of amenities including a large pool, fitness center, concierge services, underground parking, 24hr gated security, and a marina! Residences are filled with natural light, luxury, and premium appliances!

9. Chicago, IL

74-story tower designed by Helmut Jahn, an internationally-renowned architect. Located in the windy city this development was made for urban connoisseurs and city dwellers! The floor to ceiling windows provide unobstructed views of the city, Lake Michigan, and Grant Park! This development also offers some amazing and luxurious amenities! This development just all around screams luxury and lavish living!

10. Sosua, Dominican Republic

This beautiful development offers private villas ranging from 2-5 bedrooms and starting just $199,900! With an amazing location just minutes from beautiful beaches, shopping, and restaurants and a number of luxury amenities, you’ll never run out of things to do! Property owners can play mini-golf, tennis, bocce ball, and shuffleboard. A waterpark, gym, and BBQ will be opening soon and a perimeter walking trail surrounds the development. Finally there is beautiful communal grounds and a waterfall for owners to enjoy!

11. British Virgin Islands

Surrounded by the stunning turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, this development is a visual representation of what “luxurious living” means. Experience the finest of private island living while staying at on of Oil Nut Bays exclusive luxury villas! The development has a number of amenities including a private staff, seaplane, helicopter, or boat, a kids hangout space with movies, video games, and arts & crafts along with much more!

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