How Cashifyd gets property buyers and sellers cashback

Key players in the real estate market today have access to more advanced technology than those of a decade ago. Today, more and more people are turning to the internet and apps to buy and sell properties. This presents an opportunity that stakeholders should not ignore while conducting business.

This is also where a revolutionary app comes in; here’s introducing Cashifyd.

Cashifyd is the world’s first self-referral marketplace that helps property buyers and sellers (you) connect with local real estate experts who offer cashback (referral fee) at closing. 

Read on to find out how this app will change real estate transactions around the world.

How Cashifyd Works

Cashifyd comes into the market with one aim; to provide the most value and savings when buying or selling real estate. Available on both the App Store and Google Play, Cashifyd developed a consumer-centric approach that allows both buyers and sellers to refer themselves to agents who offer a part of their commission back.!

Before Cashifyd, real estate buyers were unaware of commissions they needed to pay to complete a transaction, or even that they could negotiate these commissions.

Cashifyd empowers the consumers. The system lets you negotiate discreetly with agents, so you get agents who will share a portion of their commission – the referral!

Cashifyd allows consumers to leverage their buying power to receive multiple agent offers in real-time, and view the estimated cashback prior to making a selection. Contact information is only released to the agent selected – no more unwanted or unsolicited calls.

The Difference Between the Current Method and the Cashifyd Method

The traditional home purchase process

Here’s how the home buying process currently looks

1. You search for a property online and find one that you like and falls within your budget

2. You fill out a form on a website to get additional information on the property or to schedule a showing

3. Your contact information is then sold to a pool of agents who will then reach out to you

4. You work with your selected agent to view properties and make offers. This agent might end up being the listing agent who is also representing the seller (this is not good for you — see below for more info) 

5. At the time of closing, unless you have negotiated a discount, rebate or seller concessions, there will be no additional savings. 

Know your agents: It is best to work with an agent who represents you and works to protect your interests and get you the best deal (also known as a Buyer’s Agent). If you end up working with the listing agent, that agent is also representing the seller.. This situation puts you in a loss-loss position since you lose a significant portion of your bargaining power. The listing agent’s primary goal is to work in the favor of the seller – to get them the most for their property. 

The Cashifyd process

Cashifyd simplifies the entire home buying process for you. Here’s how the app does it:

1. You’re thinking about buying a home and want to work with an agent who will get you the best deal and has instant access to local inventory. 

2. Download the Cashifyd app and submit your buying criteria. It’s free to use!

3. Watch the agent bids (what they’re willing to give back) come in and select the agent you’d like to work with. Your contact information is only released to that one agent. TIP: it’s best to request your selected agent to sign a buyer’s agency agreement – this ensures your agent will be working in your best interest. 

4. Work with the agent to find a property and submit your offer. At the time of closing, you’ll be getting your well deserved cashback in the form of a check or closing credit – SAVINGS TO YOU! 

Cashifyd makes it easy for you to get a buyer’s agent more actively involved in the transaction. 

The Goal Behind Cashifyd

Cashifyd seeks to:

  • Bring more value to the consumer who is the most important component of the real estate transaction
  • Introduce a consumer-centric approach to the real estate world
  • Give consumers the control by allowing them to refer themselves to agents who will compete for their business and offer cashback. 

Are There Other Apps Like Cashifyd?

There are other real estate firms and platforms that offer similar services like UpNest, Homie, Rex & Homes for Heroes. Cashifyd sets itself apart by not only offering the cashback but also putting the consumer’s best interests & privacy first by allowing them to select the agent they want to work with and not selling the leads directly to the agents. Cashifyd takes the value to the next level by offering the consumer to agent referral marketplace on a global level. 

Finding Properties that you can get cash back on

RealtyHive, the parent company of Cashifyd, features properties from all around the globe with many of them being featured in Time-Limited Events. In addition to being able to get cashback on these properties, sellers of time-limited event properties are highly-motivated to sell. Many properties sell prior to the auction event day 

Available properties can be found on and each listing page displays how much cash back a buyer is likely to earn. 

Cashifyd for Agents

Why agents are turning to Cashifyd

Cashifyd gives agents another opportunity to connect with buyers they would not have otherwise connected with through their personal network. For a small fee (most of this going back to the buyer in the form of cashback), agents are able to view self-verified buyers who are actively looking to buy. Whether they’re looking for 1 deal a month or 100, Cashifyd allows agents to bid only on the leads they want to work with.  

Agents can create a Cashifyd profile and participate in bidding on buyer leads for free. Cashifyd fees are only paid upon a successful transaction. All fees are paid at or after closing, depending on the format of cashback the buyer selects.

Cashifyd is great for agents new to the market and offers an opportunity for them to get into the industry running with little experience. These agents can also use the platform to build their reputations on a cost-effective system that brings in leads. Experienced agents use Cashifyd to supplement their business growth, when they see fit.

Agents have control over how much commission they’d be willing to give back to buyer lead. 

The Future for Cashifyd

Cashifyd already allows you to negotiate with real estate agents and will be expanding to additional service providers that are a part of the real estate transaction. 

“He who provides the most value to the consumer wins the consumer.”

Cashifyd is currently available on the App Store and Google Play, and can be used around the globe and in 40 US states that allow consumer rebates.
RealtyHive is currently raising capital on Wefunder to support our vision of combining our Time-Limited Events with programs like Cashifyd to position us for success in the real estate marketing industry. Join us as an innovator today!

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