20 Trends from the 1920’s to Watch in 2023

Glamorous. Luxurious. Sophisticated.These are typically the words used to describe interior design in the 1920’s and we’re excited to say that when it comes to home design, what’s old is new again! While the roaring 20’s were fun last time, we’re in for a real treat as we welcome 2020. Here are 20 home interior trends from the 1920’s that we see making return in the coming decade. 

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20 Trends from the 1920s to Watch in the 2020s

1) Bold Colors

 The Kardashian-West clan can keep their neutrals. The last few years have been filled with ubiquitous gray-walls-with-white-trim, so expect to see some real punches of color. Think less bright and in-your-face and more rich, luxurious, and deeply toned hues.

2) Metallic Surfaces & Accents

We thought the new millenium would bring chromed-out everything, but thankfully that was just some Hollywood fortune telling. There was a brief love affair with mercury glass and galvanized, especially galvanized corrugated metal came in with the farmhouse aesthetic of the 2010s, but expect more metal in the 2020s. We’re calling classy colors like gold, black and bronze in shiny or matte, but not weathered or worn, finishes. 

3) Freestanding Bathtubs 

Freestanding baths all but disappeared from the 1970s and 2010s in favor of shower/bath combos and jetted tubs, but the clean look and unparalleled luxury of a freestanding soaking tub will make this trend return in the 2020s. Plan on this new iteration having less of a clawfoot style and more of a sleek, minimalistic look. 

4) Large Velvet Furniture

We’ve been seeing velvet on smaller items like headboards and ottomans for years, but, really, what says “roaring 20’s” more than a full velvet couch in a bold midnight blue or luxe emerald green? 

5) Worldly Prints & Touches

The 1920s saw designers and stylemakers looking to far away lands for design inspiration — which led to some ethically questionable behavior in terms of sourcing, acquisition, and more. As globalization becomes more and more the norm, expect to see more of east-meets-west look in homes — but with an eye for ethical, humanely sourced, and sustainable goods. 

6) Earthy Prints & Textures

This one, too, has been going for a while, but don’t expect to toss your banana leaf print or hemp macrame quite yet. Do expect to see these more natural and bohemian items paired with the rich colors and metals listed above for a look that is all it’s own style in 2020. 

7) Form-function-forever

 After decades of consumerism, planned obsolescence and disposable single use products, we’ll see a return to higher cost, but higher quality, long term products. Multifunctional items that are built to last with a beautiful (some may say Instagrammable) aesthetic will dominate this decade — even if they come at a higher price point.  Think companies like Le Creuset (founded in 1925) and Rubbermaid (1920), but this trend isn’t just limited to the kitchen. 

8) Dramatic Design

The 2020’s, like the 1920’s, will be an era for gender-bending style fluidity (remember it was scandalous for ladies to wear pants at that time). This time around we’ll see norm breaking in home design — think lace mixed with leather and metal, rich wood with sparkling crystal combined with marble — a slew of feminine-meets-masculine-with-androgynous touches all done with a heavy flair for the dramatic and no time for minimalism. 

9) Tortoise Shell

While we’re not really sure tortoise shell patterns ever went away, expect it to come back in force in the 2020s. The typical black-and-brown color palette means it coordinates with everything and the unique, yet classic pattern gives it an exotic, yet familiar feel. Look for touches of tortoise shell paired with metallics and matte jewel tones in unexpected, yet charming places. 

10) Rugs, Rugs, Rugs

We’ve long said “ado” to busy, patterned linoleum and “adios” to wall-to-wall shaggy and oddly colored carpets in favor laminate and hardwood flooring, but unlike the sleek minimalist look of the 2010s, we’re calling for the return of rugs. Staircases and hallways will feature striking runners while area rugs will draw the whole room together. These aren’t your mother’s put-your-shoes-by-the-door floormats, instead these are designed to be statements of their own. Feeling extra bold? Try a LARGE circular rug for enhanced drama. 

11) Sunburst designs

The art deco that defined the 1920’s shines in sunburst designs. Often found in mirrors and wall art, this fun and sunny shape will find new life in the home and looks especially fresh being incorporated into a nursery!

12) Wallpaper

Another trend we’ve seen coming back in the last few years is wallpaper, especially the heavily patterned or textured variety. Unlike the cover-all-walls method of the 1920’s, this time around wallpaper will be used as an accent wall. Unsure you’re ready to commit or still waiting to purchase your own place? These days you can get the same luxe look with far less commitment by using peel-and-stick contact paper.

13) Displayed Smoking & Vaping Paraphernalia

The 1920’s was the golden age of cigarettes in America with many women picking up the habit during World War I. Coffee tables often displayed cigarette boxes or urns, match strikes, lighters, and opera length cigarette holders. Nowadays traditional cigarette smoking is in decline, but vaping and increasing marijuana legalization means in the 2020s you’re likely to see a renaissance of sorts of this trend.

14) Art Deco

The combination of modernist styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials make this style just as relevant today as it was in the 1920s. At its inception, Art Deco was meant to represent luxury, glamour, exuberance and optimism and had an international appeal — all things that make for good design today. Forget the opulence of, well everything, in the 1980s or the over-the-top design of the Tuscan kitchens of the 2000s, Art Deco feels both fresh and vintage, new and classic. 

15) Geometric Furniture

Kneeling to the Art Deco trends that shaped the 1920s, expect to see more clean lines and interesting shapes in furniture in the 2020s. Note that the new version of this look comes in new variations (lights, bookshelves, tables, you name it!) and to get the best impact for your effort you should limit items to having a fun shape or pattern– lest you take on a Peewee’s Playhouse feel.  

16) Grown-up Glitz

No glamourous style is complete without at least a little glitz and glimmer and the 2020s will not disappoint. Taking inspiration from glitzy “flapper” style of the 1920s, you can expect beaded upholstery, mirrored accents and even crystal fireplace glass rocks to turn up the shimmer in the 2020s.

17) Large Scale Items

The bold and patterned nature of design in the 1920s means that every piece in a room is competing with the piece next to it, so embrace it.While the last few years have seen a surge in the popularity of the gallery walls, in the 2020s expect to see bigger, singular pieces of wall art.

18) Horizontal multi-panel doors

After a decade, get ready to say “goodbye” to the barn door look and “hello” to solid wood doors with more interesting panels routed into them. Unlike the traditional 6-panel door look that has two rows of three vertical panels, this version may have different designs or windows added and aren’t just reserved for the front entryway.

19) Built-in Furniture

Built-in furniture all but disappeared in the last few decades as homes and buildings were purposely designed to have the greatest appeal to the largest amount of people. Gone was the character of the 1920s built in designs, but now we’re coming full circle. These days you can achieve the built in look without the built-in hassle by using smartly designed bookshelves.

20) Statement Fireplaces

During the 2010s we saw fireplaces all but disappear, that is to say visually disappear. While the function (usually) remained, the form was often painted over in an effort to blend the fireplace into the wall that held it. This decade, expect another throwback look to emerge with bold fireplaces retaking center stage in rooms. 

RealtyHive Wrap-Up

When designing your home, remember that trends come and go, but style is forever. Choose pieces that fit your style, your life, and your budget and you’re sure to create a beautiful space you’ll love for years to come.

Ready to start creating your perfect space in 2020? Whether you’re looking for a move-in ready Spanish-style home or you’ve got your eye on a vintage commercial building RealtyHive has you covered. Have a property to sell? Check out the great options available for sellers on RealtyHive!

DIY Backyard Fun

During this time of restricted social interaction the more fun we’re able to have at home the better. The goal of this article is to show you some easy and cheap ways to have fun right in your own backyard. Depending on how many of these DIY projects you choose to take on, your backyard may end up resembling more of a small carnival rather than a backyard. Personally, that seems like something worth bragging rights to me, but if you don’t hope to reach small carnival status then maybe just one or two on a sunny day will do. 

Giant Jenga

Jenga is pretty popular so I won’t bore you with an explanation of the game. I will simply tell you one way to improve the game, and that is to make it giant. This oversized outdoor game is cheap, easy to recreate, and tons of fun! So if you’re ready to kick some butt at Jenga below!

Instructions here!

Slingshot/ Angry Birds IRL

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the game Angry Birds, but if you haven’t let me summarize. It’s an iPhone game where you aim and shoot little colorful birds at piled up boxes with mean looking pigs sitting on them. If you’ve never heard of the game you probably think I’ve completely lost it, but I promise it’s a thing. So much so that a smart parent created a real life version of the game. This is the perfect outdoor game to get the kids off their phone and out in the sun!

Instructions here!

Jungle Gym Bars

This was my personal favorite activity as kids so i can assure you the kids will love it. When I was young I spent all my time doing flips forwards and backwards on the bars.  I swear I thought I was Simone Biles or something. This DIY project isn’t just affordable it’s also an excellent way to keep the kids active. As a former child, I highly recommend it.

Instructions here!

Backyard Big Screen

A pandemic is probably not best time to sit in a room filled by strangers. That being said, it is probably best to move the movies to the backyard. This genius DIY outdoor theatre project is a perfect activity for the family during this time of  quarantine. 

Instructions here!


Kerplunk is a classic, but there’s a chance you haven’t heard of it so I’ll explain just to make sure we’re all on the same page. Each player upon their turn removes a stick from the tube, if any balls fall they go to that players total. When all the balls have fallen, the person with the smallest number (least amount of balls fallen) wins. This is a very easy game to recreate and it’s lots of fun with the family or with friends!

Instructions here!

Slip-n-slide Kickball

I’m confident we’ve all played kickball, but this isn’t just kickball, this is slip-n-slide kickball which is obviously superior. Same rules apply, but instead of running across a base you get to slide into a kiddie pool. Hot summer day? This would be the perfect activity for the family or the neighborhood kids to enjoy! Don’t believe me? Try it out!

Instructions here!

Squares game

The squares game isn’t as popular as other games in this article so I will briefly explain. Players take turns making a line from one dot to another(not diagonally). If when you put down the line that creates a complete square you get a point. Players continue to play until no further squares can be made, and at that point the person with the most points wins! This is a fun and easily storable game that you can play with kids or friends!

Instructions here!

Outdoor Chalkboard

Kids love to draw… half the time we can’t tell what it is they’re drawing but as long as they’re entertained it doesn’t really matter does it? Plus this is an easy way to get the kids their daily Vitamin D and it keeps them from getting any mess inside, so a win-win situation if you ask me. This easy DIY project would make a great addition to the “fun backyard”

Instructions here!

Lawn Twister

Twister is the epitome of fun children games. I played Twister all the time as a kid, and I personally sucked, lost just about every game. Regardless, I loved the game and I’m confident your kids will too!  I should also mention this is one of the easiest DIY projects in this article, so even if it’s just for a day or an event, I think it’s worth it. I wish you much more success in the game than I had!

Instructions here!

DIY Dunk Tank

Have you ever seen a dunk tank on a TV show and had major dunk tank envy? I first saw a dunk tank on an episode of George Lopez and I remember having a strong desire to experience a dunk tank. Both to be the dunkee and the dunker. In fact, at the time I had a short list of people I’d like to dunk. If you can relate, get your list out, send an invitation because our dunk tank dreams are now a reality.

Instructions here!

Velcro Darts

Just 3 pieces of fabric and a hot glue gun and you’re good to go! This DIY project is such an easy way to bring a fun atmosphere to your backyard. This game is easy for everyone and anyone to play even the kids (since we’ve taken out the sharp/pointy darts)!

Instructions here!

Football Throw

I’m from Green Bay, Wisconsin, so football is kinda a big deal here. That being said I felt a need to add this into the article, because maybe it will help breed the next Aaron Rodgers. This isn’t the easiest DIY project but it can be done in various levels of complexity. It can be as easy as cutting holes in a sheet to a nicely decorated board such as this one above. Whichever level you choose, this activity can either be target practice or just a fun pass time.

Instructions here!

Rainbow fire crystals

This one isn’t necessarily a DIY project, it’s more of a fun product. I want to type “Your little kids will love the fun colored flames!”, but in all honesty… I’d love it too. When I first saw a color flamed fire I was overly mesmerized and excited. So with that said, I can personally recommend this product to you. It will add a little character and color to your backyard!

Product available here!

These are the perfect activities to stay entertained while social distancing and spending time with family or friends. Quite honestly, that quality time with the family is probably worth the prices to make these affordable DIY projects. If you do find yourself attempting one of these projects, we’d love to hear about your results! Feel free to leave a comment below about how it went for you and any helpful tip for future readers!

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dad with dog

Not Your Dad’s Real Estate Advice

Dads have some of the worst jokes & best advice. In honor of Father’s Day, here are some of the best dad-isms to keep in mind for your real estate business.

Dad says: “Don’t take no wooden nickels” 

What he means: Don’t believe things that are too good to be true

Being a real estate agent calls for a healthy amount of skepticism. Your offers are only good if they’re put in writing, your buyer is only as valuable as their proof of funds or pre-approval letter, and the seller will almost always overvalue their property so you better come prepared with comps. It’s not that you have to distrust everyone, you just need to remember that you’re the expert and not everyone understands the process.

Dad says: “Work smarter, not harder”

What he means: You’ve got the tools to make your life easier, use them!

From tracking your mileage to showcasing your listings, there is a lot of technology out there for agents to use. These tools don’t have to be the most expensive things on the market to work — in fact some of the best ones are free! From having a social media page set up for your real estate business to allowing your listings to be syndicated to other sites through your MLS to partnering with pay-for-success marketing programs like Marketing Matters, there’s a lot of low-to-no cost options out there that are more cost and time effective than pouring money into lead gen systems or knocking on doors. 

Dad says: “Nobody said life was fair”

What he means: Don’t take it personally when things don’t go your way

Sometimes friends and family will choose someone else for their real estate transaction. It won’t feel good, but try not to take it personally. There can be many reasons they would choose someone else from an impending (yet hush-hush) divorce to a reluctance to mix business and personal lives to something completely different, but most of the time, this choice has less to do with you than it does them.  

Dad says: “Go get ‘em, Tiger!” 

What he means: Try your best, even if you’re not sure it’ll work

Whether you’re just starting out in the business or you’ve been an agent for years, everyone gets nervous before a listing presentation sometimes. Maybe you’re going up against a well-known agent for the listing or the potential client is a VIP hot-shot, but Dad would tell you to brush off those nerves, practice your presentation, and “Go get ‘em!” Remember, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!” 

Dad says: “Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

What he means: Keep track of everything when it comes to your money!

From your tax deductible business expenses to your marketing efforts, what gets measured gets managed, and what gets managed doesn’t have money wasted on it. Don’t continuously pay out for services that don’t provide a good return, systems that don’t work, or extras that you simply don’t need. 

Dad says: “Safety first!”

What he means: Be Safe!

When you think of the most dangerous jobs, “Real Estate Agent” doesn’t tend to make the list, but that doesn’t mean there’s no risk. This job requires meeting people you barely know in places that are often vacant, secluded, dark, or all of the above. You may arrive to a showing and find that squatters have invaded a property. Or maybe you’re showing an occupied property and  tenants are not happy their home is being sold. Or maybe there is drug paraphernalia, chemicals, biological waste, or unsafe physical conditions — your day-to-day can involve a lot of unknowns and “It’s better to be safe than sorry!” 

Have you gotten any advice from your father that has helped you in real estate? Let us know in the comments below!

Young woman walking in a field of tulips

Celebrate National Garden Month

Greenhouses, xeriscapes, courtyards, who knew there were so many different kinds of gardens? This April, celebrate National Garden Month by planting your garden! Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a way to spruce up your front lawn, or you just wanna enjoy the beauty that springtime has to offer, take a look at these 8 different types of gardens for National Garden Month:

Vegetable Garden

There’s nothing better than the taste of homegrown fresh vegetables, and you can grow your own vegetables by planting your own vegetable garden! If you don’t like cucumbers, no problem! There’s so many kinds of vegetables you can grow, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, it’s up to you!

Backyard Garden

This one is self explanatory. Your backyard is the perfect place for a garden! Whether you want to plant flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, or create your own concoction, your backyard is the place to go.

Window Sill Garden

If you live in an area where the weather isn’t ideal for an outdoor garden, or if you don’t have a big yard, try growing a window sill garden! First, you need to find the window in your home that gets the most sunlight. Then, decide how you’re going to set up your garden. You can place a bunch of different planters on the window sill, or you can use a raised garden bed. The best part about window sill gardens, is that not only can you keep them year round, but you can grow whatever kind of garden you want – no matter the climate!

Pollinator Garden

A pollinator garden is a garden that is planted in order to attract pollinator animals like butterflies, bees, and even hummingbirds. Pollinator gardens aren’t just good for the environment, they are fundamental to the ecosystem. Plus, all the different colors and scents make some of the most beautiful gardens out there!

Herb Garden

Another type of garden you could plant is an herb garden. Herbs are good for cooking, flavoring, fragrances, dyes, they’re even beneficial to your health. Check out some of the different types of herbs you can plant here. 

Vertical Garden

A vertical garden is a technique that you use to grow plants on a vertical surface, like a wall or a fence. There are a number of reasons that gardeners use vertical gardens – one reason is to take advantage of all potential space in a garden. Another is to be able to have a garden in a place where there’s usually no room for one, like in a big city. No matter where you live, you can brighten up your home by making your own vertical garden. 

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Vertical garden | Madrid flashback

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Fairy Garden

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A fairy garden is a miniature garden that you keep in a container or a flower bed. It includes a bunch of tiny sculptures and structures along with actual living plants! Fairy gardens are super fun for both kids and adults to create, and you can keep them anywhere you want!

Xeriscape Garden

If you live in an area that doesn’t get a lot of rain, try xeriscaping! Xeriscaping is a landscaping process where you use plants that don’t require a lot of water, and they’re pretty popular in the western part of the US. Although people often think that xeriscapes just consist of desert plants (even though desert plants are pretty cool), most xeriscapes consist of a wide variety of colorful and vibrant plantlife. You just have to figure out how you want your garden to look!

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Soft morning light today ??

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Family Bonding Activity

6 Awesome Spring Break Staycation Ideas for Families

Since the spread of COVID-19 has been affecting travel all around the globe, it’s been difficult to plan for any sort of vacation. Between travel bans and cancelled flights, it seems that any hope of a fun family vacation abroad has been squashed. Luckily, it turns out that staying at home may be the perfect way for families to spend their vacation. There are a bunch of ways to have the best spring break ever right at home! Here are 6 super fun ideas for your spring break staycation:

Organize a scavenger hunt

A great way to keep your kids entertained is to organize a scavenger hunt. Not only are scavenger hunts a great way for kids to get outside and explore, but they’re super fun for kids to do. There are a bunch of different kinds of scavenger hunts depending on different ages, interest, locations, or other factors. Check some out!

Have a movie night

Don’t just plop a disc into the DVD player and call it a day – make an event out of it! First, pick out one night of the week to have a movie night. Next, have your kids pick out one or two movies to watch. Then, put on some PJS, set out some pillows and blankets and get the movie set up. You could also make some delicious movie snacks to make the night more entertaining. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could set up a movie projector and have an outdoor movie marathon right in your backyard!

Family game night

Another idea for a family staycation is to have a family game night. Break out the board games, playing cards or backyard games for a family-friendly competition! You could also break into teams to make the night even more competitive and exciting – the possibilities are endless!

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What is your favorite junior version of a board game? We made a top 10 list of junior board games – simplified versions of popular games – and it turns out they are some of our very favorite games to play with our kids by far. These games have great pedigree, and they open up the doors to fun for a younger generation. Which ones do you think are the best? Head on over to www.DadSuggests.com to read about all of our picks! #kidsgames #boardgames #familyboardgames #familygames #tabletopgames #bgg #familygamenight #gamenight #kidsboardgames #dadlife #parenting #dadsuggests @habausa @amongstmeeples @daysofwonder @pressmantoy @mayfairgames @hasbro @zmangames_ @ravensburgerglobal #boardgamenight

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Baking Treats

It may be risky, chaotic and messy, but baking treats with your kids is a great way to spend a day of your staycation. Baking treats is fun for kids because it gives them a chance to be creative and to make something they’ll love! It doesn’t have to be a super complicated recipe either, there are plenty of easy recipes for kids to be found online.

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פורים שמח! ???‍♀️ . הילדים בחופש השבוע ואתם מחפשים תעסוקה? . תוכלו למצוא בפוסט הבא מתכונים פשוטים, קלים ומזינים להכנה יחד עם הילדים במטבח. לינק לחיץ בביו. . חג שמח וטעים לכולם ? #נטורופתיה #נטורופתית #רפואהמשלימה #לייפסטייל #אמהות #אמהותמשקיעות #ילדיםזהשמחה #חגפורים #פורים2020 #מיינדפולנס #מודעות #ילדיםבמטבח #מזוןבריא #בייבילד #מתכוניםלילדים #naturopathicmedicine #naturopath #mindfullness #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #wellness #cleaneating #veganrecipes #kidsinthekitchen #babyledweaning #israelifood #israelikitchen #purim #aeonium_ii

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Create an obstacle course

If there’s one thing kids love, it’s climbing over, under or on top of anything they can get their hands on. That’s why a homemade obstacle course is perfect for keeping your kids entertained during a staycation. Try setting up a course of playground equipment in the backyard and have your kids race against each other – or assemble a maze of couch cushions in the living room and have them find their way through. No matter what you do, they’ll love it!

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It’s no secret that we love obstacle courses, and our friends @totsontarget do too! We’ve collaborated today to show you how easy it can be to create your own obstacle course with things you already have in your house. Cushions, chairs, blankets, pillows – so many skills can be practiced with just these simple items. 1️⃣ Build strength and body awareness by crawling under things, stepping over, going around etc. Try making a tunnel from chairs and a blanket or stepping over broom handles. 2️⃣ Balance! To help kids develop more control when walking, try stepping on couch cushions, pillows, stuffed animals, or blankets. These are super fun options to develop greater balance. 3️⃣ Crawling helps kids, big and small, develop more strength in their upper bodies and coordinate movement between both sides of the body-all needed for school based skills like writing. . . 4️⃣ Body Awareness: By carefully trying to NOT knock over something, children become more aware of where their bodies are in relation to other objects. This can hopefully transition over to understanding personal space in relation to their peers. Try setting up cups, block towers, or a broom handle and chairs and have your little ones go over, under, or around. 5️⃣ Strengthening!!! Strength-in the core, arms, legs, feet, hands etc.-is needed for all fine and gross motor tasks! Movement builds strength and kids just looooove moving through obstacle courses. So have a blast, get some ideas from our joint post, and tag us in your great homemade obstacle courses! #grossmotor #grossmotorskills #grossmotorskillsdevelopment #kidsobstaclecourse #childdevelopment #developmenttips #keepkidsmoving #kidsneedtomove #movementbuildsthebrain #skills4school #schoolreadiness #occupationaltherapy #indoorplayideas #preschoolathome #toddleractivities #toddlerplay #toddlerplayideas #letsmoveandlearn

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Have a backyard camp out

You don’t need to go all the way to Europe for vacation when you have your backyard! Pick a night out of the week that has the nicest forecast. Next, set up a tent in your backyard and gather up sleeping bags and pillows for your family. Then, build a campfire near the tent (make sure it’s not too close) and set up camping chairs around the fire. Don’t forget to bring marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate for s’mores!

3 Leaf Clover cookies with malt in a St. Patrick's mug

9 Party Ideas For St. Patrick’s Day

Looking for clever ideas for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration? Look no further! From delicious treats to nifty crafts, here are 9 super fun ideas for your St. Patrick’s Day Party:

Design Your Own Invitations

Start off your party the right way by creating your own clover-themed invitations! You can use a template  or you can make your own design. Be creative!

DIY St. Patrick’s Wreath

Tis the season for the luck of the Irish! Welcome your guests into your home with a St. Patrick’s Day wreath! Not only does it make a cool decoration for the holiday, but it’s super fun to make! Plus, there are probably 1000 different ways you can make them. Check it out!

DIY Clover Pillows

Another DIY craft, these pillows are the perfect way to brighten up your home and get your guests in the spirit of St Patrick’s Day!

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Meet the St. Patrick’s Day ☘️ version of my cute little bunny pillow I shared last week! Isn’t it cute! ☘️ It’s great to tuck anywhere, or add a hole and some twine to hang on a door or wall! Check out my stories to see how I made this cute little no-sew pillow using a @dollartree fleece baby blanket! . . . #diy #diycrafts #stpatricksdaydiy #stpatricksdaypillow #nosew #shamrock #stpatricksday2020 #nosewpillow #dollartree #dollartreediy #dollartreefinds #dollartreeeaster #easydiy #springdiy #buffalobloggers #buffaloblogger #decoronabuget #dollartreecommunity #stpatricksdaydecor #stpatricksdaydecorations #farmhousedecor #diyeaster #diyhomedecorating #buffalocheck #mybhghome #hgtv #bhgstylemaker #seasonaldecor #decorationideas #farmhousestyle

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Hand Out Gifts

Hand out some clover-themed prizes or gifts like these St. Patrick’s accessories as a fun way to entertain your guests!

DIY Charm Bracelet

Looking for a fun, neat way to entertain your guests? Try a DIY lucky charm bracelet! There’s a lot of different ways you can make them – you can have your guests design their own or you can find one online.

Lucky Charms Treats

If you want to serve a delicious St Patrick’s treat for your party, but don’t want to spend hours slaving in the kitchen, then try these Lucky Charms marshmallow treats! They only need 3 ingredients, and making them takes no time at all!

Copycat Shamrock Shakes

If you’ve never had a Shamrock Shake before – you’re seriously missing out! Shamrock shakes are these minty, creamy, delicious milkshakes that are only served during St. Patrick’s time. Homemade shamrock shakes are super fun to make – and they make a great treat to serve for a party!

St. Patrick’s Cupcakes

Another delicious treat you could serve are these St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes! Not only are cupcakes universally enjoyed, but they’re super easy to make! Even if you don’t feel like cooking anything, there are plenty of bakeries out there that make St Patrick’s cupcakes!

Pot-O-Gold Gift Bags

Make sure to send your guests off with these pot-o-gold at the end of the rainbow gift bags! All you need are rolos, skittles, mini marshmallows and you and your guests are all set!

14 Delicious Recipes for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a religious holiday that celebrates the last day before Lent. Also called Fat Tuesday, it’s a time for giant celebrations, age-old traditions and of course, delicious dishes! Mardi Gras isn’t just popular in the states though, people all around the globe celebrate Fat Tuesday by frying up sweet and savory pastries. From New Orleans classics like kings cake or etouffee, to international delectables like German fasnacht or Swedish semlor, make this Mardi Gras the best one yet with these 14 scrumptious Fat Tuesday recipes:

Cajun Jambalaya

If you haven’t ever had the chance to try Jambalaya before, you are sorely missing out! Jambalaya is a Louisiana original dish with European and West African influences. It’s mostly made of meat and vegetables, and it’s a Mardi Gras-must. The Cajun seasoning gives it that extra kick that makes it so flavorful. Bonus: It’s super easy to make!

Shrimp Etouffee

Etouffee is another classic Mardi Gras dish that comes from New Orleans. Originally, etouffee comes from Cajun and Creole recipes, but now the dish is known all over the world! You can’t have Mardi Gras without etouffee, and this delicious shrimp etouffee recipe is the perfect way to celebrate it!


Gumbo is a token symbol of the city of New Orleans. In fact, it’s actually Louisiana’s state cuisine! There are probably 1000 different ways you can make gumbo – chicken, shrimp, sausage, vegetables – try this recipe for instant pot gumbo that’s bursting with flavor!

Dirty Rice and Shrimp

A truly authentic Louisiana cuisine, dirty rice gets the name “dirty” from all of the delicious ingredients that it’s cooked with. Chicken, beef, vegetables, spices and seasonings all add to the delicious flavor. Try this recipe for dirty rice with shrimp!

Red Rice and Beans

Not that great at cooking? Don’t want to spend hours on one dish? Try cooking red beans and rice! Red beans and rice is another delicious Mardi Gras dish that comes from Louisiana, but it’s super easy to make and takes no time at all!

Kings Cake

If there’s one pastry you’re gonna try for Mardi Gras, let it be Kings cake. Kings cake isn’t just a dessert, it’s a tradition that people all over the world celebrate! Not only is it absolutely delicious, but it also brings families together to celebrate. Plus, it has a super interesting story behind it!


Mardi Gras originally started as an excuse to eat as much sugary, sticky, fried food as possible before the season of Lent. What’s a better food for Mardi Gras than beignets? In New Orleans these light, fluffy delicacies are served for breakfast, dessert, or even just a quick snack! You can make beignets right at home with this easy recipe!

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Bread Pudding

While bread pudding is served all over the world, in the states, particularly in Louisiana, it’s especially sweet! The sugary sprinkles and the sweet sauce topping make it the perfect dessert for Mardi Gras!

Milk Punch

Milk punch, coming from the saying “milk with a punch” is a classic New Orleans cocktail. The city of New Orleans may not have invented milk punch, but they definitely perfected it! The brandy and bourbon mixed with the sugar and nutmeg make it the perfect beverage for the Mardi Gras season!


Also known as Polish donuts, Paczki has been a part of Polish cuisine since the middle ages, and since then they’ve become a huge part of Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday meals. In fact, they even have their own holiday, known as Paczki Day, for people to make and enjoy paczki before Lent. They come in a bunch of different flavors, and you can make your own here.

Swedish Semlor

In Sweden, Semlor are a delicious Fat Tuesday tradition that goes back ages. Semlor are sweet rolls that are topped with whipping cream and powdered sugar, perfect for a Fat Tuesday celebration!

Italian Bowties

Cioffe, frappe, angel wings, there are probably 1000 different words for the same thing: these light, fluffy Italian pastries. Italian bowties are pastries made for Carnevale, which is the celebration of Mardi Gras in Italy. These heavenly pastries would make the perfect recipe for a Mardi Gras celebration!


Want to try a German recipe? Try fasnachts! Fasnachts are traditional German pastries that are usually served during Mardi Gras (or Fasching, in Germany). They’re similar to donuts, but much tastier!

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You can’t talk about Mardi Gras recipes without mentioning pancakes! Pancakes are the original traditional Fat Tuesday pastries. In some parts, Mardi Gras is actually called pancake day! You can celebrate by frying up your own hot cakes, or you can use this Fat Tuesday Pancake Recipe!

Create a romantic space using the 5 senses

When designing your home, you have a lot of options. Sure, you want to keep the interior design in line with the physical space and, yes, there are some basic design rules you should follow, but after that anything goes. Which is great… but what if you’re looking for a little more direction?

In honor of Valentine’s Day this year, we’re demystifying what makes a space “romantic” by calling out specific examples using the five senses.

First things first: Design is personal. While you may think “romantic interior” and envision something akin to Barbie’s dream hotel, your partner may be picturing something a little more 50 Shades of Grey. Before you start making any plans or purchases, it’s important to consider what romantic means to you.


They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, which makes this the perfect place to start your romantic room transformation. Lighting is the big universal here. While you probably want to limit the clutter and choose pieces that represent you, lighting can make or break a room.

  • Hot - String lights are a great way to add in dim-but-not-too-dark lighting to any room. Gently drape light string across bed frames, bookshelves, furniture, or even the floor to add a subtle, yet sexy glow to the room.
  • Not - Not only are too many candles a likely fire hazard on a steamy night, they also transform the look of your space from sexy to solemn.
  • Hot - Neon or neon-esque lighting in blues, pinks, and purples are another great way to add a rock-n-roll romantic vibe to any room. While true neon lights can be very expensive, LED versions are now readily available in a variety of sayings and designs.
  • Not - Yellow and red neon signs give off a convenience store vibe. Great if you're trying to recreate your first date at a 7-Eleven, but not ideal for a traditionally romantic look. Pair the color with a too suggestive double entendre and you'll end up with a design that looks more cheap than chic.
  • Hot - Natural lighting is the best option for photos for good reason -- it makes everyone look better! If your space has large or nicely oriented windows, you may not need any additional lighting.
  • Not - Lighting that is too harsh feels more clinical than classy. If your fixture requires a bare bulb look, select one with a warm glow and interesting filament pattern to soften the look.


Sounds have a bigger effect on our mood than we tend to give them credit for. If you’ve ever tried to spend a night with a leaky faucet or a mosquito in the room, you know the grief a bad sound can cause. Conversely, you can create a romantic space in your home by consciously eliminating unwanted noises and replacing them with positive notes.

  • Hot - Music is the universal language and if you're trying to create a romantic space, it's helpful to be able to get your groove on. Record players can be a fun, vintage addition if that's your thing, but don't discount the effect you can get from a quality portable speaker.


Smell and taste are tightly wound together so it makes sense to think of these senses in tandem. Depending on which room you’re designing, the exact smells and tastes you’ll choose may vary. While pleasant florals and musks work well almost anywhere, you may want to avoid food smells (vanilla, cinnamon rolls, butterscotch, etc) in certain areas, like a bathroom or bedroom where they’ll feel out of place and just make you hungry.

  • Hot - Finger foods and wine are the go-to classics when creating a romantic sensory experience


Arguably the most important aspect to creating a romantic room is the texture of the room. Things that are sharp, stiff, or generally uncomfortable typically do not lend themselves to a romantic aesthetic. Instead, choose items that are soft, smooth, and have a just-gotta-touch-it vibe.

  • Hot - A soft rug adds instant warmth to any room both visually and physically. Bear and sheepskin-like options are classics, but any plush rug will do wonders for your space.

One of the best parts about interior design is that you can make changes like these in almost any space whether you rent or own. From classic Victorian homes to modern abodes (with impeccable coastal views!) to international escapes you can find it all on RealtyHive!

Skip Denver—Move to These Western Spots Instead

The mountain views, the outdoor activities, the beautiful climate and bustling city—it’s no wonder why people have relocated by the thousands to Colorado cities like Denver and Fort Collins. However, all this hype has led to Colorado being one of the most expensive places to live. 

Spots like Salt Lake City and St. George (Utah), Casper and Cody (Wyoming), and Great Falls and Gardiner (Montana) have lots of the same appeal as those popular Colorado cities, but with even more benefits. Take a look at why you should consider moving west—but not where everyone else is going.

Just as Good as Denver—If Not Better

People love Denver for its access to the mountains, wonderful city life, amazing climate, and beautiful views. And don’t get us wrong—Denver is an amazing city! But all of those cities mentioned earlier have these same benefits to some degree. SLC is an up-and-coming spot that’s close to some of the best skiing in the country, and, like Denver, has a train you can take around town. Unlike Denver, it’s free in many spots—Denver’s costs $10.50, just to get to the airport.

Even Closer to Nature

Denver is highly appealing because of its proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park. But if your main draw to Colorado is being close to the great outdoors, there are plenty of spots that beat Denver by a country mile.

Cities in Wyoming, Montana, and Utah tend to be much closer to nature and take substantially less time to access what the West is known for. Gardiner, MT, Jackson Hole, and Cody (both WY) are anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour away from Yellowstone National Park (great for spotting those bison!). You can expect that driving time to double, even on a good day, to get into RMNP from Denver.

Less Populated

Not only are you physically further from nature in Denver, the sheer number of people living in the city turn that “hop, skip, and a jump” from the mountains into hours of standstill traffic on I-90. While some people make the trek every weekend to hit the slopes or hike the trails, most become disillusioned pretty quickly—solely because the traffic is so bad.

Living in a place that’s not as crowded makes life a lot simpler and a lot better for many reasons, which leads us to our next point:

Better Cost of Living

The absolute biggest draw to living in virtually any Western city that’s not Denver is the cost of living. To buy a house in Denver, a 2019 study showed you would need to make nearly $100k a year. But that’s not all. Higher population means higher everyday costs, higher insurance rates, higher “getting settled” costs (such as registering your vehicle), and potentially higher taxes. In Denver, you even have tolls every time you drive to the airport. None of these things are an issue when moving to cities in Wyoming, Montana, and less-populated places in Utah.

Author’s Note: I moved to Wyoming from Colorado this past year and cut my car insurance and rental costs in half. 

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While Denver definitely has its perks, there are countless places in the West (and even other cities in Colorado, like Aurora, Canon City, or Pueblo) that can keep up with Colorado’s capital—if not surpass it. If you’re considering moving out West, work with RealtyHive to find your next home or sell your current one! Search today.

dog with eyes closed

Doggy Dream Home

Doesn’t your best friend deserve a great home?

Dear humans, I would first like to thank you for taking me into your home and treating me like one of your own. That being said, I have a couple of requests to make that would turn our nice house into a dog’s absolute doggy dream home!

The life of a dog can be pretty tiring. I mean the amount of time we spend bringing back toys to humans who continue to through them far away is crazy! You’d think their arm would get tired after a while. The walks, the tug of war, the effort put into begging for one small piece of food really takes the fuel out of a dog like me. When humans go to bed they get luxurious fluffy beds to lay in, but us dogs get the smelly, dirty, cold floor. I understand to some 8 hours on the floor, by themselves, in complete silence and darkness may seem like a luxury, but personally…not feeling it. So I propose a revamping of my current sleep situation.

Sweet Dreams for Your Bestest Boy

If you’ve got the space to share, a room of my very own, complete with a welcome mat and dog bed and all my favorite toys would really make a dog feel loved.

Not only would a little room of my own allow me a nice retreat when things get crazy (and be way more attractive than the old metal kennel), but building one under the stairs is also a great use of otherwise dead space.

It’s no secret that I like to stay close to you guys and the night can seem long and even scary when I’m laying all by myself. That’s why I propose an elevated dog bed that allows me to stay close to you without taking up any room in your bed. I promise I won’t howl, or bark, or run in my sleep, it’ll be like I’m not even there; promise.  

A Spot for Spot

There is nothing I love more than our family movie time. After you all get done with whatever you humans spend so much time doing Monday through Friday and we get to cuddle up to watch our favorite shows. I love it more than when I get the leftover peanut butter in the peanut butter jar, but it always ends with you upset about all the fur on the couch, so I found this one just for you! It’s a dog bed that slides out from under the couch, a bed, or anywhere else you’ll let me hang out with you! This way we can still have our movie nights and you can still sit on the couch without getting fur all over! Win-win right?

Here’s another idea. When we all gather around the TV at night, I feel like everyone in the family has a designated place to sit, except me. Everyone has their spot on the couch or their recliner so I was thinking I should have my spot as well. Won’t I looks so cute on a little couch like this?!

Feeding Fido

The only thing more important to us dogs than sleep is food. Any food you give me I’ll eat, any food you drop I’ll eat, anything you make I’ll eat, and I’ll say it one more time for the dogs in the back, I will eat anything. You’ll always get a 5-star Yelp review from me. This means that my doggy dream home should be stacked with homemade dog treats. I mean I’m a good boy, don’t I deserve these treats?

Yogurt peanut butter banana homemade dog treats are a favorite. A doggy dream snack some may call it. If I had thumbs maybe I’d make them myself, but until then I NEED you to help me out!

Doggy donuts. If your mouth didn’t water reading that then you probably didn’t read it right, or maybe your just not a dog. Regardless, I, as a dog, really would like these… in my mouth….right now.

Frosty breath dog treats. This one could be a treat for you too!I mean not a treat you’d eat, but you humans are always talking about our dog breathe and how bad it is (which is kinda rude not gonna lie), so maybe it could be considered a treat for your nose.

Field of Doggy Dreams

Besides our house, the majority of my time is spent out in our yard. Which, don’t get me wrong we have a pretty great yard, but there is always room for improvement in the doggy dream world. I’ve done some research and found a couple possible additions that could turn us into the #1 dog hangout spot of the year.

You know what’s a great way to relax the muscles after a long walk or day at the park; a relaxing swim. I have this feeling I wouldn’t be very welcomed to join you while you’re in the tub so I was thinking maybe I should get a little bone-shaped pool of my own.

Needing to go is just a natural part of life, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. I know this seems a little excessive for a place to relieve myself, but sitting on the toilet for 30 minutes on your phone could be considered a little excessive as well, so let’s keep our judgments to ourselves. Besides I’m sure you guys are tired of me killing the grass anyhow and this would be the perfect way to keep your grass green all year long.

The best thing the backyard could have is a window to the outside world. My world consists of the house, the front yard, and the backyard which after a while starts to feel a little small. A window like the one I found below really makes everything feel more open to a dog.

Puppy Kisses & Doggy Dreams

There isn’t any clear category to list all of my further additions under, but nevertheless, they are all crucial to the success of my personal doggy dream home.

Want to know what is one of the worst parts about being a dog, other than the lack of thumbs? It’s not being able to use the bathroom when your body decides it’s time to go. You couldn’t imagine how long I’ve held it, sitting in front of the door, waiting for one, just one human to come open the door. Well, I have found a solution to this issue — potty bells. Please consider this one greatly from me and your carpets.

Do you ever feel like you just need some you time? Well, this may come as a surprise, but I do too! Sometimes I need a nice nap to rest off all the stress in my doggy life, but there is no place in the house that I can go and just be closed off. Each of you humans have your room and if getting a doggy room is out of the question, maybe this will work. Here’s how you can turn my crate into a nice piece of furniture and a quiet corner for me to rest!

Next on my list: A doggy wash station made just for me. I understand that a doggy wash station is an investment, but I think you’ll love the benefits of it just as much as I’ll love resting in it. No one has ever complained about a clean dog, and if you get me those sweet smelling bottles from the pet store I’ll look good, I’ll smell good, and you’ll be able to walk me around the neighborhood with your head held high because you have the cleanest dog in town!

Do you wanna know why dogs are bad when you’re gone? It’s because we have no reason to be good. If we’re good while your home we get a treat, but if we’re good when you’re gone…nothing. That’s why this genius human thought to have an automatic treat dispenser controlled by phone so you can reward your dog for being good even when you’re gone. I’ll take one of these, please and thank you!

As we talked about, I will eat just about anything, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy being uncivilized. Sometimes getting my kibble in a classy presentation would be nice. Here’s where I introduce the cool thing I found: my dog bowls in a drawer. I know so simple yet so fancy.

All of these things are great, and yes, they would make our home much more exciting and comfortable for me, but none of this really makes a house a doggy dream home. When I really think about it, it’s you, my humans that complete my doggy dream home. So as long as I have you I don’t need the treat launchers, the hot tub, or the handmade treats. As far as I am concerned you’re the most important addition to my dream home. I guess there’s a reason we call you a dog’s best friend!

From, Your best friend

P.S. If you’re looking for a new home for us, I’ve got a good idea where you should check……