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Real Estate Investing Resources

When it comes to real estate investing, are you: a. A complete novice who wants to get started but doesn’t know where to beginb. A rookie who’s getting ready to buy their first investment propertyc. An investment property owner who wants to grow their wealth even mored. A seasoned vet who thinks they know it […]

What to Look for in a Realtor

Just as no one wants to end up marrying a malicious Malfoy or a crazy Carrie Bradshaw (sorry Carrie, we still love you), choosing the right Realtor is as crucial as choosing the right significant other. In order to avoid mishaps and desperately wanting to back out once things are “steady” and underway, you want […]

Can You Fire a Realtor?

When you hire a realtor to help sell your property, you expect and hope things will go smoothly. But what if that’s not the case? If something’s not working out with your Realtor, are you allowed to let them go? When to Fire a Realtor Before we dive into contracts and the like, it’s good […]

Can You Back Out of a Real Estate Closing?

You’ve made it through all the steps of becoming a homeowner. You’ve waited anxiously until closing day. You’re about to sign all the papers annnnnnd now you want to back out. When it’s down to the wire, can you back out of a real estate closing? We’re breaking it down based on some crucial steps […]

What Is Earnest Money in Real Estate?

Buying a house is like driving a car. There are tons of elements that go into having a smooth ride. For first timers, learning all the ins and outs can feel overwhelming.  One of these details is knowing about earnest money. Once you go through the process of buying a house it makes sense, but […]

How to Market Your International Property

What do cooking, painting, decorating, outfit planning, and real estate marketing all have in common? They all are proof that the devil is in the details.  While we could talk about the details of accessorizing outfits or line movement in art, we’ll stick to what we know best. Because while marketing an international property might […]