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Should You Buy a House During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

We live in a time where almost every plan is being put on hold. Weddings, graduations, vacations, scheduled surgeries, and even basic human interaction are all at a standstill (and for good reason) due to coronavirus. But does the same logic apply for buying a house? At RealtyHive, we have many tools at our disposal […]

How to Hire a Realtor Before Looking at a Home

They keep your best interests in mind. They have experience in the area, and can help you find a property that you might not have otherwise found. Not only that, but since Realtors’ commissions are typically paid by the sellers, finding an agent to help you buy a house won’t cost you a dime. It’s […]

What Does Buying in a Time-Limited Event Look Like?

Most of us know (or at least have a general idea) how the traditional house-buying process works. But what happens if you’re looking to buy in a time-limited event? Are things drastically different? Should you plan on walking up to the house with briefcases full of cash like something out of a Scorsese film? The […]

What Do Real Estate Agents Do (And Can They Really Help)?

You’ve got Zillow, Trulia, RealtyHive, and countless other online real estate databases these days. So what exactly is the point of a listing agent? Are they still relevant, particularly if you’re selling your house? Spoiler alert: The answer is yes. But we’re going to dive into this topic with full transparency, weighing the pros and cons […]

How Much Renovation Does Your Property Need?

From healthy eating to getting enough sleep to certain yoga poses, we’re always trying to find the right balance. But in the world of home renovation, how much is too much? What is the “just right” amount, and how much should you expect to spend? If you’ve debated renovation for awhile now (or have never […]