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How to Stage Your Kitchen For Sale

The place where food brings family and friends together, the kitchen is perhaps the most important room in your home.  In order to sell your home and get your pick of offers, you want to showcase your kitchen as a desirable place. A dingy, cluttered, or even outdated kitchen will likely turn away buyers; a […]

Do I Need a Water Softener?

Water softeners are not a necessity, but they are super useful to have. Whether you’re trying to update your current home or are looking to buy, find out why you should invest in a water softener—once you have one, you’ll never go back. RealQuick: How to tell if you have hard water If you have […]

Contingencies and House Offers: What You Need to Know

Just like everyone talks about the excitement of college but not the uncomfortable dorm beds, just like people say they had a “great time” at Thanksgiving but skip the part where Aunt Tonya said the government was spying on her, contingencies are an often unmentioned—but highly important—part of the home buying process. Except unlike those […]

How Much Is My House Worth?

From that renovated bathroom to the roof that needs replacing, from the location of your house to the market itself, how do you figure out the value of your home? RealtyHive has the answers—read on to see how much your house is worth. RealQuick: Do I only need to know my home’s value if I’m […]

Why Isn’t My House Selling?

You got a pre-inspection. You staged your house and took some stellar photos. You set up your listing online. You’ve done everything right, so why is your house not selling? There are three main things that homeowners run into when struggling to sell: price, location, and time. RealtyHive will dive into each of these and […]

Wholesaling vs. Flipping Homes

When looking to make money from buying and selling real estate, you’ve got options. Wholesale selling and flipping a house are both ways to net a profit from real estate investing. Learn from RealtyHive how both of these processes work, and see which one is best for you. Wholesale Properties Selling wholesale means that you […]

International Property Marketing Options

Whether it’s a 5-bedroom condo in the Bahamas or acres of land in Panama, investing in international real estate certainly has its benefits. Access to beaches or mountains, indescribable cuisine and culture, what’s not to love?  While owning an international property is great, things can get complicated when it’s time to sell. RealtyHive explores your […]

First Night Packing For New Homeowners

That first night in your new house is unforgettable. Especially when you’re a first-time home buyer, nothing beats the thrill of being in your own house! The one that you own! No more landlords, no more upstairs apartment neighbors blaring music at all hours of the night. Alas, this thrill can quickly wear off if […]

Should I Sell My Home By Myself?

Relying on real estate agents to sell your home has decreased in popularity over the years. While the convenience of working with a real estate agent is great, many sellers are shying away from having to pay commission. This begs the question: should you sell your home by yourself? There can be huge benefits to […]