Why Buy in an International Real Estate Development?

International properties in general are an amazing buy. They offer rental investment opportunities. They’re about as superb a vacation home as you can get. Plus, there are often tax laws that make owning an international property both lucrative and more affordable than you might realize. 

But as you look through international listings, it can be difficult to find the right one, especially when you don’t know much about the culture or laws where you’re buying. There’s an easy solution: go with an international real estate development. These developments are one of the most solid options you can choose from.

What is an international real estate development?

International developments are often gated communities or apartment/condo complexes. They have security access and the properties (condos, apartments, or houses) are available for purchase.

Why buy in an international real estate development?


As mentioned, these developments are usually gated, often with 24-hr security access. This can serve as a relief to homeowners who feel some unease from living in a foreign country. It can be intimidating when you’re new to language and customs. Wanting to feel secure — especially when out of your comfort zone — is natural.


International developments often have tons of amenities onsite, and we’re not just talking about the pool. Amenities may include (but are not limited to):

  • Stores
  • A bank
  • Pharmacy
  • Workout facility

These conveniences makes many of your vacation plans easier (which is exactly what we all want when on vacation). If you want to rent out this property, it makes your place all the more enticing.


One of the biggest amenities is being surrounded by concierge and staff from the area. Whether you need a doctor, are hoping to buy a car, or even just want the deets on the best restaurants in town, they’ve got you covered. 


If you want a vacation home where English is widely spoken, an international real estate development is practically a must. Most of these developments have English-speaking staff. Plus, US dollars are generally accepted and homes are more in the style of US/Canadian homes. International developments offer a lot of the “home away from home” vibes that many property owners are looking for.

Pay Structure

A lot of times, foreigners can buy from an international real estate development by paying in chunks. It’s not always easy to get a mortgage when buying abroad, but developments make it easier.

More Opportunity

Certain countries don’t allow foreigners to buy or own land whatsoever. Or, there are limitations in place (such as buying a foreign home from another foreign seller). Developments open up buying opportunities for foreigners in ways that would not otherwise be possible.

We’d all love to sip mojitos poolside in a beautiful destination abroad but arguably, we’d love it even more if it was a home away from home. Whether you’re ready to find your dream vacation home, are looking for a new rental property investment or just want to dream a little, look through the RealtyHive international listings for some incredible international real estate developments!

Emily Wottreng
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