What House to Buy, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Having trouble deciding what house to buy? Sometimes it’s best to let the cosmos take over. While astrology is incredibly complex and your sun sign (the sign based on the day you were born) is only one part of what makes you, you, it’s still fun to see what the stars have to say. Look at which house you should buy based on your zodiac sign! 

Aries: A ranch house with a nice yard.

Aries are passionate, competitive beings who *just* so happen to be named after the Greek god of war. We’re not saying they need lots of space for a battleground or anything… but Aries just need space to spread and expand. A ranch house offers just that, while a nice yard means plenty of potential for outdoor games to fuel that competitive nature.

But it doesn’t just have to end there — as we said, you rams are passionate beings! A nice yard provides space to dive into your passion projects, be it a garden or space for a shed/workroom. Even a deck or patio means more opportunities to entertain their loved ones (and yes, pets absolutely count). After all, relationships are where Aries tend to show their fire and love the most.

Taurus: A cabin that’s away from it all.

The homebodies, the nesters, the ones who are more than fine staying in or getting home early. Our bull brethren deserve the coziest of cabins, nestled in the woods, near a bubbling brook. Of course, it shouldn’t be too far from a town or city — Tauruses aren’t social hermits, they just want to come and go as they please!

Taurus, a nice cabin gives you the serenity and comforts of home you desire. You can stock it with warm blankets, your favorite scented candles, and hopefully, the largest claw-footed tub known to humankind. And of course, don’t forget about the gorgeous kitchen where you can cook sumptuous meals for their loved ones — the lucky ones allowed into their sanctuary.

Gemini: A modern split-level.

The twins of the zodiac, Gemini, sometimes get a bad rap for being “two-faced.” And their personality duality can look completely different in different social circumstances. But they’re witty, hilarious and often considered by some to be the most fun of the zodiac. That duality is best expressed in a split-level home, particularly in a modern or mid-century modern style. 

Gems, you’ll appreciate entertaining in different parts of the house (or just being able to scroll through social media in different locations — no shame, we all do it) and a house whose look can be restyled with relative ease. After all, you might find a new print at a flea market and then need to change their entire aesthetic — a modern split-level affords versatility.

Cancer: A house in the country.

OK now just to be clear — “a house in the country” and “a house that’s something right out of a country song” are two very different things (it needs to be said because Cancers are sometimes a bit finicky). Leave it to you lovely crabs to make your house in the country something with character, like an adorable bungalow or converting a 19th-century schoolhouse into a modern home.

Cancers have that magic to turn practically any space into a home (and one with the most on-brand aesthetic ever — Cancers 10000% know their brand). A house in the country gives you the space to fully flesh out you vision. Have no doubt that your home will make everyone feel welcome, while also showing up in architectural publications and inspired Insta pages.

Leo: A luxurious manor.

They’re royalty, lovers of the limelight and absolute showstoppers. They may occasionally burst into song for no reason, to the (valid) confusion of non-Leos. Our zodiac lions want glamor! Decadence! Incredible natural lighting! Gorgeous, massive windows! Luxury looks different for every Leo but make no mistake — they all want some version of it.

Leos, your dream house might come later in life because let’s be real — the manor or estate you really want is probably not your starter home (but congrats if it is). And that’s perfectly OK! You want lots of rooms, bathrooms fit for a king and queen, space for entertaining, heck, maybe even a pool + cabana combo. Essentially, a manor that makes your loved ones gush over (and don’t worry, you secretly relishing in their envy is on brand for your sign).

Virgo: Build, don’t buy.

Virgos, we have a lot of love for you. Without you, who would tell us our flaws, give us direction or set us up with a gorgeous online spreadsheet?

There could easily be a house out there for every Virgo to buy, but these taskmasters crave control. Whereas some signs might crack under the pressure of decision-making when building a house (cough cough LIBRAS ahem), Virgos thrive. Well, they’ll still be stressed out and take way too much on and it’ll be the only topic they bring up for the next year and a half, but for Virgos, that’s the thinking they’re thriving!

Libra: A standard two-story.

Standard two stories are balanced by nature and perfect for our Libra scales. Libras, you might get heat for your indecisiveness and occasional flightiness, but you’re some fierce aesthetic queens so it’s time to play to your strengths. Setting you up with a standard two-story gives you plenty of opportunity to make your house a home.

A house that’s too niche won’t fit as well with your balanced nature. Your focus is on having good times with loved ones and strangers alike, and a standard two-story, decked out to your liking, does just that.

Scorpio: A Victorian house.

Other signs see the old house down the street as creepy, Scorpio wants to go inside out of sheer curiosity. Not every Scorpio has an affinity for the macabre (but it’s close). Still, if someone in the zodiac would delight in the stories, secrets, history, and occasional mysterious creaks of a Victorian house, it’s Scorpio. 

Scorps are deeply passionate — when your love and trust is well-received and requited, the bonds you have are unbreakable. That bond applies exceptionally to an old Victorian house full of classic beauty and unmatched character. Your intrinsic curiosity will keep deepening the connection to our abode, giving us a whole house to pore over and tend to. Those mysterious creaks won’t scare us off — they’ll have you wanting to learn more. And maybe putting out an altar for whatever spirits reside there, but that’s another story.

Sagittarius: A vacation home.

Sag, you all are on the move and may or may not have some fears about being confined to one location. That’s why your home of choice should be a vacation destination! Instead of sticking with a traditional home in the burbs that you’re not ready for, find a vacation home (or at the very least, a house that makes you feel like you’re on vacation).

The huge advantage of a vacation home is that you can rent it out while you’re away. Plus, the limits for what makes something a vacation home don’t exist. Renovate an Airstream! Invest in a tiny home with some gorgeous mountain views! Finally, get that beach cabana! If you want to make it your actual home, by all means, keeping it as an escape (and maybe even investment property) is cool too.

Capricorn: A middle-of-the-action apartment or condo.

Caps are the grinders and hustlers of the zodiac. They know what they want and work tirelessly (do they even get tired??) to get it. But Capricorns want to enjoy the fruits of their labor, or at least, in theory, have that as an option because, tbh, you guys might overbook yourselves. 

A gorgeous apartment or condo that’s close to everything can give you goats the access you love with the luxury you worked for. Close to concerts, bars, public transport, events, gyms, trails and, most importantly (for you), work —  that’s the stuff of dreams for you. Pick out the apartment of your dreams, go for the penthouse if you desire because if anyone’s going to crush their goals, it’s you.

Aquarius: An eclectic or unusual home.

Oh Aquarius, our favorite aliens of the zodiac. You could make a barn, a yurt, or even a UFO your home; we love that for you. No matter what type of home you go for, it has to have some unique elements at the very least and be the most out-of-place house on the block at most. 

You love characters in homes (similar to Scorpios) and need a place with quirks that tell a story. Tiny homes, berm homes, shipping container houses, glasshouses in the middle of the desert — the sky (galaxy?) is the limit. Look for something as interesting and curious as you and you’ll never grow bored — but remember that if you move from it, selling a too-unique house can be tough.

Pisces: A house by the water.

Sweet, sensitive Pisces, it might seem generic to put you fishies by the water but you know you’d love it. A babbling brook, a lake, a beach — anything will do! No one would be surprised if you started calling the animals nearby your neighbors (and/or talking to them like a Disney character).

Water recharges you and gives you a sense of peace. When the outside world is overwhelming and you want to escape, it’s best to have that right at home. Hold out for a home near some water, but remember that dreaming about it alone won’t make it happen. For as much intuition and compassion and faith as you have in others, give yourself the same attention to make a house near the water a reality.

Emily Wottreng
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