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2019 Retirement Havens

It’s been widely acknowledged that Americans work too much and for too long. While retirement is seen by many as the perfect opportunity to travel, explore new passions, and enjoy the fruits of many years of labor, for many people retirement seems too expensive. With the high cost of medical care, lightening fast pace of […]

Real Estate Trivia

Jeopardy has been around for 55 years, but it was James Holzhauer’s epic streak on the game show that has renewed interest in fans from around the world. His aggressive and unique playing style mixed with his seemingly infinite amount of knowledge made his 32-game winning streak an lightening rod for viewership. While his time […]

Stock Up & Save on Your Home Goods

Just a head’s up! This post contains referral codes/links. All the services mentioned below are free to join and signing up via these links may result in an additional sign-up bonus for you. Use of the referral may also award the author of this blog for sharing this code. Author’s note: Thank you! Whether you […]

Hurricane Free Tropical Paradise

When envisioning life on an idyllic island paradise, you’re probably dreaming of soft sand, clear water, and hot and sunny days. And for the most part, you’d be spot on. While the locals will tell you that the monotonously perfect weather in paradise will grow old to you, that’s only part of the story.   […]

Top Mistakes Even Smart Agents Make

The real estate industry is constantly being reinvented by new technologies and consumer preferences. While some things like good follow up and strong negotiation skills never go out of style, times have certainly changed. Here are a few of the most common mistakes smart agents make and how you can easily fix them to see […]

Is moving abroad right for you?

As winter turns to spring (and in some places, back to winter) people often get a little restless and dream of leaving their soggy, April-showered home for the sunny beaches of the Caribbean or Latin America. For most people, this is just a daydream, but for others this can set the groundwork for an adventure […]