More than 50,000 New Listings Now on RealtyHive

New listings added as real estate market heats up

More than 50,000 properties are now available on the RealtyHive website. The new properties range from a 55-dwelling portfolio of residential properties in Madison, Wisconsin to large vacant land tracts in Georgia to single lots 

The new listings come as RealtyHive begins to roll out Cashifyd, the company’s soon-to-market app and web service. Cashifyd connects real estate buyers with agents who offer cash back at closing.  The program is being rolled out in beta for Wisconsin and Georgia and will launch in more states later this year.

“This exciting addition of inventory is not only bringing more properties to the fingertips of our active buyers, but is also bringing the great opportunity for us to connect these buyers with local agents through Cashifyd, “ said Amanda Syrjamaki, head of web design and development at RealtyHive who led this onboarding process. “I am looking forward to seeing these connections grow as we expand into new markets in the months to come.” 

With properties in more than 30 countries, RealtyHive has been rapidly growing in 2020. In addition to announcing more than $2 billion in actively engaged on-site inventory, RealtyHive has expanded its corporate footprint with the opening of a new Georgia office in spring 2020. 

Visitors to the  RealtyHive website can now search can now search the more than 50,000 listings for residential, commercial, land, and international properties and see the potential cash back offers right from the listing page.

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