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I get the dilemma. Really enjoying the outdoorsy lifestyle but not too keen on sleeping in a tent or in a “traditionally styled” cabin. I get it, I understand, this right here is me and you relating on a spiritual level. I mean I’m all down for hiking, skiing, kayaking, etc, but tents on the ground and cabins filled with dead animals… thanks, but no thanks!  It makes little sense to me why some people choose to go to quiet serene places only to hang their food from trees, get eaten alive by bugs, and worry about coming face to face with a bear. None of that sounds peaceful to me, in fact, it completely contradicts the idea of going somewhere peaceful. If I wanted to fight for my life I would have gone to the mall of America on Black Friday, but I didn’t, and I don’t. I just want to climb a mountain, watch the sunset, and then fall asleep on my fluffy cushioned bed while watching Derek Morgan kick criminal booty on a large flat screen TV; is that too much to ask?

The below are what I consider the perfect cabin getaway locations. Nearly all of them break the “traditional cabin” mold, but that is personally what I like most about them! If you’re anything like me, you’ll thoroughly enjoy looking through these stunning properties. If you have a large sum of extra cash to spend (unlike me) you may even consider purchasing one!

10040 E Happy Valley Road 923 Scottsdale, AZ, 85255, United States – $1,350,000

  • built in outdoor grill
  • entrance to home

This is a transitional desert contemporary home. It offers a beautiful open floor plan with stunning mountain views from the floor to ceiling windows! You can watch the breathtaking sunsets over the mountains from your own private hot tub. If you ask me that beats a tent any and every day!

Get more details about this property here:

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9625 E Aw Tillinghast Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85262 United States – $9,975,000

This is what I would call desert mountain trophy home! Get the experience of the Arizona mountains without sacrificing any comforting luxuries. Things such as a lap pool, play pool, spa, multiple sundecks, covered patios, and much more!

Get more details about the property here:

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19 Little Cloud Trail, Aspen, Colorado, 81611 United States – $31,500,000

This is a new construction home in downtown Aspen! That means you can expect all the luxurious stylings and features one could imagine. Now my favorite thing about this house beside the stunning exterior is the stylish and unique lounging areas. Floor to ceiling windows shows you the beauty of the Colorado mountains. 

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33825 Meadow Creek Drive, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, United States – $4,495,000

This is one of my favorite homes in this article. The first reason is that it is just stunningly gorgeous on the outside. It gives the appears of a classic cabin but with clean modern lines and large windows for lots of natural light. The inside matches the beauty of the outside with modern fixtures and furniture. Not only the physical side of things but the views from the home are breathtaking and personally, I would love to wake up in the morning and watch the sunrise from the private terrace. If I just happened to have 4.5 million dollars to spend, trust me I would. 

Get more details about the property here:

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1166 Old East Ridge Road, Boone, North Carolina 28618, United States – $5,495,000

If you were to combine privacy and breathtaking views you would get this property. Gone are the days of outdated cabins, here is where mountains meet modern for the perfect mountain getaway location. On a plot of 272 acres filled with streams, trails, and waterfalls there are endless things to do around the home, and an endless supply luxurious entertaining spaces!

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4367 Columbine Drive Vail, Colorado, United States – $2,999,000

If you happen to be into modern architecture or are interested in a home with a hint of Scandinavian interior design, then this may be the home for you. Take one look at the exterior of this home and you know this is a modern day luxury home. The interior reflects the clean line design of the exterior. In conclusion, if you like modern then you like 4367 Columbine Drive Vail, Colorado, United States. 

Get more details about the property here:

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10814 E Heritage Ct, Scottsdale, AZ 85255, United States – $26,000,000

This is a rare find in the back canyons of Scottsdale Arizona. This home is an exquisite combination of Mediterranean Architecture and Contemporary Styling which gives you a completely unique experience. On 4+ acres of land, you can enjoy your own combination of luxury and privacy.

Get more details about the property here:

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5829 E Jean Ave, Phoenix, Arizona, 85018 United States – $6,995,000

This gorgeous Arizona home is located at the base of Camelback Mt on a 2-acre plot of land. With 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, this is the perfect luxury vacation home for any family, with no worries of sibling rivalries over who gets the bathroom next. 

Get more details about the property here:

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109 Willoughby Way, Red Mountain, Aspen, Colorado, 81611 United States – $29,999,999

Aspen Colorado is a famously amazing place for mountain side getaways and cabin vacays. This cabin offers 2.4 acres of land for all the privacy imaginable, but on the same hand is only a two-minute drive to the convenience of shops and restaurants nearby. 

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2957 Roses Branch Rd, Bakersville, North Carolina – $5,700,000

Once you cross the South Toe River there is a private world just waiting for you! There you’ll find this gorgeous self-sustaining smart house with CTRL 4 programming, whole house SONOS sound system, a security system, whole house backup generator, and radiant floor heat. This house comes with every comfort you could image, it’s the epitome of a luxury getaway cabin!

Get more details about the property here:

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6270 W Bucking Bronco Place, Tucson, Arizona, United States – $1,350,000

A stunning home with 360-degree views in every direction. These views will make you feel like your on top of the world…literally. You can look at these views from the 1500 sq ft covered patio which also has a built-in patio.

Get more details about the property here:

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20957 N 112th St, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States – $6,995,000

This French FarmHouse Estate looks like something straight out of Romeo and Juliet, and with 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, you could have housed both sides of their families. Although that may not have made for a particularly peaceful cabin stay. Located in the Upper Canyon of Silverleaf this house has astounding panoramic views of the mountainside and city lights. 

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2010 GCR 14N Kremmling, Colorado, United States – $23,500,000

This home is different compared to the others, it offers a more of a traditional styling. This home offers some unique yet appreciated additions such as the indoor bowling alley, and personal outdoor mini golf course. This house consists of 3 branches one could call them. The main house situated in the middle, and a guest house on either side connected by bridges over cascading waterfalls. Talk about a unique home, huh?

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161 Waterside Drive, Lake Lure, North Carolina, United States – $2,750,000

If you’re looking for breathtaking views from nearly every spot in your house, consider this contemporary masterpiece perched above the north end of Lake Lure!  Outdoor stone patios with covered cook-center that includes a gas grill, gaucho wood-burning grill, sink, concrete countertops, and hot tub create an exciting outdoor area/entertaining space. This is the perfect family cabin with a luxury spin!

Get more details about the property here:

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7004 N Invergordon Rd, Paradise Valley, Arizona, United States – $13,950,000

This luxury home is on approximately 5 acres of mountainside estate. This house offers a balance between luxury and class. Its traditional styling and high ceilings will make you feel like royalty, the only thing missing is a throne, but hey those can be added. For your convience, We have attached a link to a throne-like chair to fulfill the royal fantasy! 🙂

If your looking for a throne like chair to complete the cabin look here:

If your looking for a throne like chair to complete the cabin look here: I Want A Cool Chair

Get more details about the property here:

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island view over water cabanas

Best Islands of the Rich and Famous

Skorpios 21

Skoripos, Greece

Owned By: Ekaterina Rybolovleva
Purchased: Estimated $150-190 Million in 2013

Once was a barren land, the original owner, Aristotle Onasis, brought in many species of trees and even the sand from other Greek islands to create this paradise where he and Jackie liked to visit and were married. It’s alleged that Madonna, Bill Gates, and Giorgio Armani were interested in purchasing the island from Athina Onassis Roussel, Granddaughter and only living heir of Aristotle Onasis, before it was purchased by Rybolovlev who allegedly intended to use the island for business and pleasure.

Starr 060406-7057 Waltheria indica

Lana’i, Hawaii

Owned By: Larry Ellison, Co-Founder of Oracle
Purchased: 98% share of the island for alleged $300 million in 2012 (The state owns the remaining 2%)

Lana’i, also known as Pineapple Island, is the sixth largest Hawaiian island located 9 miles from Maui. Ellison bought his ownership stake indirectly from David Murdoch, owner Dole foods–known for their pineapple and banana production. Ellison has already made improvement to the island including an estimated $450 million rennovation to his Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay.


Britische Jungferninseln - Necker Island - panoramio

Necker Island, The British Virgin Islands

Owned by: Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Empire Mogul
Purchased: $180,000 in 1979

Branson first fell in love with the island in the 1970s, shortly after creating Virgin Records, the first of the Virgin empire. While the island was listed for $6 million, Branson offered what he could at the time–$100,000. The selling agent nearly laughed at him. Yet, a year later he came back after no other buyers had displayed interest and agreed to sell to Branson for $180,000 with a contingency that Branson would create a resort on the island within four years.


johnny depp island turquoise sea beaches

Little Halls Pond Cay, The Bahamas

Owned by: Johnny Depp, American Actor
Purchased: Reportedly paid $3.6 million in 2004

Located in the Exuma chain in the southern part of the Bahamas, Depp bought this island after falling in love with the lush green and turquoise waters while filming on location for Pirates of the Caribbean. Little Halls Pond Cay has 6 natural beaches, which Depp named after his family and idols.


david copperfield island musha caye sand view

Musha Cay, The Bahamas

Owned by: David Copperfield, American Illusionist
Purchased: Reportedly $50 million in 2006

Another celebrity island in the Exumas area, Copperfield is said to have spent 5 years and an additional $40 million to complete what he has called “the most magical vacation destination in the world.” Copperfield also purchased 10 additional islands in the area for an undisclosed amount to serve as a privacy shield and complete what is now known as the Islands of Copperfield Bay. This paradise can be rented with rates starting at $39,000 per night.

island, fiji, tropical, aerial view

Mago Island, Fiji

Owned by: Mel Gibson, Actor
Purchased: Bought for $15 million in 2005

This island is one of the largest private islands in the south Pacific Ocean at 5,400 acres (just over 8 square miles). This island, once a cotton plantation, sugar cane plantation/mill, and copra (coconut) plantation at various points in history, remains fairly undeveloped with a dirt airstrip and a few buildings from its past.

Blackadore Caye

Blackadore Caye, Belize

Owned by: Leonardo DiCaprio, Actor
Purchased: Reportedly bought for $1.5 Million in 2005, the 68 resort villas and 48 private houses are rumored to be valued at $5-15 Million each

DiCaprio, an environmental activist, has carefully considered the ecological impact of building on his island, while still incorporating the luxurious qualities you would expect from one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. In fact, the entire development is being designed to meet the Living Building Challenge– the world’s most stringent and progressive green building system, and is expected to launch in 2018.


faith hill tim mcgraw island goats cay

Goat Cay, The Bahamas

Owned by: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Country Singers
Purchased: Purchased for an unknown amount around 2006. Currently for sale for $4.8 Million.

This celebrity power couple has their 17 acre island located in the Little Exumas chain for sale. Purchased in 2006, the island has a large residence and smaller, workers accommodations.


bonds cay island bahamas shakira

Bonds Cay, The Bahamas

Owned by: Shakira, Singer/Roger Waters, Pink Floyd frontman, Alejandro Sanz, singer
Purchased: Reported $16 million in 2011.
The trio purchased this island with an existing hotel property. The intention of the ownership trio is to create a semi-permanent homes and artists’ retreat. 


Want to join the ranks of the ultra-rich and powerful by owning your own island? Here are some to check out:

baliceaux island for sale
Baliceaux Island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Price: Starting bid: $24.95 Million, Listing Price: $29.95 Million


This undeveloped gem spans 320 acres and is perfect for someone looking to create their own visionary fiefdom. This island is just a ten minute boat ride from the up-and-coming Bequia and slightly longer to celeb-favorite Mustique. Learn more about Baliceaux here.

isle a quatre island svg
Isle a Quatre, St. Vincent and The Grenadines

Price: Starting bid: $47.5 million, Listing Price: $54 Million

This island spans 376 acres and is located only 5 miles from celebrity hotspot, Mustique. The island’s position also means that the weather is nearly perfect year-round. Additionally, the island sits outside of the hurricane belt, making storm damage much less likely than for its neighbors. See more about Isle a Quatre here.

deer caye island belize
Deer Caye, Belize

Price: List price: $10.5 million

This 603 acre island is perfect for someone looking to develop an eco-resort or home. The island is nicely elevated, yet has many several small coves along it’s 9 miles of sea frontage. Located one mile from Ambergris Caye and close to Leonardo DiCaprio’s private island, this property is conveniently located to San Pedro, Belize City, and even Chetumal, Mexico. Want learn more about Deer Caye? Click here.

deer caye island belize 500 acres
Deer Caye Adjacent, Belize

Price: List Price: $6.75 Million

This 500 acre island lays in very close proximity to the previously listed island with all the same great features. With two main areas populated by coconut trees, this island has plenty of room for extensive residential or resort updates, including room for a golf course, private airstrip, and more! See more of this beautiful spot here.

candid photo of harry and meghan

Royal Relaxation: The Perfect Wedding Present for Harry and Meghan

Unless you’ve been on a media blackout for the past few months, you probably know there’s a royal wedding coming soon!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Prince Henry of Wales aka Prince Harry is getting hitched! While details about the royal wedding are slowly leaking out (it’ll be on May 19, 2018, at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, in case your invitation gets lost in the mail!), there are still many unknowns.

As per royal tradition, Prince Harry will receive a new title upon marriage, most likely Duke of Sussex, as one of the gifts her majesty the Queen bestows upon her grandson, but what about the other guests? This wedding will be filled with the who’s who of the rich and powerful global elite, so this begs the question, what do you get someone who has everything? If you thought it was hard to shop for the people in your life, imagine picking an appropriate gift for a prince! Since it’s a pretty safe bet that Harry and Meghan don’t need a blender or new place settings for their nuptials, after all, they already have a palace, we do have a suggestion for anyone looking for a standout gift for the new Mr. and Mrs.

Whats the protocol for royal gift-giving?

There isn’t one, really.

When Queen Elizabeth II was married in 1936 she was gifted mostly expensive jewelry and precious materials. Former President and Mrs. Reagan gifted Prince Charles and Lady Diana an ornately engraved Steuben glass bowl and Boehm porcelain centerpiece, showing that unlike most dealings with the royal family, there isn’t really a protocol to follow when it comes to wedding gifts. In more recent history, for their 2011 wedding, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge William and Kate asked their guests to donate to a charitable gift fund (which raised $1.7 million for 26 different charities!) but also received items such as a painting, shoes, and a Land Rover. So what could a guest who wants to stand out bring to Harry and Meghan’s wedding celebration?

What would be the right gift for Meghan and Harry?

First, it’s important to look for something they’d actually enjoy. When taking that into account, it’s easy to notice that this couple loves to travel.

view port monte carlo monaco

On New Year’s Eve 2017, the couple flew to Monaco, a small principality on the Mediterranean that was once the home to Princess Grace of Monaco, formerly known as actress Grace Kelly. Monte Carlo, the coastal capital city, is a prime party spot for the rich and famous during this time of year. The couple has also taken trips to Norway, Jamaica, and Botswana and are allegedly planning to visit the US, Australia, and Lesotho in 2018. During their Norway and Jamaican trips, the couple stayed in Tromvik and Montego Bay respectively, both coastal cities, indicating they love a beach vacation.

With this in mind, a gift having to do with travel and the beach sounds like a great start.

What about a place with a royal history?

Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s only sibling, and Harry’s great aunt has a storied history of her time in Mustique, her favorite place to be, where she went to get away from the harsh public eye, something Harry knows all too well.

Prince William and his wife Kate spent their honeymoon in Seychelles because of its gorgeous beaches, clear waters, and luxurious and secluded hotels, although the couple is known to love Mustique as well. The pair has vacationed there many times including while Kate was pregnant with their first child Prince George and after the birth of their second child, Princess Charlotte, when they were joined by Kate’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, as well as her siblings.

So they love to travel, like beaches, and the family has history on Mustique, a villa seems like a great idea, right?

There’s actually a precedence for Mustique properties being given to royals. Purchased by Colin Tennant, Lord Glenconner in 1957, Tennant gifted Princess Margaret with one of the most secluded, best-situated parcels on the island where she built her home so this would be a similar gesture. The home she built was her escape for 30 years and was passed on to her son who sold it in 1998.

But Harry and Meghan aren’t your typical royals. They’ve broken royal protocol before and it’s expected that their wedding will be no different, from deviating from the traditional fruitcake wedding flavor (they’re going with banana cake) to having Meghan’s mother walk her down the aisle, this couple likes to do things a little differently.

isle a quatre grenadines island

This is why the perfect wedding present for these lovebirds would be their own private island, near the favored Mustique. Currently, there are two possible islands for sale that would make a perfect place for the couple to create their own holiday paradise, Baliceaux and Isle à Quatre, both also part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The proximity to Mustique (about 4 miles for Baliceaux and 6 miles for Isle à Quatre) means that they would only be a short boat ride away from the glitz and glam, but would be able to enjoy absolute privacy once they returned to their island.

baliceaux island st vincent beach bay cove

This privacy is important to the royal family who learned just how far a paparazzi’s telephoto lens can see when Kate was unknowingly photographed sunbathing topless from nearly 1km (2.2 miles) away. It was thought that the photographer who captured those images was on a public road and using an extremely powerful lens, both completely legal and hard to avoid. The elevation of both of these islands would make it impossible for a photographer to get a shot from the water and enacting a no-fly zone like Mustique has, would mean that there would be no privacy concerns. Prince Harry, who had his own naked photo scandal in 2012, would be pleased to know that he and his new wife would be free to roam as they like on their island. And what better wedding gift than tropical freedom?

After considering all the above, if you’ve got an invite to the nuptials and a couple extra million dollars laying around, Baliceaux or Isle à Quatre seems like they would be the perfect gift for the new Duke and Duchess.

outdoor pools pool paradise jamaica cayman islands tropical st barths barts martin maarten

Poolside Paradise: Dreaming of a White (Sand) Christmas

While winter technically begins on December 21, with the winter solstice, most of us in the northern hemisphere have been feeling pretty frigid for the last few weeks. We’ve seen the days get shorter, the temperatures get colder, and we’re already ready to trade eggnog for Piña Coladas. While escaping to the beautiful beaches of Montego Bay, Jamaica or Tulum, Mexico sounds like the ideal getaway this time of year, an impromptu trip to a poolside paradise just isn’t in the cards for most of us. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream…

So kick back, relax, and imagine yourself poolside as you check out these gorgeous residential oases. Bonus: If you’re in the market for your own slice of paradise, all these properties are currently for sale!

French atmosphere with outstanding turquoise waters.

pool, outoor, oasis, paradise, st barts, st barthelemyinfinity pool, st barts, tropical, paradisesun chairs, deck, outdoor, view, st barths

Located in the French West Indies, St. Barthélemy, captures guests’ hearts with its chic French atmosphere and outstanding turquoise waters. Furthermore, this lush heated pool designed with a small cascade was landscaped to feel like a hidden getaway, while the infinity-edge pool overlooks the Caribbean Sea. Also, the counter-current system allows for water aerobics and exercises making this the ultimate in fitness with a view!

Rentals in St. Barts:

Luxury villa with Harbour view in heart Gustavia

Central Palm St Jean

Bungalow Hansen 1 – Colombier

Appart neuf & moderne Résidence Camaruche, StBarth

Silent waters in Montego Bay, Jamaica

night pool montego bay jamaicaaerial pool view montego bay jamaica paradiseperfect tropical swim out pool montego bay for rent or saleinfinity pool paradise montego bay jamaicast james montego bay pool turquoise perfect oasis

Located in the private, gated community of Great River, this villa named Silent Waters in Montego Bay, Jamaica has two infinity-edge swimming pools. The main pool is Olympic sized with fantastic views of the Caribbean below. Additionally, the pool of the Owner’s Villa features a wrap-around pool with direct swim-out access from the bedroom or bathroom. Also, this villa can accommodate up to 20 guests, and includes a private tennis court, 12 buildings, and a private helicopter pad! Most importantly, this home is a favorite for celebrity getaways and destination weddings!

Rentals in Montego Bay, Jamaica:

Grand palladium lady Hamilton Jamaica

Lorenton Hideaway Luxury Suite #1

Beautiful Korall Revet

Lovely Rustic Villa with Secluded Beach (Rm 1)

Fewer beaches and more mountains in this getaway!

desert home pool spa sunsetsunken patio pool area paradise valley az swimspa outdoor pool arizona az

If your idea of the perfect getaway involves fewer beaches and more mountains, this Paradise Valley home has what you’re looking for! With multiple cascades, a sunken lounging area, and fantastic views of the nearby mountains, this pool is a desert-lovers dream. Therefore, if you enjoy a more mountainous vacation, this home is perfect for you! The negative-edge spa is perfect for those December nights when temperatures average a chilly 44°F at night!

Rentals in Paradise Valley, Arizona:

Paradise Valley detached guest house.

Scottsdale– Near TPC & Talking Stick! 153

Modern 2BR near Old Town (#8) by WanderJaunt

Luxury 2-bed estate – Camelback Mtn VIEW + HOT TUB

Gorgeous poolside views in the Caribbean

luxury pool outdoor turquoise paradise st martinvilla st maarten, st martin, paradise, tropical, pool, oasispool, outdoor, paradise, saint maarten, tropical

This gorgeous poolside view is found on a Caribbean island, amicably divided into French (Saint Martin) and Dutch (Sint Maarten) sides for the best of both worlds. Located on the French half of the island, this phenomenal pool features a cliffside jacuzzi, a poolside bar, and overlooks the cerulean water below. Additionally, with its unobtrusive landscaping, all focus is on the incredible view and built-in loungers. Making this the perfect place for sipping local favorite Guavaberry Coladas!

Rentals in the Caribbean:

Luxurious paradise for unforgettable vacations.

Casa Maya @ Hilltop

Tropical Oasis Pool Cottage

Villa Pierre: Lifetime Memories

Honorable Mentions:

While these pools aren’t as over-the-top they still have us dreaming of trading snowsuits for swimwear!

Pool indoor swimming poolpool swimming slide backyardpool mountain desert backyard swim beauty

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