How to Stage a Bedroom

They say all the world’s a stage and when it comes to selling your house, this is especially true. Staging is a crucial aspect to selling and while we’ve covered bathrooms and kitchens, we’re onto another important part of the house: the bedroom.

Some people turn their bedrooms into an elaborate living space, others treat it as a functional place to catch some Zs and nothing more. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, there are plenty of ways to make sure your bedroom will pique buyers’ interest (instead of turning them away).

Organize your closets.

One of the first things interested buyers will look for in a bedroom is the closet. If you were planning on stuffing everything into your closets as a means of organization, think again. Hang everything up, move dirty laundry elsewhere, and organize shoes.

You can also use this as an opportunity to donate clothes. Since moving is on your horizon, cleaning out your closet and making donations means you’ll have less to pack.

Make sure every bedroom follows the same four rules.

Whether it’s a master bedroom, your 10-year-old’s room, or your teenager’s room where they seem to be a permanent fixture, every room should meet the following expectations:

  1. Make the bed
  2. Clear the floor
  3. Dust all surfaces
  4. Organize and tidy everything else

Your child’s room doesn’t have to look like a Pottery Barn ad, and you certainly don’t have to change out their Minecraft-themed bedding to stage properly. Consistency is more important. 

Keeping consistency in every bedroom puts guests at ease — they know what to expect in each bedroom. This is important because one of the most immediate turn-offs for buyers is when something is out of place or comes across as a surprise.

Don’t forget: the nose knows.

Bedrooms are where we sleep, it’s true. They’re also where we pile our dirty laundry and occasionally wake up, mouth wide-open, with drool all over our pillows. Suffice to say, bedrooms can sometimes contain some unsavory scents. Air things out, light some candles or diffuse some oils, and take care of laundry (and wash sheets) regularly. 

Smell is one of our most powerful senses. Just recently, this writer toured a townhouse for a foreclosed home selling as-is. Everything looked decent until I opened the fridge door to find two rotting eggs inside. Anytime I think of that property, that scent (and subsequent scene) is the first thing I think of. You don’t want your bedroom to have that kind of effect on potential buyers.

Stash valuables and nonessentials.

It’s unlikely that someone touring your home will take anything. All the same, it’s good practice to put a lot of your stuff away — clutter is distracting and distracted buyers quickly lose interest.

Jewelry boxes, picture frames, and other tasteful, small decor can stay out. Toiletries, clothing items, handheld game consoles, iPads, etc. should all go out of sight before buyers or photographers come.

Open blinds and curtains.

Natural light is staging’s best friend. It’s helpful for photographers and appealing to potential buyers. Consider adding a lamp if your room doesn’t get a lot of natural lighting — it’s best to keep things as well-lit as possible. 

What if my bedroom is a disaster zone?

First off, we get it. Bedrooms are where we go after a long day of work. Sometimes all we can do is throw our dirty clothes on the floor and collapse on the bed. Things accumulate over time, and getting multiple bedrooms in order might seem like more trouble than it’s worth.

Regardless of whether your house is spotless or you simply don’t have the time or resources to properly stage your bedroom, list with RealtyHive. You can sell fast, easy, and on your terms with RH — no matter the condition your home is in. Learn more about the benefits of selling with a time-limited event and if you decide to tackle bedroom staging, good luck!

Home Staging for the Holidays

Can home staging with holiday decorations help you sell?

As the holiday season approaches, home sellers wonder what to do with their holiday decor. Does stringing up holiday lights make your home stand out or will it turn a buyer off? Should you hang your stockings with care or keep them in storage as one less thing to pack? Will seasonal decorations distract a potential buyer from your granite counter tops or will it draw their eye to your Craftsman-style built-ins? 

According to, 92% of realtors advise putting out some sort of decorations when trying to sell your home during the holidays. This home staging can range from putting out only non-religious seasonal decor (think snowflakes and ice skates) to putting out everything, including religious items like mangers or menorahs. When it comes to deciding what to do for your particular home, geography and local culture should be your guide.

Regardless of the specific type of decor you choose to use, here are a few tips home staging tips to make your place shine during a holiday-season open house.

home staged for holidays

Use the senses to your advantage

Scent is the sense most closely tied to memory and home sellers can use this to their advantage. Baking cookies is always a hit as it will make your kitchen smell divine. Use pre-made cookie dough so you won’t have dirty dishes to deal with and pop them in the oven just before the open house or showing begins to set a homey vibe.

Another tip is to light some seasonally-scented candles. The candlelight will bring a romantic flair to your rooms while the scent will add to the experience you’re creating. If you decide to set up an artificial Christmas tree, you may want to consider using a scent stick (available where most holiday decorations are sold) to really drive home the holiday smells, although be cautious of going overboard with this.

Assess your outdoor lighting

While you don’t need to string up lights (although you can if you’d like), you are going to need to make sure you have adequate lighting outside. As the hours of sun per day decreases, buyers are more likely to see your home in the dusk/dark so you want to make sure to have good lights. Not only will this help to showcase your property, it’s a necessary safety precaution.

A good rule of thumb is to use at least a 60-watt bulb, although if you have two fixtures together you can get by with 40-watt bulbs. These will provide enough light to show off your home without looking too bright or out of place. If your home is in a more remote area or you need additional light, consider using up to 120-watt bulbs in a floodlight fixture to really make your house shine.

Showcase the features of your home

The holiday season is the perfect time to showcase the special areas and features of your home. While you wouldn’t use your fireplace in the middle of August, lighting it up in December reminds buyers how nice a warm hearth can be. Have a built-in sound system? Show it off by softly playing some seasonal music. Have a lovely formal dining room? Set the table as if you were hosting a fancy dinner party complete with place settings and wine glasses. A little staging can go a long way to up the coziness factor throughout the home and provide the “wow” factor buyers are looking for.

While home staging isn’t required during any time of the year, it’s almost always a good idea. A trusty real estate agent can be a wonderful resource to help you find just the right amount of staging to draw in the best offers. Want to free up a little more cash for the holidays? Find agents who offer cash back to sellers through Cashifyd!