Where should you live based on your favorite pizza?

First off, lets talk crust: How thick is too thick?

Great! Now what about sauces?

Perfect. What kind of topping are you looking to add?

Let's talk cheese: What kind and how much?

How much of this pizza are you planning to eat?

Last question: What kind of atmosphere do you want to eat your pizza in?

Where should you live based on your favorite pizza?
Naples, Italy

You're a traditionalist and you like to enjoy your pizza the way it was meant to be enjoyed-- in high quality and quantity! The freshly crushed tomato sauce, hand tossed dough, just a hint of basil is perfection to you and even better is that nobody in Naples expects you to share your beloved pizza pie!
New York, NY

The Big Apple knows how to do pizza and you'll love their big slices! NYC was the first US city to have a pizza parlor and New Yorkers agree there's no pizza like New York pizza. With hundreds (if not thousands) of pizza joints sprinkled throughout the city, you'll be happy to know pizza is often sold by the slice here, meaning you can hit up multiple pizzerias to make up your meal!
Chicago, IL

Chicago style pizza is much like the city itself, familiar yet unique. Known as the Windy City, Chicago keeps warm with the comfort of thick, cheesy, toppings-filled pizzas. While New Yorkers and Neapolitans will scoff at these double decker pies, Chicago style lovers are warm hearted (and full-bellied) good-natured folks!
Los Angeles, California

Your anything goes attitude makes California pizza the perfect fit for you. Avocado? Throw it on! Microgreens? Sure! Tofu? Why not! California cuisine is known to be a little wacky, a lot healthy, and completely customizable which it the perfect pie for you!

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