Which Grammy Nominee Should You House Swap?

What's your ideal home style?

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Which Grammy Nominee Should You House Swap?
Lady Gaga

You're a sunny, fun lovin, ball of energy just like Mother Monster herself--making her Malibu mansion the perfect home for you! Some of the "Million Reasons" you'll love this home? It has a saltwater pool, 8 horse stable, game room, theater, wine cellar, and 2 lane bowling alley!
Lana Del Rey

You enjoy doing your own thing and aren't worried about pleasing others. Instead, your "Lust for Life" leads you to enjoy peace and quiet, but with the ability to join in on the fun when you want That's why Lana Del Rey's house would be perfect for you. Her adjoining properties mean no nosey neighbors, but plenty of room for guests and the setting in the Hollywood Hills means you're never far from where the fun is.
Jay Z

The hustle is strong with you! You don't know the meaning of the word stop and a bi-coastal lifestyle would suit you well! You know how to work hard, which is good because you also like to play hard and your home is a reflection of that. Like Jay Z, you pay attention to details and love high quality and well-designed homes without edging over to dripping-in-gold pretentiousness.
Ed Sheeran

You are the life of the party, a bit of a wild card, and not too fancy to try anything! You're the type who just as happy with pizza in a treehouse as you would be with oysters on a yacht. Whether you're throwing back a couple of pints at the local pub or hosting a gathering at your home, you're sure to be in the center of the fun. Sheeran's complex in Suffolk now includes his original home along with newly purchased homes nearby meaning there will be no neighbors to complain about all the fun you're having and no paparazzi to take in the "Shape of You"!

You're an hard-driving action lover who is always up for a new challenge and isn't afraid to get physical which is why P!nk's home would be perfect for you! The private beach area included with this home is great for surfing while the 1.19 acre lot means there's tons of room for whatever other activities you dream up. This home, which features 6 bedrooms, also has a guest apartment meaning your guests won't be left wondering "What About Us"?