Procuring Cause: The #1 Reason Why You NEVER Call a Listing Agent

You’re driving through a neighborhood when suddenly you see it. The house you’ve always loved at a distance, now with a “For Sale” sign in the front. Excitement bubbles up and you pull over to get the phone number on the— STOP RIGHT THERE.

Do NOT call the number. Calling this number throws a real wrench into a lot of people’s plans, and could even shortchange you thousands of dollars. Here’s why:

Whose number is on the “For Sale” sign and why shouldn’t I call it?

That real estate agent is known as the listing agent, and they work for the seller. You don’t want to work exclusively with them because the listing agent has the seller’s best interests in mind. But there’s another reason not to work with them, and it’s called the procuring cause.

What is the procuring cause?

Let’s say you call the number on the “For Sale” sign and work with the listing agent, named Lisa. You meet with Lisa and she shows you the property. 

Now that’s all fine and swell, but you actually want Bob the buyer’s agent as your Realtor because you know he will represent you best. However, since Lisa already showed you the property, she could say that she actually gets Bob’s commission because of the procuring cause (she already showed you the house). This inadvertently throws Bob under the bus.

How can I avoid the procuring cause?

The easy answer is to not call the number you see on the sign. Not only does that protect Bob’s commission, but it could protect thousands of dollars that you could get as cashback at closing by using Cashifyd.

How does Cashifyd work?

Cashifyd is a way for you, the buyer, to take advantage of realtor referral fees and get money towards your closing costs. It’s simple to use and should be every buyer’s first step! Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell us about the property you’re interested in.
  2. Submit your info.
  3. Hear back from agents about offers and cashback.
  4. Pick your agent and connect with them.
  5. Buy the property, get cashback at closing!

The next time you look through our listings or see a property you’re seriously interested in, don’t call the listing agent. Don’t run into the procuring cause. Do get connected with Cashifyd to find a real estate agent near you who’s looking out for your best interests. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it leaves you with solid cashback to help with closing costs — it’s the only way to go.

Rebates for Homebuyers (And Sellers!)

It’s tough and competitive to be a real estate agent. In most states, agents try to set themselves apart from their competition by offering real estate rebates to potential homebuyers. Find out how rebates work, and how our new Cashifyd app can help buyers and sellers alike.

What are real estate rebates?

Real estate rebates are incentives, usually monetary in some way, that agents offer homebuyers who choose to work with them. This might be cash back after closing (usually up to 1% back from the broker), a gift card, or some other type of gift.

Are rebates hurting consumers?

The Justice Department did a study on this very topic. They found that rebates are actually helping consumers because it’s saving them money on such a huge investment. Even a little bit of savings can go a long way.

Can anyone get a real estate rebate?

No. There are nine states that do not permit rebates. Rebates are prohibited in Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Tennessee. Iowa doesn’t allow rebates when two or more brokers are used

Traditionally, rebates are only for homebuyers. Sellers have to pay commission for real estate agents, so they could try to negotiate paying a lower commission. But this isn’t exactly a rebate or incentive for sellers — they’re just paying less money.

However, rebates are about to change and include sellers as well. That’s because RealtyHive is introducing Cashifyd, the only app that allows buyers and sellers to get cash back on a home sale.

Make Yourself the Middleman With Cashifyd

Cashifyd is a self-referral marketplace — the first and only of its kind. 

  • If you are a seller looking for an agent, you’ll still pay for their commission. The difference is that by looking for agents through Cashifyd, you’ll actually get money back.
  • If you’re a buyer looking for an agent, you’ll receive a referral rebate when working with Cashifyd.
  • If you’re an agent on Cashifyd, you only pay referral fees when sales happen. No more having to pay big real estate databases for leads that lead nowhere.

How do Cashifyd rebates work?

Other real estate rebate programs have it where you only get cash back if it’s a house that a particular site or company is selling (or helping you buy). In other instances, you might only get a rebate by working with a specific agent.

With Cashifyd, rebates apply for any property and almost any agent — we say “almost” only because the agent has to agree to partake in this. But as of this blog post, we haven’t had anyone say no!

Cashifyd rebates do not work in those aforementioned nine states, but otherwise can be used around the world. Even buying an international property could land you a referral rebate! And as mentioned, this is the only option for sellers to get a rebate, too.

RealtyHive strives to make buying and selling a better experience for all. Get ready for the Cashifyd launch, and start saving money on your next home sale or investment!