Moderate Home Improvements That Make a Difference

Like every relationship, there’s no such thing as a perfect house. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you’ll have to make sacrifices and concessions when purchasing a home. Luckily, there are several instances or DIY home projects where instead of ruling out your otherwise dream home, you can make the improvements — without breaking the bank or the clock.

If there’s no A/C…

Don’t let it hold you back! Forced air is the most common form of home heating, and if your house has this, you’re in luck. You can add A/C with relative ease if there are ducts, and usually for no more than $4,000. In 2-3 days, you can have lasting air conditioning to keep your home nice and cool.

If there’s a detached garage…

Some people love the idea of a detached garage and its potential for a workshop, or even a rentable unit. If you’d rather not walk through ice and snow to get to your home, fear not! You can add on a breezeway to connect the garage and house. An enclosed breezeway costs much more than an open one, but when snowstorms, hailstorms, and everything-in-between-storms hit, it’ll be worth every penny.

If there’s carpet everywhere…

Installing laminate flooring is a durable and reasonably affordable solution — and it’s one you can DIY to save even more dough. There are countless types of laminate, but to redo the flooring in a typical 200 sq. foot kitchen, it will cost anywhere between $1,500 and $5,000. Not only will you love your home’s new flooring, but it will also add value if/when you want to sell.

If the yard is drab and dry…

Yard renovations are some of the easiest renovations around. Laying sod on your own typically costs between $.28 to $.45 per square foot. Getting rocks placed for an interest area (firepit, anyone?) will likely cost no more than a few hundred bucks. Hiring an arborist or landscape company to plant trees will take a few hours, and also cost just a few hundred bucks. For less than $2,000 your yard can go from drab to fab!

If the basement is dark and dingy…

You can potentially add egress (full-sized) windows. Extra natural light takes a basement from creepy to comfy, and typically for no more than $4,000. This is a great first step in finishing the basement and adding another room to your home.

As we mentioned, it’s very rare to find a perfect house that’s within your budget. With these moderate improvements, you won’t have to rule out a property that you otherwise love. Search through RealtyHive to find your dream home (or sell your existing one) today!

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Bathe Away Your Winter Blues

If the cold of winter has your skin looking sandier than your favorite beach, get yourself in a Caribbean state of mind with this piña colada DIY bath scrub!


cane sugar scrub for bath


Tropi-colada Scrub


½ cup liquid coconut oil
1 cup pure cane sugar
½ tsp Pineapple extract
½ tsp Coconut extract

To make the bath scrub put all ingredients in an airtight container and mix well. To use, gently scrub onto skin and rinse off. For a complete tropical spa experience, listen to our Vacation Vibes playlist while you bathe!

Helpful Hints:
Coconut oil becomes solid below 76℉, so warm it up if you need to!
If you don’t have pure cane sugar you can use white sugar or salt, but if dry skin is a concern stick with sugar
Use additional extract in tropical recipes such as Piña Colada Fudge, Pineapple Pound Cake or to boost flavor in savory dishes such as Hawaiian Meatballs or Coconut Shrimp.