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Jeopardy has been around for 55 years, but it was James Holzhauer’s epic streak on the game show that has renewed interest in fans from around the world. His aggressive and unique playing style mixed with his seemingly infinite amount of knowledge made his 32-game winning streak an lightening rod for viewership.

While his time on the show may have come to an end before he was able to break the impressive 74-game and $2.52 million streak of Ken Jennings, Holzhauer has inspired a trivia game of our own.

Famous for its high real estate prices, this US state is home to the highest percentage of renters vs owners
Holding the title of “World’s Most Expensive Home” this dwelling is fit for a Queen
This interior design style, popularized in the 1950’s focuses on functionality, geometric forms, minimal ornamentation, and a vast range of colors
With plenty of natural beauty, this US state has long been the most expensive to live in
These Texans are known more for their shiplap fixes than their real estate flops
With an average of 1768sqft, this US state boasts the largest average home size in the nation
Once home to the King, this home now operates as popular attraction complete with themed restaurants, events, tours, and more
Popular both as a hairstyle and floor covering, this style dominated the 1970’s
The US picked up this large piece of real estate in 1867 for just $0.02/acre
Seeing nothing but swampland and opportunity, this person famously picked up the first acre of land where Mickey would make his home for $80
Located in this nation, Istana Nurul Iman holds the World Record as the world’s largest residence of a state head
Once a personal residence, this architectural wonder is now an attraction featuring more than 10,000 windows, 2,000 doors, 160 rooms, and 47 stairs and fireplaces
These large filament bulbs aren’t always the most energy-efficient, but their beauty led them to be a major trend in the 2010s
Nicknamed “The Mountain” and listed at $1 Billion, this 157-acre parcel is the most expensive real estate ever offered for sale and is located in this U.S. city
A prolific creator, this designer and architect drafted more than 1,000 structures and founded the “Usonian” style
This country is home to the Copan Building, the largest apartment building in the world with more than 5,000 residents
Located in Virginia, this estate was once home to the author of the Declaration of Independence
This 1990s interior design trend used marine life, real or manufactured, to style the walls
The most unaffordable market where a skilled service worker needs to work more than 20 years to afford to purchase 650sqft apartment near the city center
This famous patriot directly oversaw the construction of the “President’s Palace”, but never lived in it
Built in 1553, the oldest Governor’s mansion in the US is located in this territory
Cleveland is where you’ll find this movie home-turned-museum with it’s iconic leg lamp in the front window
This minty shade was one of the early hues used by American Standard to color everything from faucets to toilets
With a median home price of $64,300, this Texas town is the cheapest beach city in America
With a price tag of $238 million, this hegde-fund manager closed on the most expensive property in the U.S. in early 2019


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Location, Location, Location
  • 200 – New York
  • 400 – Utah
  • 600 – Brunei
  • 800 – Brazil
  • 1000 – Puerto Rico
Famous Homes
  • 200 – Buckingham Palace
  • 400 – Graceland
  • 600 – Winchester Mystery House (Winchester Mansion)
  • 800 – Monticello
  • 1000 – Bumpus House
Interior Designs
  • 200 – Mid-Century Modern
  • 400 – Shag
  • 600 – Edison Bulbs
  • 800 – Sponge Painting
  • 1000 – Ming Green
Market Madness
  • 200 – Hawaii
  • 400 – Alaska
  • 600 – Los Angeles
  • 800 – Hong Kong
  • 1000 – Port Arthur
House Hunters
  • 200 – Chip & Joanna Gaines
  • 400 – Walt Disney
  • 600 – Frank Lloyd Wright
  • 800 – George Washington
  • 1000 – Ken Griffin
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