Post-Move Checklist

Congrats on moving into your new home! As exciting (and exhausting) as it is to get into your new place, the craziness of moving isn’t over just yet. Don’t forget these important post-move details that are essential to settling in.

Switch Utilities

Before you move out of your old place, call the electric and internet company (and any other utility companies as needed). Let them know that you’re moving out and when. If you’re not moving far, you’ll likely transfer over all utilities to your new address. 

Moving to a new city or state? The energy company will need your new address as well to forward any remaining bills (or money that they owe you).

Update Address

There are three main entities that need your updated address:

Post Office

No need to go to the post office in person — you can update your address online. It will take no more than a few minutes and there might be a small fee (usually a dollar). Forwarding your mail ahead of time ensures nothing gets lost in the post-move shuffle. Updating your request with the USPS® is easy to do. Just follow MYMOVE’s simple steps.


Update your address on your driver’s license if you’re still in the state. In some states, you might need to update your license plates as well. Check with your local DMV for answers.

Moving out of the state means updating your license and plates, and sometimes getting an emissions test. If you own your car (as in, you don’t have a loan payment), you might want to transfer your title over as well. Do this within the first month that you move in. You could get ticketed for moving to a new state and not updating your plates fast enough.


Luckily, this is another instance where you can change your address online. If you have online banking set up, update your address online — for both your checking/savings account and credit card(s). This is especially crucial for people moving out of their zip code — the last thing you want is dealing with a declined card at the grocery store or gas station — but everyone should change their address with their bank.

Contact Insurance

You should have already talked to your insurance company in the buying process, but once you’ve got the house, let them know the deal went through.

If you didn’t buy a house, talk to your agent about transferring over renter’s insurance. Many landlords will make proof of renter’s insurance a condition of you moving in.

Transfer Internet and Streaming Services

Nights or weeks without Netflix and Hulu? No way! Transfer each of your streaming services to your new address — it’s usually pretty simple. Hulu allows up to four location changes in a 12-month period, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

Internet can be a bit more tricky. If staying in range of your current provider, call the company to help you transfer over your services. Out-of-range movers will need to cancel their internet, return any modems as necessary, and set up a new service.

RealQuick: Out-of-State Moving Hacks

Moving out of state can be quite the hassle. We’ve compiled some tips to make the transition easier.

  • Moving for a new job? Track every expense from gas mileage to moving vans. You can get a tax credit for doing so. Similarly, even if you don’t move for a job but traveled for a job interview, record your expenses for tax season.
  • Don’t know anyone? That’s pretty common for people moving out of state. If you’re in or near a city, use Meetup to join groups of people with similar interests. There are Meetups for everything from running clubs to learning how to draw anime!
  • Not taking any furniture? Wait on buying if you can. Once you change your address, you’ll usually be sent coupons for furniture stores in the area that can help you save.

Whether you’re ready to buy a new home or sell your current home, RealtyHive is here to help. We make the buying and selling process easy with our time-limited events, meaning you can focus more on getting settled in. Look through our listings today!

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