Garage Expansion & Makeovers: Is It Worth It?

Welcome back to our “Is It Worth It” series! We’ve analyzed if it’s worth it to buy a house with lots of land, add a home security system, upgrade your backyard, and finish a basement. This article is covering garage expansion and/or renovation. If you’ve considered giving your garage a makeover, this is the blog for you.

Garage Expansion

What it is: Making your existing garage bigger.

A lot of older homes come with one garage stall, which is pretty inconvenient if you live with someone who also owns a car. Tiny garages sometimes feel extremely cramped and the space just ends up as another form of storage.

A garage expansion provides an add-on to your existing garage, creating more space. Expect to pay anywhere between $80 to $200 per square foot for a home addition.

Is a garage expansion worth it?

It could depend on where you live but when done right, the cost to expand your garage is worth it. Especially if you have the smallest garage in the neighborhood, your listing price will bear the brunt of an outdated, old-fashioned garage. In this instance, your home’s value will increase with a garage expansion.

Garage Makeover

What it is: Upgrading or renovating your current garage.

There are literally infinite ways that you could upgrade your garage, but here are a couple ideas:

  • Epoxy floors
  • Drywall
  • Paint 
  • Built-in storage cabinets
  • Built-in bar
  • Workout area
  • Crafting or other project-creating space
  • Painting or art studio
  • Play room

Is garage renovation worth it?

If you look up pictures of garage renovation and see what people are doing to modernize and improve an otherwise overlooked space, you’ll get your answer. Prepare to be in awe and inspired to tackle your own garage — you can absolutely see a positive ROI from a garage makeover.

Detached Garage

What it is: Building a garage that’s not connected to your home.

A detached garage has a lot of perks, primarily because it can be renovated into a rental space or ADU. But even if you don’t plan on renting it out, detached garages provide extra space — perfect for workshops or storage.

The biggest downside to a detached garage is if you live in a place with some intense weather. Walking out to your car in the middle of a snowstorm or downpour isn’t fun.

Is the cost to build an attached garage worth it?

You’ll likely receive more ROI for a detached than attached garage. If you decide to turn it into a rental, you could easily make all of the costs back and then some. That’s not even counting the fact that an ADU or rental unit will add immense value to your property.

The Final Verdict

Garage expansion, renovation, or even building a detached garage are all worth it. If you’re ready to take on the project, we wish you the best of luck! However, if you want a better garage space but don’t it’s feasible in your current home, look through our property listings to find some stellar homes and garages!

Emily Wottreng
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