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Nine Airbnbs with Absolutely Stunning Yards

By: Kena Morris

When you stay at a great Airbnb, what lingers in your memory long after your vacation is over? It’s probably not the linens in the bathroom or the kitchen island. Based on the most popular Airbnb listings in America, what people look for are amazing outdoor spaces that inspire a sense of calm, and joy.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Airbnb yards in the United States to fuel your wildest outdoor fantasies. Whether you imagine sipping a morning coffee among the tulips or waking up in the tree canopy, the beautiful landscaping of these yards are sure to inspire you to get out more. You may also want to up your yard game this year beyond the basics.

1. Los Angeles, CA
Yard with pool Los Angeles

This private pool house comes with a meticulously landscaped poolside, jacuzzi, and a stunning view of Hollywood Hills. Barbeque beneath the palm trees and enjoy the high life, if only for a night or two.

2. Biscayne Park (Miami), FL

Pool in yard with hut- Miami FL


This dreamy bungalow is only fifteen minutes from Miami beaches. But it’s set in such a dreamy location, you may never leave the yard. A sparkling pool sits next to a tiki lounge where you can relax during the day or knock back some cold ones at night.

3. Atlanta, GA

Lights on wood cabin- Atlanta GA


This treehouse Airbnb takes your childhood dreams and turns them into adult reality. A stream runs through this wooded yard… that also happens to be inside of Atlanta. This listing is one of the most popular in the nation, so booking may be a challenge.

4. Chicago, IL

Chairs on a patio- Chicago IL


Nestled right in the middle of Logan Square, a hip corner of Chicago, is this well-appointed apartment beloved by all who pass through. You’ll enjoy this lush, tranquil (award-winning) garden just beyond the home.

5. Tyringham, MA

Point Cabin in Feild- Tyringham, MA


In the Berkshires of Massachusetts lies a getaway cottage unlike any you’ve dared to imagine. A round, two-story tower overlooks two wooded acres accompanied by a lily pond, running stream, and an exquisite garden. This yard is enough to make most city dwellers green with envy. It’s yours on demand thanks to the sharing economy.

6. Tiller, OR

House like watch tower- Tiller OR


This cabin built in the style of 1940s fire towers will take your getaway to the next level. Perched 40 feet above the land, the panoramic views of Southern Oregon from this cabin are unparalleled. And the yard? One hundred and sixty acres of private land with a fire pit, hot tub, hammock, and the freedom to wander throughout. Heaven on earth!

7. Oakland, CA

Table in Vine fortress- Oakland CA


This private cottage in Oakland offers luxury in the middle of a lush, expansive garden. A porch canopied by dense climbing vines overlooks the beautifully landscaped yard. The hot tub overlooks the hills, providing the perfect respite from a day of sightseeing and walking in the Bay area.

8. Lyndon, VT

Patio with Flowers- Lyndon VT


This quiet, tucked away studio is equipped with all the modern touches that make sleeping away from home comfortable. It’s right on the edge of one of the best mountain biking trail systems in the country. The yard is heavily stocked with perennial plantings which you can enjoy from your private patio and grill. Bonus points for the hosts who offer guests fresh fruit from the garden.

9. Hudson Valley, NY

Cute Cottage in garden- Lyndon VT


This artsy bungalow is set in the middle of a colorful and picture-perfect garden teeming with flowers in the spring and summer. A porch swing and grill complete the package. You’ll be searching for excuses not to leave the property. If you do decide to leave, there are ski slopes, farms, and wineries just a few clicks from the front door.

You want your next vacation to be relaxing, and there’s nothing more relaxing than having a home away from home where you can kick back after a day of sightseeing. Being outdoors releases stress and keeps us healthy. So take a look and consider booking a stay at one of these Airbnbs with the best yards to enjoy.

Kena Morris is a gardener and flower expert who loves sharing in the growth of nature. She is a gentle spirit and a self-described introvert. You can find her in any nearby botanical garden relishing in the peace and serenity or watching her favorite film, Amélie.

house for sale sold right price

What’s in a Price? How to Properly Price Your Property!

Properly pricing your property is arguably the most important step in selling your real estate. While this can be a challenge in a changing market even for seasoned real estate professionals, those who decide to sell their property themselves can feel completely lost. If you price too low, you’re leaving money on the table that you could use for your next purchase, but if you price it too high, it’ll take longer to sell than you want. How can you figure out the price that’s just right.
Take a Step Back
One of the biggest mistakes people make in properly pricing real estate is being too emotionally close to it. If you’re putting your childhood home, a family estate, or even your first real estate purchase up for sale, there’s a good chance you’re going to feel a lot of emotions. While this is completely expected, you’ll need to be able to put your feelings aside to find the right price for your property. While you might see the charm and character of a property, it’s important to be objective in your assessments. Are your fixtures truly character pieces or are they outdated? Is your home quirky or full of code violations? Don’t let your personal history and good memories of the property increase your perceived value.
Questions to Ask: What are the true “pros” of this property? What are the true “cons”? If I didn’t know what this property was originally purchased for, what would I pay for it now?
What’s Your Timeline?
It’s a well known fact in the real estate industry that everything will sell eventually. The key behind that wisdom is that most people can’t wait for “eventually” to happen. In most cases, people tend to sell one property to buy another or otherwise make arrangements where holding on to a property for no reason other than they can’t find a buyer just isn’t feasible. While you don’t need to price so low you’re giving the property away, a more modest markup will help to move the property more quickly.
Questions to Ask: When do I want/need to move? What costs will I incur if I don’t meet this deadline (taxes, maintenance, HOA dues, etc)?
Take a Look Around
One of the easiest ways to see what your local real estate market is like is to take a walk around your neighborhood. How many properties are currently for sale? How long have they been for sale? If you’re seeing a lot of “For Sale” signs, but they’ve been around for weeks that will indicate you may be in a cool market. On the flip side, if you’re seeing a real estate agent’s sign for a few days and then they go away, you know you’ve got a hot market on your hands. If properties are flying off the market in your area, it’s a pretty safe bet that you can list your home for a premium price and will probably still see great activity.
Questions to Ask: Is there a lot of this type of property in my area for sale? How long are these properties staying on the market? How does my property compare?
Location, Location, Location
It may be cliche, but the location really is (almost) everything. Property that is landlocked, full of wetlands, or uniquely zoned is going to be valued at a much lower price by potential buyers than a property that is free from restrictions or technicalities (like easements). Additionally, the surrounding area can have a large impact on correct pricing. You can have the nicest home on the block, but if the neighborhood isn’t desirable, the property won’t be able to garner as high of a final sales price as the same home in a better location would.
Questions to Ask: How would you rank the location/area of this property? How does this particular property compare to others around it?
Doing your research is important when it comes to selling your real estate. While public records and real estate listing websites can provide a wealth of knowledge, it may be wise to talk with a licensed real estate professional who can assist with the full sales process from pricing to negotiations to closing. Interested in selling on your own? Talk with a RealtyHive representative today on how to Create Your Best Chance to Sell!

Family on beach for spring break

Best Family Friendly Spring Break Ideas in the South

Perdido Key, Flordia

Adventureworks Hot Springs, Arkansas

Legoland, Florida

World of Coca-Cola, Georgia

=Sandy River Outdoor Adventure, VIrginia

Science Museum Oklahoma, Oklahoma

Georgia Aquarium, Georgia

Universial Studios, Flordia
Ifly Virginia Beach Indoor Skydiving, Virginia


The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, Mississippi

Tiger Safari Zoological Park, Oklahoma

Disney World, Flordia


Family Spring Break Sledding

Best Family Friendly Spring Break Ideas in the Midwest!

Boyne Mountain Resort, Michigan

Vancouver, British Columbia

MIlwaukee, Wisconsin

Double JJ Resort, Michigan

Joe Louis Arena, Michigan

Larsmont Cottages on Lake Superior, Minnesota

Tulip Time Festival, Holland, MIchigan

Root River Trail, Minnesota


Mackinac Island, Michigan

Michigan’s Adventure, Michigan

Legoland Discovery Center, Illinois


save money wallet

Save Money When Buying Your Home

Finding a good deal in real estate can feel a lot like trying to find a needle in a haystack, especially in places where it has been a sellers market for years. There’s a lot of conventional wisdom on how to get the best price when buying your next home, but for many people, especially first time buyers, this advice can ring hollow. Sure, you’ll get a better mortgage rate if you have a credit score in the 800s and can whip out a 60% down payment, but really, who can do that? Yes, you’ll get a lower purchase price on a fixer upper home, but what about all the money you’ll have to spend on repairs and renovations?

Practical Tips to Save Money on Your Next Home Purchase

Look Outside the MLS

Whether or not you’re working with an agent (and you should be!) it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for “For Sale by Owner” properties. These properties are often priced lower than those represented by a real estate agent and because they tend to not have as much exposure, you may be able to score a deal before the competition steps in.

If you’re willing to put in some fixer upper work and do some due diligence homework, is to check your county website for real estate sales. Depending where you live, these may be called Sheriff Sales, Trustee Sales, or Federal Sales, but typically these are properties that have been repossessed by the county government and are brought up for live auction. Depending on the situation, these auctions can happen before a bank foreclosure so you’ll have to do some digging to find them. There is a LOT of homework involved for potential buyers (as well as a good amount of risk), but these can be a way to score an incredible deal on a great property.

Shop Around for the Best Rate

Mortgage rates are at an all-time low as of March 2020. It’s a great time to buy or refinance a current property loan. Mortgage rates are largely influenced by your credit score and history, but every lender is different when it comes to the rate they offer you. There are also a variety of different loan programs that can offer special incentives or rates based on military involvement, first time buyer status, or the location of the property. It is a good idea to talk to a couple of lenders before signing with anyone.


Technology is a beautiful thing. Whether it’s the ability to instantly order anything from a pizza to a ride to the airport or the ability to stay in touch with friends and family over distance and time, there really is no time like the present. With all this innovation comes new tools and ideas and ways of doing things. One of the newest innovations in the real estate industry is Cashifyd. Cashifyd is a program that turns the traditional real estate process, which involves complex commission and referral structures, on its head. Cashifyd allows buyers like you to refer themselves to an agent and receive a cashback credit at closing. The best part? As long as the agent you’re working with is using the Cashifyd process, nearly any home will qualify!

Off the Beaten Path: Exploring Panama’s Hidden Gems

When researching amazing places to visit, invest, or relocate to Panama often makes the short list. With a business and foreigner-friendly government, easy access from the United States, and a wonderful year-round average temperature, Panama has a lot to offer.
While Panama City is often the port of entry for many visitors, the country offers so much more than just its cosmopolitan capital city and legendary canal. Here are some of the experiences and places you need to add to your Panama bucket list.
Bocas del Toro
This archipelago chain offers no shortage of picturesque beaches, swaying palm trees, and aquamarine waters. The islands are a hub of surfing, rainforest exploration, and Panamanian natural beauty. Here you can rent an over-the-water villa, enjoy a trek through the forest, or catch a glimpse of dolphins playing offshore. Plan to start your adventure in Bocas Town, the capital of the province, on Isla Colón and explore from there.
Bucket List Item: Get your real-life Ariel on by swimming among the starfish at Starfish Beach.
Barú Volcano
Located in the Chiriquí province and with summit elevation of 9,200 feet, Barú Volcano is the highest point in Panama. The inactive volcano is located just outside Boquete, near the border with Costa Rica, and would-be visitors should be aware of the extreme climb and sometimes below-freezing temperatures that await them at the top. The easiest and most practical way to arrive at the summit is via a Jeep 4×4 operated by a local tour guide.
Buck List Item: Witness the sunrise from the highest point in Panama and stand in one of the few places in the world where you can see both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans with the naked eye at the same time.
Los Cangilones
Los Cangilones is a geological formation pushed up from the ocean during the creation of the isthmus of Panama. Another attraction starting from Boquete (the canyon is actually in Gualaca), these unique rock formations are cut by turquoise waters leading to a unique swimming experience. The area is accessible by vehicles making this a great opportunity for adventurous exploration for all ages and skill levels.
Bucket List Item: Experience a swimming excursion unlike any other with turquoise water and an open,yet cavernous, feel.
El Valle de Anton
Home to the world’s second-largest extinct volcano, El Valle de Anton is home to many natural exotic attractions. Here you can visit the El Nispero Zoo and Serpentario, check out the sites at Aprovaca, an orchid nursery and conservation center, and explore the many waterfalls and markets dotting the region.
Bucket List Item: Check out the Butterfly Haven where you can be surrounded by 100s of beautiful jewel-toned butterflies.