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Leveraging the Power of Auctions

Sometimes, when you’re ready to make a change, you’re ready right now. Not next month or next year. Now. If changing up your location is part of the plan, there can be a lot to coordinate. You’ve got to pack up your belongings, find a new home for them (and you!), and say “goodbye” to your former home. If you’re a renter, this can be a fairly easy process, but if you own your current home, things get more complex.

To make this process as smooth as possible, it’s a good idea to find a new home before letting go of your old one, but this can be difficult. Not only does that place a financial burden of paying for two households, it also leads to the headache of maintaining two homes. There’s grass to be cut or snow to be mowed. There’s insurance needed on both and what if something goes wrong on the house you’re planning to sell? Will you be stuck with a home for even longer than you wanted? Will it cost you even more than you expected?

Those were the questions being faced by one couple of homeowners when they engaged with RealtyHive. They had decided to trade the harsh Wisconsin winters for a life of nearly year-round 70 degree days by relocating and retiring in Missouri. After moving their belongings down to their new home, it was time to sell their house.

At first, the couple decided to try to sell their home traditionally. They had heard that the market was “hot” and were hoping for a quick turnaround. Their 1920s home was beautiful and well maintained making it a popular property for showings, however, some of the original features created a sticking point when home inspection time came around. Without working through updates or contingencies, it looked like the home would have to sit on the market for a bit longer.

It was then that the couple’s agent offered the suggestion to utilize the RealtyHive auction platform. The couple talked with a RealtyHive representative who explained the process and how the program works, including that many properties sell prior to an auction event. After a bit of discussion, they called their agent and told him to draft the papers; they were ready to see their home sell.

While the RealtyHive team began to work on the backend, the agent called the other local agents who had shown the property to potential buyers letting them know the home would soon be coming to the auction platform and that if their clients were interested, time was of the essence.

In less than a day, one of the agents had submitted an offer to purchase the property as-is without and contingency. This agent’s clients had seen the home previously and continued to look at others but kept coming back to the beauty and charm of this home. The sellers breathed a sigh of relief knowing they would not have to worry about this home while they were away during the next Wisconsin winter.

For agents and sellers looking for a way to create excitement, interest, and action on a property, RealtyHive can be an invaluable tool. The platform brings motivated buyers and sellers together while allowing sellers to retain control and amplifying the existing marketing. To learn more about how to get your property on the RealtyHive marketplace, click here.

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Protect Yourself: Home Showing Safety Tips

Selling your home is an exciting endeavor. In most places, the real estate market is pretty crazy right now so there’s no time like the present to make a move. Between picking up the clutter to make a great first impression to deciding what the list price should be, there will be a lot going on when you first decide to sell. Whether you’re planning to sell your home on your own or enlist the help of a licensed real estate agent, there are a few things you need to keep an eye out for to make sure everyone stays safe and you’re protected from potential lawsuits or losses.

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Home Safety

One of the first things to do before allowing any potential buyers to view your home is to do a safety sweep. If you home has some “quirks” that you typically warn new visitors about– think slanted stairs, uneven sidewalks, or anything else. Keep in mind that just because you’re used the quirks of your home, doesn’t mean everyone is. If you can mitigate these issues, fill cracks in walkways with sand, use small rugs over uneven floorboards, that can help to reduce potential risks, but keep in mind that these are things that will come up on a home inspection so it may be worthwhile to have certain issues fixed before listing.

One of the easiest ways to make sure everyone stays safe while viewing your home is to make sure there is adequate lighting. Replace all burnt out lightbulbs on the interior and exterior of the home. Rooms that are empty and without overhead lighting should have the window treatments open to allow in all natural light possible and additional lighting should be added if possible.

If your home will be vacant when you are showing it to sell, you’ll also have to keep new obstacles in mind. A low-hanging light fixture might be stylish and fitting when there’s a dining room table under it, but without the table for context it could be just waiting for someone to bump their head. If you haven’t lived in the property for awhile it’s a good idea to show up to the home with enough time to do a quick inspection before anyone else arrives.

Depending where your home is located and when you decide to sell, you may also have to consider weather hazards. In places that experience cold winters, look out for large icicles that can fall or slippery patches that can form on driveways or sidewalks. If you live in a climate where you sometimes gets some creepy-crawly or slithery visitors, make sure to check your entrance way before prospective buyers are scheduled to come.

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Personal Safety

If you’re planning to advertise your home online using photos, it’s a good idea to remove any clutter or valuable items from the space before taking pictures. These items distract buyers and focus the attention on your belongings instead of your home, but also make you an easy target for anyone using these photos to “scope out” homes for more nefarious reasons.

When getting ready to show your home (or have an agent show your home), you’ll want to lock away all valuables, weapons, and prescriptions. You’ll also want to keep any mail, bills, or other personal documents out of sight as these items can be used in identity fraud. While most people who view homes are legitimately interested, people have been burned by leaving these seemingly innocent items in plain view.

On the same note, don’t tell anyone looking at your home too much information. While small talk is good and helps to break the ice, be wary of anyone asking questions about schedule and routines. Questions such as what time you go to work or whether you go away on the weekends could be innocent or they trying to figure out when you won’t be home.

One of the most important safety tips, whether agent or homeowner, is to make sure someone else knows that the showing is happening. If you’re an agent, meet prospective buyers beforehand at your office just to be safe, while for sale by owner (FSBO) sellers should have a spouse, friend, someone else with them at the home just to be safe. It’s also a good idea to collect visitor information by copying their name, address, driver’s license number, and license plate information and share it over the phone with someone offsite (let the visitor hear you do this), especially if you’re planning to show the home alone. This may seem like an overly cautious move, but it is really better to cover all possibilities.

You’re now ready to safely show your home for sale. Looking for more great tips on home selling? Check out 5 Psychology Tricks to Use When Selling Your Home and Take It or Leave It: What You Need to Know about Real Estate Fixtures.

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Stuck in the Middle: Real Estate and Divorcing Clients

Divorces are like marriages: none of them are the same. Where some couples amicably split and go on to be cordial or even friendly, others threaten litigation at so much as a sideways glance. When divorcing couples are on good terms, the agent’s job is much easier, but if the divorce is not a mutual decision, agent’s can have a much tougher job. Here are some things to keep in mind when working with divorcing couples to sell their home.
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Keep Neutral
Depending on the particular situation, you may notice some animosity toward you from one (or even both) of the parties. Emotions run high in these situations, but it’s important to remain professional. While you’ll want to avoid picking side, you also need to be conscientious of appearing to pick sides as well. Some situations are particularly difficult to remain impartial between the clients, so keep in mind that there might be situations were the best move you can make for your clients (and yourself) is just to refer them out.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page
While it might have been one party who originally chose to hire a specific agent, the agent is employed by both sellers. As the agent, you are hired to represent the best interests of both parties. If the sellers are on good terms, this can be quite easy and will most likely proceed like any other transaction. If they are feuding, it can be best to meet with each of them separately to go over information and documents. This has gotten easier in recent years thanks to technology—just make sure to copy everyone in on the emails and you’ll all stay on the same page without the awkwardness that can come in face to face meetings.

If the clients aren’t on good terms (or even if they appear to be), you’ll want to make sure to fact check any directives given to you by one party. Separations and divorces can bring out the worst in people and it’s important that you don’t get caught in the middle of it– even by accident.
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Check-in with Attorneys
In truly disastrous divorces, you may need to work with the individual attorney’s for the spouses to get through all parts of the deal. If the sale is court-ordered, you’re likely to have less pushback from a disgruntled partner, but if it hasn’t been mandated, these attorney’s can often help convince your client that this really is the best choice for all involved, even if emotions aren’t making it seem that way.
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Keep Out an Eye for Opportunity
While this might fall under the “too soon” category, speaking in strictly practical terms, if your clients are selling a home, it’s likely that one or maybe both will be looking for a new home. As an agent, this gives you the opportunity to continue to help your clients through their hard time by helping them find a new home to move on with their lives.
Remember that at the end of the day, you have a job to do and your clients have the same end goal, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. While they might not want to be selling their home, there is a reason you were hired and they do need your professionalism and expertise to help to sell their home for the best price in a reasonable timeframe.

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10 Cutest Vintage Motels for Your Summer Roadtrip

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The Blue Swallow Motel
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Skyliner Motel
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Caliente Tropics Resort
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El Pais Motel & Campgrounds
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