How to Decide Where to Live

Maybe it was a breakup. Maybe you no longer want to live in the city you grew up in. Maybe you’re simply feeling restless. Maybe you just don’t want to shovel your driveway anymore!

No matter the reason, this blog is here to help figure out where to move next. Sure, you can throw a dart at a map of the US, but we figure going through the best places to live in the US might provide just a skosh more stability.

Moving Based on Climate

It’s true what they say — the grass is always greener. Desert folks want to escape the heat and see some beautiful greenery. Landlocked people want an ocean breeze. Here are some great places to live in the US based on climate:


Arizona is popping off right now, and for a good reason. The warm winters are what dreams are made of, and if you’re burning up in the desert, cool off just 2-3 hours north in Sedona and Flagstaff to cool off.

Phoenix and Tucson have tons of hiking trails to behold. Scottsdale is known for its trendy restaurants and great nightlife. Plan your move in the middle of a snowy January and we’re pretty sure you’ll never look back.


If you think living near the beach can only exist as a pipe dream, you’re blissfully mistaken. To be sure, it’s a little pricier. But if you can’t manage to own a home in Hawaii or Beverly Hills just yet, consider somewhere that’s a hop, skip, and a jump from the ocean.

Brawley, CA is just barely two hours away from San Diego. Lake Arrowhead is an hour and 40 minutes from Santa Monica — plus, this beautiful lake will surely suffice when you can’t make it to the ocean.


As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, people flock to Colorado in droves. While there’s nothing wrong with moving to this progressive and scenic state, there’s a city that’s less expensive and with equally stunning views — if not even better mountainous vistas.

Meet Livingston, Montana. An hour outside Yellowstone National Park, this city is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and rivers with great restaurants. It’s perfect for small-town living but attracts some big names — John Mayer has a place just 8 minutes away in Paradise Valley, MT.

Moving Based on City

New York, LA, Boston, Seattle — these cities are popular destinations for a reason. But there are plenty of smaller, lesser-known cities that deserve time in the spotlight:

  • Lincoln, NE is #9 on Livability’s 2019 list of most livable cities in the US.
  • Salt Lake City, UT has great restaurants and an incredible public transit system.
  • Milwaukee, WI is a bustling city — if it’s too bustling for you, settle in a nearby suburb like Waukesha or Pewaukee that has its own vibe.
  • Grand Rapids, MI is right on the water and has amazing historic neighborhoods.

Moving Based on Accessibility

Living in a rural place and dreaming of convenience? While the city might be too big for your next step (and that’s perfectly fine), imagine the convenience of nearby international airports, multiple grocery stores, and shopping centers.

Goodyear, AZ is 30 to 45 minutes from the Phoenix airport (Sky Harbor International) but has tons of shopping areas in close proximity. West Allis, WI is not even 15 minutes from downtown Milwaukee. Practically any suburb outside a bigger city will be a huge step up in convenience and accessibility.

Moving Based on Feeling

Countless people read about a city in a book or saw a place on TV and can’t get it out of their heads. While some might think it’s crazy to move based on instinct, we’re inclined to disagree. When you’re drawn to a location, you should honor your feelings and look into the possibility at the very least.

But here’s what we would recommend:

  • Check out the place first. Take a trip and see what you think.
  • Take your time, and don’t act too rashly. It’s super romantic to think about packing it all up and leaving. This quickly wears away if you get to a foreign place without a job or home lined up.
  • Consider others. Having a spouse or kids means you absolutely have to honor their needs. Moving at this point in time might not do that, but it doesn’t mean you’ll never get there.
  • Examine your “why.” Are you moving because you’re ready for a change, or because you’re running away? We’re not saying you’re wrong if your answer is the latter, but it’s something to think about. Know that your problems don’t magically disappear just because you’re in a new location.

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