Is It Worth It: Home Security Systems

Castles had moats, China built the Great Wall — humans have a history of wanting to protect their domain. But when it comes to protecting your home, are home security systems worth the cost?

That’s what we’ll figure out in our latest Is It Worth It installment. We’ve covered backyards and basements and in this post, we’re checking in on home security systems.

Some security measures are legally required.

While we will dive into advanced home security systems, it’s important to note that there are some basic security measures that every house needs. In every state (except Kansas, for some reason), houses must have a smoke detector and many states also require carbon monoxide detectors.

Even if your state doesn’t have laws on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, it’s just good practice to install them. They’re inexpensive, they rarely need battery changes, and they truly can save lives. Keeping a fire extinguisher on hand is also a good idea.

Are home security systems worth it?

A security system like ADT can range from $9 to $14 a week, or between $468 and $728 annually.

This is a fairly hefty expense, but here are some reasons why a home security system could be a good investment:

Provides a Sense of Security

It goes without saying that this benefit adds protection and can eliminate stress. Many homeowners consider a security system worth every penny, regardless of cost. No one needs a reason to get a security system, but it might be of extra value to homeowners who travel a lot, or those who stay home with kids. 

Lowers Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners typically pay at least $1,000 a year for insurance. Some studies suggest that purchasing a security system could lower your annual insurance costs by 10 percent. This percentage might go as high as 15 percent or more if your system calls the police during an event.

Potentially Tax Deductible

If you work remotely and have a home office, you can potentially write your security system off as a business expense.

Increases Home Value

According to Forbes, “The top five technology features [home] buyers would like to have are security cameras, video doorbells, programmable thermostats, a wireless home security system and lighting control system.”

Three of those five features were security related. Smart home security systems pique buyer interest and add resale value to your property.

Security Systems Tend to Be Successful

Studies have shown that burglars tend to avoid houses with security systems. When multiple houses have these systems, burglars typically avoid those areas altogether. 

One thing to note:

Security measures like a video doorbell or security camera are fixtures. Unless you specify otherwise when planning to sell your home, don’t plan on taking these things with you. Keep in mind, if you do take them with you, you won’t get the benefit of increased home value.


Homeowners who don’t feel like their safety is threatened will have to decide if several hundred dollars a year is a worthy cost. But if you want to feel as protected and safe as possible, a home security system is a good investment. Check out Best Home Security Systems. You’ll see some financial advantages firsthand and get the peace of mind you’re looking for.