What to Look for in a Realtor

Just as no one wants to end up marrying a malicious Malfoy or a crazy Carrie Bradshaw (sorry Carrie, we still love you), choosing the right Realtor is as crucial as choosing the right significant other. In order to avoid mishaps and desperately wanting to back out once things are “steady” and underway, you want to make sure your agent is up for the task. But what should you look for in a Realtor?

You’ll find that the characteristics of a good Realtor aren’t all that different from that of a good partner. Let the love doctors at RealtyHive give you the proper coaching to find a match made in real estate heaven.

Someone With Experience

Of course, most of us are first-timers at relationships at some point or another, and that’s OK. Just because your Realtor is fresher on the market doesn’t mean they won’t do a fabulous job. That being said, your Realtor should definitely have experience in the following areas:

  • Location: Agents should be well-versed and in-the-know when it comes to selling in your area. An agent who doesn’t know the area raises some red flags — look for someone who has lived in or near your city/neighborhood and can speak to the buyer’s market and demographic.
  • Property Type: Selling a house is very different than selling a commercial property. Make sure your agent has experience that aligns with the type of property you’re selling.
  • Licensed: This should go without saying, but do not go with a Realtor who isn’t licensed. Going with your neighbor’s friend who “knows a guy” who sold a house for someone “on the cheap” sounds about as successful as a blind date with someone 40 years your senior.

Someone Who Isn’t Afraid to Show You Off

No one puts Baby in the corner! It’s a massive red flag to date someone who won’t take you around to their family or friends, or who barely acknowledges you exist in public. You deserve more, honey!

The right Realtor has the marketing skills to make sure your house gets the traction it needs. They probably won’t just put a sign out in front of your house — they’ll likely post listings online and garner web traffic for your home. Ask your Realtor about their marketing strategy before crossing any Ts or dotting any Is.

Someone Who’s a Good Communicator

Ahh, communication. The backbone of every healthy, thriving relationship! Everyone has different needs, so it’s important you establish what you expect from a Realtor before signing a contract with one.

For example, if you prefer minimal contact, you should look for a Realtor who is compatible (or someone who is flexible and can adapt to your needs). If you need to hear daily updates, that’s also something to communicate to your Realtor. Being frank from the get-go is essential to making sure your Realtor is a good fit.

Someone Who’s the Complete Package

A kind person who makes you laugh, happens to be a great cook, is an exceptional listener, and they also serenade you with a heart-wrenching rendition of “Wonderwall?” Yes please! A Realtor who has more to offer than the bare minimum? Sign us up!

While this might not exist everywhere, it’s definitely a plus when your Realtor includes things like free staging or professional photos. However, it’s a good reminder that the extra bells and whistles aren’t as important as the foundational skills. In other words, what’s more important: a partner who plays acoustic guitar or a partner who is extremely loyal?

PS: Don’t Shy Away From Matchmaking Sites

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