Why Isn’t My House Selling?

You got a pre-inspection. You staged your house and took some stellar photos. You set up your listing online. You’ve done everything right, so why is your house not selling?

There are three main things that homeowners run into when struggling to sell: price, location, and time. RealtyHive will dive into each of these and offer some solutions that could help.


Listing prices are great for showing what your house is worth, but they’re also self-limiting. For example, if someone is looking for a house that’s $225k and your house is $235k, your house might not show up in their search—even though it’s so close in price that you probably could have sold to that buyer.

While your impulse is to either stick it out or lower your price, a time-limited event is a valuable third option. Selling through an auction offers range pricing, which attracts a larger audience of interested buyers. Your home might go for the bottom price, but it might sell for your ideal price—or go for even higher.

PS: The benefits of an auction don’t stop there. If your house isn’t selling or you’re worried that it won’t, here’s why you should consider selling through RealtyHive:

  • Tons more exposure. The more people see your home, the more chances you have for selling.
  • Free marketing. Stress way, way less by having our marketing team take care of your listing.
  • Opportunities. House not going for the price you’re satisfied with? You can try again and go for another time-limited RH event.

Lowering your price might seem like the only way to get your home to sell, but that’s not the case. With RealtyHive’s time-limited event process, you have options.


We get it—you can’t exactly pick up your house and move it to a gorgeous beach in California (but let us know if you figure out how to do that!). Location is less about where your property is and more about where you’re targeting your marketing.

Chances are that people directly in your city or neighborhood aren’t looking to buy your property, especially if your property is somewhere remote. This isn’t always the case, but if your house isn’t selling, look to open up your search parameters. Online marketing is crucial—we’ve said it before, but a “For Sale” sign just isn’t cut it.


Frustration knows no limits when your property just won’t sell. Holding onto a property for the right price might seem like the only way to get your money’s worth. The truth is that this can cost you more than if you prioritized selling earlier.

No one wants to lose money on the house, but it’s a risk that every seller takes. But as always, you’ve got options. You can go for a lower price, wait, or take your chances with a home auction. 

The great thing about home auctions is that with RealtyHive, you don’t have to sell if you don’t want to. Not satisfied with the auction price? That’s OK! At the very least, it’s nice to gain more insight on the selling market and how your house stacks up.

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When it comes to selling your house, RealtyHive takes away the struggle. From marketing to the auction event itself, you can go from asking, “why isn’t my house selling?” to hearing, “Sold!” Contact us to get started!