Must-Do Andalucia Adventures

Picture yourself walking through cobblestone streets and ancient architecture on a beautiful summer’s eve. Listen to a Spanish guitarist strumming along with the sounds of the nearby ocean. Grab some late-night tapas and sensational seafood with a loved one. That’s the great thing about Andalucia—you can do all of this and more.

Whether looking for your next property (3-bedroom condo near the beach, anyone?) or simply wanting to see all that Spain has to offer, RealtyHive has the Andalucian recommendations you need. Here are your must-do adventures in Andalucia!

RealQuick: What is Andalucia?

Andalucia is a region located in the south of Spain. It runs along the coast, and has a rich culture and history that differ from other parts of the country. This is because Andalucia was conquered and ruled by Moors (Muslims, typically from modern-day Morocco) for centuries. Andalucia is known for its scenic vistas, brilliant architecture, and incredible cuisine.


Paella—a rice and meat/seafood dish seasoned with saffron—is Spain’s most renowned (and tastiest) meal. Tapas (small plates or servings of food) are easy to find and order at most restaurants. For some regional fare, try jamón ibérico, a cured ham. It’s not uncommon for Spaniards to hang these ham legs in their closet!

But a little-known Andalucian secret is that many bars serve free tapas with a drink. This custom started centuries ago, when tapas were served to cover patrons’ drinks to prevent flies from landing in their cup! It’s a tradition that’s still upheld today, and it’s one of many reasons why people love living in Spain—Andalucia in particular.

Another important eating tip: Spaniards take at least two hours for lunch and siesta—it’s often the biggest meal of the day. Many shops will be closed in Andalucia during this time, and dinner is usually served anywhere between 8-10 p.m. It’s not unusual to see families with small kids out for a bite after dark!


Sangria is another renowned Spanish beverage, but we’d recommend an equally refreshing drink: tinto verano. It’s a simple mix of red wine and soda, and is the perfect beverage for those hot and dry Andalucian summers. Because it’s easy to make, tinto verano is a cheap and delicious summer beverage—and of course, it should come with a free tapa!


There’s so much to see and do in Andalucia that you could buy a home for sale in Spain and barely scratch the surface. But here are a couple of highlights:

  • La Alhambra: This Moorish castle located in Granada is an architectural wonder. Going more than once, even on one trip, is not unusual. Take a tour or get lost wandering around the beautiful and spacious grounds!
  • Flamenco: Flamenco shows abound in Andalucia, the birthplace of this captivating dance. FInding a show is easy, but if you can, certain cities have flamenco shows in caves—a fascinating way to learn more about flamenco and history all at once.
  • Museums: Pablo Picasso is just one of many artists from Andalucia. Visit Málaga to see his birthplace and some of his work!
  • Beaches: Who doesn’t love hanging out on a beach all day? Beaches line the coast of Andalucia and are full of quaint towns and gorgeous promenades.
  • Córdoba: This Andalucian city is a marvel! Visit the famous mosque with its candy cane arches and the Alcazar, a Moorish palace.
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From Marbella to Estepona, from Granada to Seville, Andalucia is a paradise for visitors and home buyers alike. If you’re like us and have a sudden urge to pack up everything and move to southern Spain, we can help! RealtyHive can help you navigate homes for sale in Spain, and specifically in Andalucia. Look through our listings today!