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How to Write Quality Listing Descriptions for Forest Land

Writing a description for a plot of vacant land can be trickier than writing descriptions for other types of real estate. With a home there are a lot of features to mention, basics like number of rooms and floors, amenities and upgrades like security systems and pools, and when all else fails you can fall back on good photos to really help your property stand out. When you have vacant land, it’s a whole new ballgame. Unless the land features some amazing views, you will be heavily relying on a stellar description–lest your whole listing be based on photos of empty fields or dense trees. Here’s how to make your forest land listings shine!

As with any listing you’re needing to write a description you’ll want to start by listing the features of the property.

  • Great hunting land
  • Next to Shawano Lake
  • Paved road access
  • Power at the road
  • Access at two spots (can access hunting stands based on wind directions)
  • Walking trails
  • Close snowmobile trails, other lakes and rivers
  • Managed Forest Law
  • Mix of old growth trees, oak and conifer swamp land
  • Old foundation near road

Make sure to consider possible uses. Is this land buildable? Zoned for commercial, residential, or recreational? While there’s nothing there now, you’ll want to advertise the property in a way that will speak to the most likely buyer.

With the features listed above, you can begin to form a picture of what this property is like. Use this to start to string together a story. With home or building listings you want to be concise and keyword heavy, but with land you get to be a little more poetic.

Country living and hunter’s paradise within a stone’s throw of the popular Shawano Lake. This property is the perfect location for the active outdoorsman or nature enthusiast. Land has old growth hardwood and cedar swamp areas–just the type of place you envision those trophy Whitetails hiding out. With paved road access to the land from two separate entry points and walking trails throughout, you’ll be able to avoid detection while you slip into your hunting stand or blind.
This property is conveniently located from Shawano, Green Bay, and Appleton, Wisconsin– perfect for day trips, but a small residence is able to be constructed on a pre-existing foundation near the road to suit your lodging needs. When you’re not hunting, you’ll find excellent fishing, ATV and Snowmobile trails in the area making this a haven for year-round recreation.

You’ll also want to know about any potential incentives with this property. In some states or regions, the Department of Natural Resources has programs that incentivize landowners to selectively manage their forest and wildlife populations, and these programs can mean tax incentives for owners and purchasers. If the property is part of a managed forest land program currently, there may be a reapplication or transfer forms that will need to be filled out by the buyer.

Bonus Tip

Selling land can be very exciting, but also a test of your marketing skills. Having a great description, quality photos or videos, and knowing the right platforms to share your information on will help you achieve selling success.

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