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Leveraging the Power of Auctions

Sometimes, when you’re ready to make a change, you’re ready right now. Not next month or next year. Now. If changing up your location is part of the plan, there can be a lot to coordinate. You’ve got to pack up your belongings, find a new home for them (and you!), and say “goodbye” to your former home. If you’re a renter, this can be a fairly easy process, but if you own your current home, things get more complex.

To make this process as smooth as possible, it’s a good idea to find a new home before letting go of your old one, but this can be difficult. Not only does that place a financial burden of paying for two households, it also leads to the headache of maintaining two homes. There’s grass to be cut or snow to be mowed. There’s insurance needed on both and what if something goes wrong on the house you’re planning to sell? Will you be stuck with a home for even longer than you wanted? Will it cost you even more than you expected?

Those were the questions being faced by one couple of homeowners when they engaged with RealtyHive. They had decided to trade the harsh Wisconsin winters for a life of nearly year-round 70 degree days by relocating and retiring in Missouri. After moving their belongings down to their new home, it was time to sell their house.

At first, the couple decided to try to sell their home traditionally. They had heard that the market was “hot” and were hoping for a quick turnaround. Their 1920s home was beautiful and well maintained making it a popular property for showings, however, some of the original features created a sticking point when home inspection time came around. Without working through updates or contingencies, it looked like the home would have to sit on the market for a bit longer.

It was then that the couple’s agent offered the suggestion to utilize the RealtyHive auction platform. The couple talked with a RealtyHive representative who explained the process and how the program works, including that many properties sell prior to an auction event. After a bit of discussion, they called their agent and told him to draft the papers; they were ready to see their home sell.

While the RealtyHive team began to work on the backend, the agent called the other local agents who had shown the property to potential buyers letting them know the home would soon be coming to the auction platform and that if their clients were interested, time was of the essence.

In less than a day, one of the agents had submitted an offer to purchase the property as-is without and contingency. This agent’s clients had seen the home previously and continued to look at others but kept coming back to the beauty and charm of this home. The sellers breathed a sigh of relief knowing they would not have to worry about this home while they were away during the next Wisconsin winter.

For agents and sellers looking for a way to create excitement, interest, and action on a property, RealtyHive can be an invaluable tool. The platform brings motivated buyers and sellers together while allowing sellers to retain control and amplifying the existing marketing. To learn more about how to get your property on the RealtyHive marketplace, click here.

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