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Successful Brokers Leverage RealtyHive for Recruiting and Revenue

Attracting and retaining talented and top producing agents is one of the biggest challenges faced by brokers today. With franchise, boutique, and online brokerages competing for the same pool of talent, what can a broker do to stand out above the rest and attract the best agents? Longtime brokers from across the country have found success by offering something their competitors do not– a platform that helps combat some of the biggest challenges faced by agents and helps them sell more properties.

Howard Lein, broker and owner of a large real estate brokerage in Arizona has seen the positive impact of doing just this. While Lein engaged with RealtyHive more than a year ago with the intention of creating global exposure on his firm’s listings, he found that being able to offer something the other brokers in the area didn’t helped him to recruit new agents.

“One of the tools that RealtyHive provides us comes in the form of a recruiting edge. Every market has forever had hard-to-sell properties. At the same time, agents are searching for costly “shiny objects” that will give them a leg up in a listing presentation,” said Lein. “No matter the price range or the product (commercial or residential), I find that the RealtyHive conversation can be a game changer in a recruiting interview. It gives the recruit a marketing edge to either keep and sell their hard-to-sell listing or move into a new marketplace with a solution nobody else is adept at or even offering. Best of all, neither the agent or their clients need to lay out money to get into the program. I really like the program. I am most disappointed when I forget to talk about it in an interview!” he continued.

Lein isn’t the only broker who has seen the power of the RealtyHive platform. Across the country, Washington D.C.-area broker Tom Donegan has found RealtyHive to be an innovative solution to help his agents capture and retain more listings, as well as serving as a recruiting tool. “Brokers are always in need of additional revenue and [the RealtyHive] system makes it painless,” he said. “There are hard-to-sell properties in every market. I believe an agent can easily develop a script to contact expired listings using [the RealtyHive] system and generate more income.” Donegan continues, “We’re in a very difficult time in the real estate industry, where disrupting forces are significantly impacting a small brokerage’s ability to be profitable. RealtyHive will be my disruptive force in our Northern Virginia market.”

The RealtyHive platform was crafted and perfected to give brokers these exact advantages. From serving as a listing extension resource to a recruiting tactic and so much more, RealtyHive gives brokers the ability to increase market share, recruit top talent, and add 1,000s of closed properties to their system. More information about RealtyHive can be found by watching the attached video. To learn more about partnering with RealtyHive click here.

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