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Event Marketing: A New Tool for the Trade

Read this next sentence and tell me if it sounds familiar. Lately,…
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New Year, New Home? How to Tell if You're Ready to Buy

So you’ve decided to make the jump. Maybe you want to be able…
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Dive In! 5 Benefits of Owning a Pool

Owning a pool comes with a lot of maintenance, but also a lot…

Agent Advice: Thoughtful Little Touches for Big Impact

When your job involves something as personal as buying a home,…
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Deal Hunting: Where to find undervalued real estate in the US

It is well known that real estate prices are up, and they dont…

Real Estate Tech You Should Know

Real Estate Tech Solutions for Agents One of the best things…

Deal Hunting: Great deals on WI Land Properties

W3773 Broennenberg Rd, Wausaukee, WI, 54177, United States Sugg.…

Rebates for Homebuyers (And Sellers!)

It’s tough and competitive to be a real estate agent. In most…

Real Estate Agents: Commissions & Referrals

Real estate agents are highly knowledgeable when it comes to…

What Makes a Good Investment Property?

No matter the route you go for real estate investing — such…

What Is a Non-Recourse Loan?

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Moderate Home Improvements That Make a Difference

Like every relationship, there’s no such thing as a perfect…

All About Heating

Heating is one of those things that—like your car or dishwasher—you…

International Vacation Homeownership Options

Want to own an international vacation property? Better question:…

Navigating Real Estate Auctions

Buying a home at a home auction is not a new process, but it’s…