How to Stage Your Home to Sell It Quickly in a Competitive Market

One of the most important steps of selling a home is proper staging, and a little bit of work could make a huge difference. Making your home as eye-catching as possible will help you stand out in a competitive real estate market and attract motivated buyers.

Start With a Deep Cleaning

The very first step in this process is deep cleaning every single room in your home. While some buyers might not care about a little bit of clutter or dust, it could turn others away. When certain buyers walk through a messy or cluttered home, they might think that the current owner hasn’t been properly maintaining the home either. Luckily, hiring a professional cleaner can be fairly inexpensive if you don’t feel like cleaning.

Remove Most Personal Items

You don’t have to remove every single personal item from your home before you sell it, but the majority of your belongings should be boxed up and stored elsewhere. That includes items like paintings, old family photos, and knick-knacks. You might also want to spend a little bit of time boxing up any extra clutter that is in the closets, under the beds, or in the garage.

Stay as Neutral as Possible

The best realtor in your area is most likely going to tell you that you need to keep your furniture and decorations as neutral as possible. As a general rule, you want potential buyers to be able to walk into a home and envision themselves living there. Having neutral furniture and decorations is going to create a blank canvas for them. Some sellers even rent neutral items to place in their homes if their current décor is too eclectic.

Don’t Neglect the Lighting

One of the easiest and most effective ways to make a home more eye-catching is to improve the lighting. At the very least, you should make sure that all of the bulbs throughout your home are bright and working correctly. You can also clean the windows and pull back all of the curtains if the buyers are going to be walking through your home during the day. Painting the walls a bright and neutral color is another simple way to improve indoor lighting.

If you don’t feel completely comfortable staging your own home, then you might want to consider working with a professional. An experienced staging specialist will be to transform your home in the blink of an eye, and many of those professionals charge very reasonable rates.