9 Tips to Declutter and Organize Before Selling Your House

First impressions last, which is why you must declutter and organize your home before selling it.

By decluttering, you’re removing any items that aren’t needed to create more space. You need to remove anything that would say that you owned the house, giving way to new buyers.

Sometimes, this job can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re sharing nine great tips you can follow to organize your home.

Have the Right Tools

Decluttering and organizing your house before selling it is like a project. And to make any task more manageable, you need the right tools.

The first on your list should be storage bins for organizing your items. Anything that you would no longer currently need while you’re preparing to move out should be kept here.

Stack these bins in your storage area and observe the huge difference for your buyer. At the same time, you give them an idea of how much stuff they can store in the place.

Label markers and sharpies are essential for labeling the storage bins, so by the time you move to your new home, you already know what’s inside of each.

At Maid Sailors Cleaning Services NYC, we encourage our clients to use this time to throw away what you don’t need. So, trash bags are essential.

Try to choose to types or colors, where one bag is for donation and the other for throwing away.

Clear Up the Pathway

Your pathway or entrance is the first thing buyers see when they visit your home. It’s also their impression of it that usually lasts. This is why it must be clear of clutter.

Start by making sure that there are no shoes scattered by the doorway. It’s best if you have a shoe organizer on the side to remind everyone to place shoes that aren’t in use there. Then, lay a new doormat in front to create a more welcoming ambiance.

You can place pots of plants if you need to but not too much. There shouldn’t be a lot going on in the pathway to give your buyers the space they need.

Remove All Personal Items

The next thing you should do is removing any personal items. Remove collections, out of the ordinary designs, family photos, anything that would scream that it’s your home.

Remember, you’re selling your house, and buyers would want to imagine how they would look if they place their items in the areas.

With your items still all over the place, this creates a distraction for your buyers to imagine the place would look if they’re the ones living there. It’s like getting the feel of the area.

Beautify the Bedrooms

Bedrooms are where you rest after a long day, so it’s only right that you give your buyers the impression that they are comfortable.

As much as possible, the bedroom should look free.

Remove any extra furniture that occupies lots of space. Linens should be clean and fresh, closets are empty and clean, nothing under the bed, and store anything else that seems to be out of place.

Keep the colors as neutral as possible. One that makes the room brighter so they’ll be able to appreciate it better.

Keep the Cupboards and Drawers Organized

When you’re selling a house, keeping things you don’t want anybody to see is a bad idea. This is because buyers would usually check the cupboards and drawers.

This is probably the time you make use of the storage bins and remove any item from your drawers that you don’t want to be there.

Store or throw these things away and keep only what is needed or what should be put there. This will give your buyer an idea of using the cupboards and drawers for their stuff.

Spruce the Living Room

The living room should be another highlight of the house as this is usually the first one the guests see as they enter. It’s essential to keep it organized, clean, and with very minimal accessories.

Store away the magazines and place interesting books in the bookshelves. Keep throw pillows to a minimum, and so is the table decor. If you need to remove extra furniture, do so.

This way, you’re creating a much bigger space that your buyers will surely appreciate.

Showcase Your Kitchen

If you’re selling your house to another family, chances are the mother would love to see how the kitchen looks. It doesn’t matter if you think your kitchen is small or old-fashioned because most of the time, making the place clutter-free does the trick.

Clear the countertops of any extra appliances like the blender or food processor. Wipe them off clean and make sure it’s free from dust or grease. Your refrigerator should be free of magnets and notes, and your pantry tidy.

Don’t also forget to clean up anything in the kitchen. This includes the drawers, the sink, inside the refrigerator, the stove, the freezer, and whatever that needs cleaning.

Make the Bathroom Shine

We all want a clean and organized bathroom where you’re comfortable to do your stuff. That’s why it’s vital to declutter and organize everything.

Keep the countertops free from your shampoo, soap, make-up, and other personal items. Linen closets should be empty, and the medicine cabinet should only contain the basics to give your buyer an idea.

If there are any excess items in the shower or under the sink, remove them. The tiles should be clean, and drains are free from hair. Finally, replace your rug and shower curtain to keep things fresh.

Clean the Laundry Room

Lastly, keep your laundry room clean (even if this is not a usual spot for family members). Put your cleaning products away or organize them neatly.

Clean up any appliances inside the area and remove anything that shouldn’t be there. If there are pieces of clothes hanged, remove them.

The laundry room is only small, so it’s essential that it’s free from clutter to give that illusion that it somehow has ample space.

Moving to a new home is exciting, but making sure that your house would feel livable to a new buyer can be overwhelming. There are lots of rooms to organize and things to be stored away. The tips listed above can help you manage your thoughts on which areas to focus on to make things somehow easy.