Agent Advice: Thoughtful Little Touches for Big Impact

When your job involves something as personal as buying a home, emotions run high. Whether it’s a couple that is excited to close on their first home, or a family that had to leave a house they’ve loved for years. There’s bound to be a lot of feelings and maybe a few tears. Here are a couple of thoughtful little gift ideas you can give to “WOW” your clients. It will also help to ease the transition, and create unreplacable memories of this milestone moment–without breaking the bank!

Gift: First Night’s Dinner

Whether its a stashed pizza in the freezer or a gift card to the best neighborhood restaurant, you’ll be a hero with this thoughtful gesture. Moving is hard work and making dinner is the last thing most people want to do afterward. (plus they would then have to try to find the kitchen utensils to make it!) Leaving a note in the kitchen directing them to your gift will make you a hero for the day. If the new homeowners have moved from out of town, you’ll really score bonus points with them for introducing them to a new favorite location.

Gift: Cheers to the new home with Local Beer/Wine/Soda

If you know your client’s’ preference on drinks, a 6-pack of beer, soda or a bottle of wine is a great way to help them toast to their new home. With the craft brewing scene sweeping the nation, choosing a locally produced beverage is easier than ever and will introduce your buyers to some of the great offerings of your area!

Gift: Get Involved with Local Event Tickets

If you’ve got a client who just moved from out of town, gift tickets might be a good choice. New to the neighboorhood they’ll definitly want to know what to there is to do in their new city. From big city festivals to small-town community picnics, a gift ticket can be a great welcoming gift. Gifting tickets to a local event is a great way for them to meet their neighbors and see what it’s like to be a part of your city.

Gift: Discover and Save with Local Coupon Savings Books

Most areas have some sort of local coupon/savings books like the Entertainment® books. These are often sold as fundraisers for local schools or churches. Such books are great for helping a homeowner discover new restaurants, stores, and services in the area. This all while receiving a discount. If you’ve got a lot of local connections this is even something you could create yourself!

Gift: Commemorate the Occasion with Knickknacks

This gift works well for a particular type of client. While some people use moving as an opportunity to declutter and restyle their homes, others can’t bear to part with their possessions. If you have a client in the latter group, getting them a new treasure is a great way to mark the milestone of new homeownership. Some ideas for this could be Christmas ornaments, magnets, or other ideas you may have picked up in your conversations with them.

The best, most thoughtful gift you can give your buyers is a great deal on a new home. If you haven’t found the right choice for your client, check out RealtyHive’s auction properties here to see upcoming properties.

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