Backyard Party Tips for New Home Owners

There are so many exciting firsts as a new homeowner; the first family home-cooked meal, the first holiday, and of course, the first back yard party! By now, you’ve probably realized that there are a lot of things you might not have considered as you move into a new home, and throwing your first party may leave you feeling unprepared.

Not to worry! We’ve compiled this list just for you so you can make your first back yard festivity one to remember for years to come.

Make your guests comfortable

Spend some time hanging out outside in the days leading up to your backyard party to get an idea of how your guests may feel. Pay attention to things like shaded space, muddy spots, and bugs. There are often simple solutions for these small annoyances, like adding a pop-up tent or buying extra bug spray, so it’s best to realize them ahead of time!

Get mealtime just right

When planning the menu, you’ll first want to reach out to your guests to see if there are any allergies or food restrictions you should be aware of. Next, plan ahead to make sure you not only purchase enough food for everyone but that you also have ample fridge and freezer space to store everything.

In the event that you do happen to run short on food, snacks, beverages, or even household essentials, have a mobile delivery service ready to go on your phone so you can get what you need delivered to your backyard party within minutes!

Make your home tour-ready

It’s a given that friends and family will want a home tour the first time they come over so make sure you take the time to get your entire house guest ready. From the obvious spots like bathrooms and the living room to the not so obvious like your closets and master bedroom–guests are going to want to get the full scope of your new layout!

Be sure to vacuum, dust, clean windows, and wipe down all surfaces. Provide an added touch by using a room spray or lighting a candle (only where it can be supervised, of course!).

Don’t stress over the big projects

When moving into a new home, it is likely that there will be many lingering projects like painting, removing carpet and even full-on renovations. Don’t stress over trying to get it all done before your friends and family come over. While giving the home tour, let your guests in on your plans
and visions for updating the space in the near future. You may get some great feedback and ideas you haven’t considered or even a few offers to help.

There’s no need to feel anxious about hosting your first get together as a new homeowner. Keeping these simple tips in mind will make this celebration, whether it’s large or small, one to remember for years to come!