DIY Home Improvement Ideas

DIY Home Improvement Ideas


Looking for ways to spice up your home? These DIY home improvement ideas are simple, creative, and fun!


  1. Organized Kitchen Spice Cabinet

Spices in a cabinet

Have you ever had a kitchen cupboard become so overcrowded with spices that you could never find anything? Spice containers are easy to misplace, they all look the same! Well, good news, because with these simple steps you can easily organize your spice cabinet to be efficient, appealing, and all with minimal effort!

Find instructions at: Organizing Home Life


2. Patterned Return Air Grille

Before and after image of return air grille. On the top is a rough looking air grille, and on the bottom is an air grille with a flowered pattern

Recreate your old air grille by designing a new one! Most people have the same air grille that looks like its been in the house since forever. But with a few hours, you can turn something simple and boring into something creative and fun!

Find instructions at: The Friendly Home


  1. Mason Jar Solar Lights

Decorative mason jars with lights hanging from a ceiling

This project is great because there are so many ways you could use it! You could bring it out for parties and celebrations, and use it for an outdoor patio light, or you can hang it up right in your bedroom! Not only does it make a creative light source for an adult, but it can make a super cool night light for a child!

Find instructions at: DIY Projects


4. Painted Trim

Hand with a paintbrush painting a wall white

It’s something that seems so small, and yet it makes a big difference in the overall look of your home. Painting the trim is a great way to make improvements all throughout your house. All you need is a roller, tape, paint, caulk, and a willingness to get your hands dirty!

Find instructions at: LiveLoveDIY


5. Rustic Cooler

Plastic cooler with wooden planks next to it

This project is great for outdoor celebrations and parties. Instead of having to lug around an old plastic cooler, you can build your own and enjoy a cool refreshing drink on a hot summer afternoon. Plus, you can make it as big or tall as you want, and when you’re done, just fill with ice and drinks and enjoy!

Find instructions at: Hometalk


  1. Crate Bookshelf

Large bookshelf made of crates stacked on top of each other

Make no mistake, it may be called a “bookshelf” but you can store whatever you want with this project! Whether it’s books, supplies, clothes, or family mementos it’s up to you! You can also customize the shelf to be as big or small as you want. Don’t have enough room? Just remove one crate and reshape it! Plus, it really comes in handy when you need to create some extra storage space.

Find instructions at: Tara Michelle Interiors

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