RealtyHive Site Down Due to Email Spam Attack

Update: As of 10:28am CST, is working correctly and we have identified the source of this breach.

Today the RealtyHive team came in (to their home offices #socialdistancing) bright and early to a site no website developer, administrator, or owner wants to see — a malicious abuse of the features on our site.

While the details are still foggy and the facts are being sorted out, what we do know is that THOUSANDS of spam emails have been sent to various email addresses using one of our templates. That is to say, the emails look like they are coming from us.

These emails do not appear to have affected any of our clients or internal lists, but rather these emails are being sent to a variety of email addresses that we have never had contact with. Unfortunately, these emails also appear to contain an inappropriate, adult-themed content as well as possibly malicious links.

If you have received one of these emails, Please DO NOT click on any links in the email.

We are currently doing everything we can to stop this malicious attack and prevent any further disruptions. We also ask that if you have received one of these messages, please do not mark it as spam.

We understand that these emails are the definition of spam, but unfortunately, the attackers were very smart in sending these from a our account meaning any emails marked as “spam” count against us, not the actual bad actors.

We will update this post as we receive more information. Thank you for all patience and understanding as we work diligently to solve this problem.

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