Deal Hunting: Great deals on WI Land Properties

W3773 Broennenberg Rd, Wausaukee, WI, 54177, United States

Sugg. Opening Bid: $64,900  | 38.4 Acres

The Previous owner of this property put a lot of time and effort into turning this land into a magnificent hunting property! It has tillable land, multiple shooting lanes, water source(multiple ponds), and multiple permanent hunting stands. 

Hunt-ability: ?? ? ?

Fish-ability: ??

ATV-ability: ??

Recommended Buy: Thermacell Mosquito Repellent

I think we can all unanimously agree that mosquitoes suck. And over the years they’ve proven to be quite a nuisance to hunters. If you’ve ever sat in a deer stand for a lengthy period of time, then you can probably attest to the fact that mosquitoes have no respect for your wooden oasis. That being said traditional repellents often repel much more than just bugs. They often end up scaring off potential prey with their potent smell.  Here’s where I introduce Thermacell Mosquito Repellent which gets raving reviews from hunters claiming its light, odor-free, and effective. 

Recommended Buy: The MeatEater Fish And Game Cookbook

The best part about hunting season (besides taking pictures and bragging on social media) is taking home your kill and turning it into a lovely meal. The possibilities are endless when it comes to ways of preparing the food. Lucky for us, Steven Rinella put a large portion of the possibilities together in one book!

Tbd Co Rd 496, Ishpeming, MI, 49814, United States

List Price: $395,000  | 392 Acres

A rare find here! 392 acres of mixed terrain and combination of oak/maple/pine trees. With maturing timber that has not yet been harvested, this property is a great future timber investment property! This land offers private hunting, ATV trails throughout making it an amazing location for a potential Family lodge or home!

Hunt-ability: ?? ? 

Fish-ability: ?

ATV-ability: ????

Recommended Buy: Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger

Nowadays just about everyone has a personal cell phone. This is good for hunters now that there are a number of helpful apps for hunting. The problem is keeping your phone charged when you’re away from electricity for such long periods of time. That’s when the Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger comes in. It can be pre-charged and carries enough battery to recharge most Samsung and iPhones 2-4 times!

640 Acres Peshekee Grade, L’Anse, MI, 49946, United States

List Price: $785,00  | 640 Acres

These 640 acres are filled with rivers, gravel road access, towering white pine, mixed hardwoods, and one of the most diverse wetland/river complexes in the U.P! In these woods there’s the potential to see a variety of species such as eagles, moose, geese, deer, bears, grouse, the occasional wolf, bobcats, and coyotes! This land is good for almost all outdoor activities. There’s fish in the rivers, animals in the woodlands, and miles of hiking in and around the property!

Hunt-ability: ?? ? ? 

Fish-ability: ???

ATV-ability: ?

Recommended Buy: Scent Crusher Ozone Go

The scent crusher ozone go goes right into your car’s 12v outlet and kills scents of early morning bacon, egg, and biscuits that may be lingering on your hunting clothes. Not only does this eliminate smells that could warn prey of your location, but it can also freshen up your car after hunting.

Srn-3-5 Autio, Covington, MI, 49919, United States

Suggested opening bid: $525,000  | 470 Acres

This is some of the best recreation lands in the U.P!  It features amazing trout fishing, trophy buck hunting and conveys of grouse along with hiking, canoeing, biking, snowshoeing and just about any other activity you can think of! This land also just happens to be located on the famous Sturgeon River and even has some frontage on the Rock river as well. 

Hunt-ability: ?? ? ? ?

Fish-ability: ????

ATV-ability: ???

Recommended Buy: PEET Advantage Boot Dryer

It’s common to come back from a hunting trip with wet boots and wet gloves, but it can be a real pain putting soggy clothes on when you go out the next day. This is where I tell you about the Peet Advantage Boot Dryer which can remove wet, sweat, and odor from your boots. It’s important that a dryer doesn’t dry your boots to quickly otherwise you risk cracking or stressing the boots. The PEET Advantage Boot Dryer dries both boots and gloves at just the right speed to keep your things in good condition, but get them dry and ready for your next day of hunting. 

80 Acres N Fence River, Crystal Falls, MI, 49920, United States

List Price: $59,000  | 80 Acres

When hunters think of big bucks in the UP they think of Iron County because of its unequaled bear, deer, and grouse hunting. The trout fishing can be very good at times, and there is room for plenty of recreation on the property. So bring your ATV’s, snowmobiles, and hiking boots because you can do it all and more on this chunk of land!

Hunt-ability: ?? ? ? ?

Fish-ability: ??

ATV-ability: ???

Recommended Buy: Masterbuilt Front Controller Smoker with Remote Control

This made the list because immediately upon laying eyes on it I thought it was perfect for my cousin David, whose is the biggest hunter I personally know. I figured if it was up his alley it would probably be up many other hunting fanatics alley as well so I present to you; Masterbuilt Front Controller Smoker with Remote Control! It is big enough and flexible enough to handle the needs of nearly all hunters. If you kill to eat, then this is perfect for you!

Hunting if done correctlly can be a fun and relaxing hobby, but it is important to follow the laws and guidelines of where your hunting. 

  • Where to get a hunting license
    • Wisconsin: All licenses are available for purchase at any DNR Service Center in Wisconsin. There are a number of DNR Service Centers scattered throughout Wisconsin. The link below will show you all the DNR Service Centers in Wisconsin separated by region. 
    • Michigan: Hunting licenses are sold in a number of places throughout Michigan. Below I have attached a link to a website that will show you all the places that sell license near you. 
    • **Licenses are valid from April 1 through March 31 of the following year.**
  • Costs of Licenses
    • Wisconsin
      • Fishing:
        • Resident: Annual license costs $20 and a 1-day pass costs $8
        • Non-resident: Annual license cost $50 and a 1-day license costs $10
        • Senior(65+): $7
      • Hunting:
        • Resident: Deer license:$24, bear hunting: $49, Small Game: $18, Turkey: $15
        • Non-resident:  Deer license: $160, Bear hunting: $251, Small game: $85, Turkey: $60
    • Michigan
      • Fishing: You have to purchase a fishing license if you are 17 or older. ANy younger and you can fish without a license but must follow all fishing rules and regulations
        • Resident: $26
        • Non-Resident: $76
        • Senior(residents 65 or above): $11
        • 24-hour (resident or non-resident): $10
        • 72-hour(resident or non-resident): $30
      • Hunting: 
        • Junior: $6
        • Resident: $11
        • Non-resident: $151
        • Senior(65+ for Michigan residents): $5

Map of deer pop. in Wisconsin :

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