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Inexpensive DIY Home Improvement Projects to Tackle this Weekend!

    Home improvements are a revolving door process. As soon as the roof is replaced, the kitchen is outdated or the floors need a facelift. When buying a previously owned home, it’s more or less expected that repairs, upgrades, or improvements are going to be needed, but most homeowners (especially first-time homeowners) are completely … Continue reading “Inexpensive DIY Home Improvement Projects to Tackle this Weekend!”

#winwithrealtyhive: Northwoods Luxury

    While many homes, especially starter homes, can fly off the market in a matter of days (sometimes hours!), others take a little longer. In fact, sometimes selling a home is a years-long process. Homes that are farther away from cities, bigger or more luxurious than average, or higher priced than other homes on … Continue reading “#winwithrealtyhive: Northwoods Luxury”

Trains, Planes, and Barns, Oh My! How to Sell a Unique Home

    Everyone has a different idea of the perfect house. Some people envision a quaint ranch home with the perfect little white fence while others dream of a classic Victorian filled with character and charm while others like a clean, modern esthetic or prefer the lower maintenance of condo living. While many homes appeal … Continue reading “Trains, Planes, and Barns, Oh My! How to Sell a Unique Home”

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Appraisal, Assessment, Inspection: What’s the difference?

    There are a lot of terms in real estate that are very industry specific. Whether you’re working with an agent or buying/selling on your own, it’s wise to have at least a basic knowledge of the process and terminology. Among the terms that cause the most confusion for homeowners is home appraisal, property … Continue reading “Appraisal, Assessment, Inspection: What’s the difference?”

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5 Psychology Tricks to Use When Selling Your Home

    When selling real estate, the goal is always to get the highest sale price possible. In some markets this is easy. According to Zillow, in 2017 nearly 1 in 4 homes sold over the listed price, and in some cases, far over. While the area, home type, and other factors come into play, … Continue reading “5 Psychology Tricks to Use When Selling Your Home”

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#WinWithRealtyHive: Avoiding the Price Reduction Talk

    The Endowment Effect, sometimes called the Ownership Effect, is a psychological and behavioral economics principle that says people attribute a higher value to things they own simply because they own them. An excellent example of this effect in action is at rummage or yard sales. Instead of pricing something according to the actual … Continue reading “#WinWithRealtyHive: Avoiding the Price Reduction Talk”

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New Hope for Home Ownership Through Land Contracts

    In some places in the U.S., land contracts are common. Land contracts, a form of seller financing, are written legal agreements used to purchase real estate. These agreements work similar to a standard mortgage, but rather than borrowing money from a bank or lender to buy the property, the buyer makes payments to … Continue reading “New Hope for Home Ownership Through Land Contracts”

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Take It or Leave It: What You Need to Know about Real Estate Fixtures

    Close your eyes and pretend you’ve sold your home and are getting ready to move out. Imagine your living room. You see the empty space where your couch was, the blank space where the television was mounted, and the bare windows once covered by full curtains. Wait a minute, make that a nearly … Continue reading “Take It or Leave It: What You Need to Know about Real Estate Fixtures”

snowy cabin in the woods

How to Sell Your Home in a Land Far, Far Away

    Once upon a time in a land far, far away a lovely family owned a lovely piece of land in the lovely woods. The family built themselves a small cottage where they enjoyed spending their weekends and summers, and although there was no lake for swimming or indoor plumbing, it was their cottage … Continue reading “How to Sell Your Home in a Land Far, Far Away”