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Streamlining the OREO Sales Process: 2018 Market Update

    According to information made available by, the value of OREO property held by U.S. banks has been falling from $17.51 billion in Q2 2015 to $8.45 billion by the end of Q4 2017– a change of more than 50%! While the overall market climate is changing, it is worth noting that the … Continue reading “Streamlining the OREO Sales Process: 2018 Market Update”

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#WinWithRealtyHive: Avoiding the Price Reduction Talk

    The Endowment Effect, sometimes called the Ownership Effect, is a psychological and behavioral economics principle that says people attribute a higher value to things they own simply because they own them. An excellent example of this effect in action is at rummage or yard sales. Instead of pricing something according to the actual … Continue reading “#WinWithRealtyHive: Avoiding the Price Reduction Talk”

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How to Sell Your Home in a Land Far, Far Away

    Once upon a time in a land far, far away a lovely family owned a lovely piece of land in the lovely woods. The family built themselves a small cottage where they enjoyed spending their weekends and summers, and although there was no lake for swimming or indoor plumbing, it was their cottage … Continue reading “How to Sell Your Home in a Land Far, Far Away”

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Move over Branding: The key to success in 2018 is not what you’d expect

  It seems like some agents have all the luck. We all know someone that seems to have a pipeline of dream properties and buyers clamoring hand-over-(money-filled)fist to sign themselves into a new home while you sit and watch your listings grow stale. How do these agents do it? While nothing can compare to a … Continue reading “Move over Branding: The key to success in 2018 is not what you’d expect”

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Event Marketing: A New Tool for the Trade

    Let’s see if this sounds familiar: lately, when you get a listing for a modestly-sized, fairly priced home you can barely add it to your MLS before you start receiving interest and a few offers– even above list price. But when it comes to your commercial listings, vacation homes, or even some residential … Continue reading “Event Marketing: A New Tool for the Trade”

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The New Way to Sell REO Properties

    People tend to dream that a never-before-met great uncle will leave them a sprawling waterfront estate in a will they didn’t know existed. This sounds lovely (minus the death of your uncle, RIP!), but it doesn’t happen very often. In the real world, what actually occurs is that your crazy cat-lady Aunt Janice … Continue reading “The New Way to Sell REO Properties”