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Island Escape 101: Unknown Islands

    Many travelers get a special thrill when they tell someone about their latest adventures and get blanks stares and questions of “Where’s that?” While many people travel to Jamaica (more than 4 million a year) or the Dominican Republic (more than 5 million annually), it’s not as often that you hear of travels … Continue reading “Island Escape 101: Unknown Islands”

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Island Escape 101: English Language Paradises

    You’ve been dreaming of escaping the drudgery of the 9-5 Monday through Friday workweek. You’ve got your sights set on sun and fun in a tropical paradise, but where to go? There are many great places to choose from, but if you’re looking for an easy transition it may be a good idea … Continue reading “Island Escape 101: English Language Paradises”

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Island Escape 101: Passport Requirements

    With thoughts of the sand between your toes and the intoxicating smells of suntan lotion mixing with the spray of the ocean, it’s easy to imagine spending your days living your best Caribbean life. Before you find a long-term rental or property to own and kiss your mainland life goodbye, you’ve gotta make … Continue reading “Island Escape 101: Passport Requirements”

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5 Easy Tips for Instagram-worthy Beach Pics

  Close your eyes and imagine a beach. You’re almost undoubtedly thinking about a sunny day, soft sand, and water in some shade of blue. It’s so easy to picture the perfect beach day that it’s almost easy to forget how difficult those memories are to turn into good photos. What you see and remember … Continue reading “5 Easy Tips for Instagram-worthy Beach Pics”

Sip on something awesome: Coffees of the Caribbean

  “Our culture runs on coffee and gasoline, the first often tasting like the second.” -Edward Abbey   While Americans have enjoyed coffee from airtight tins since the early 1900s, many have not experienced the joy of truly fresh coffee. In 1907, 97% of the world’s coffee came from Brazil, but today many countries, from … Continue reading “Sip on something awesome: Coffees of the Caribbean”

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Best Islands of the Rich and Famous

    Skoripos, Greece Owned By: Ekaterina Rybolovleva Purchased: Estimated $150-190 Million in 2013 Once was a barren land, the original owner, Aristotle Onasis, brought in many species of trees and even the sand from other Greek islands to create this paradise where he and Jackie liked to visit and were married. It’s alleged that … Continue reading “Best Islands of the Rich and Famous”

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Bathe Away Your Winter Blues

    If the cold of winter has your skin looking sandier than your favorite beach, get yourself in a Caribbean state of mind with this piña colada DIY bath scrub! Tropi-colada Scrub ½ cup liquid coconut oil 1 cup pure cane sugar ½ tsp Pineapple extract ½ tsp Coconut extract Put all ingredients in … Continue reading “Bathe Away Your Winter Blues”

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Similar, but Not the Same: All About Twin Countries

    They say some of the greatest things come in pairs. Mickey and Minnie, Lucy and Ethel, peanut butter and jelly– you get the idea. Since two seems to be better than one, maybe that’s why these countries have teamed up, but with that twinning reputation comes a loss of individuality. If you tell … Continue reading “Similar, but Not the Same: All About Twin Countries”

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Tropical Tunes and Vacation Vibes

&nsbp;   After one of the most impressive awful bouts of cold temps the US has seen in recent history, things are finally starting to warm up a bit. If you’re wanting to heat things up more, we’ve created a tropical playlist filled with vacation vibes to really turn up the heat…no matter what the … Continue reading “Tropical Tunes and Vacation Vibes”