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5 Best Reasons to Buy a Fajardo Home

As winter approaches in the United States, many begin to think about trading the cold and snowy days for something a little more caliente. For those looking for a winter home that has the laid-back island lifestyle with many of the familiar comforts of home, look no farther than Fajardo, Puerto Rico. From sparkling beaches to rich history to weather that can’t be beat, here are some of the best reasons Fajardo is the perfect place for your second home.

1). It’s a Boaters paradise

Just as the Great Lakes begin to freeze and other waterways become frigid and dangerous, the coast of Fajardo heats up! Fajardo is home to Puerto del Rey, the largest marina in the Caribbean and the epicenter of recreational boating in Puerto Rico. From the port in Fajardo, boaters can easily access Culebra, Vieques, and the American and British Virgin Islands.

2). It’s Accessible (Even Without a Boat)

Getting Fajardo by air is easy thanks to Luis Munoz Marin International Airport (SJU) located just outside San Juan and only about 25 miles from Fajardo. SJU is the busiest airport in the Caribbean by passenger volume with more than 4 million boarding passengers per year according to the US Federal Aviation Administration. JetBlue Airways is the largest carrier in San Juan with 51 daily flights on an average day, although other major airlines including Air Canada, Allegiant Air, Delta, United, Southwest, and more service this airport.

3). No Passports Required for US citizens

One of the advantages of Puerto Rico’s relationship with the United States is that US citizens do not need a passport to enter Puerto Rico by air or water. Traveling to Puerto Rico requires the same type of identification that domestic US flights require. This can be especially helpful when traveling with young children (who have a smaller window of passport validity), those with a different legal name than what is indicated on a passport (like a newly married female), or those who for other reasons do not have a valid passport. This also avoids common passport issues found in other countries like the ones found here.

4). Return of Tourism Equals Rental Income

If living in your Fajardo home full time isn’t quite what you have in mind, it’s easy to turn your home into an investment. Prices for a one-night rental in Fajardo average about $200USD per night, but vary based on property, location, and time of year. Renting your home when you are not using it can be a great way to offset your expenses or even turn a profit and has never been easier than before with sites like Airbnb and HomeAway.

5). Caribbean Life at an Affordable Price

While Fajardo isn’t known for having the bargain-basement prices of places like Panama or Honduras, Puerto Rico does offer an affordable alternative to other, pricier Caribbean islands like St. Barth’s or Curacao. Prices are fairly comparable to a mid-sized Midwestern city, but those accustomed to big city or coastal costs of living in the United States will be pleasantly surprised by the affordability of this island.

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