12 homes for people who don’t like people

Some people just weren’t made to be around other people. For some, social interaction is just one of those things in life that we wish we could avoid, like paying bills, houses that leave their Christmas lights up months after Christmas, or well… Mondays entirely. If you find yourself falling into the category of “people who don’t like people” then this article is very much for you! I have hand selected these secluded homes that allow you to escape the annoyance that is other people and social interaction. No need to thank me, I won’t force you into any unwanted social interactions!

1. Lake Michigan Beauty

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| Cleveland, Wisconsin |

This property offers sailing, fishing, and wildlife galore! This stunning custom designed, open concept home boasts a number of impressive amenities including a natural stone fireplace, spacious loft, sky lights and much more. Enjoy your solitude from the floor to ceiling windows which boasts million dollar views of the lake and rolling hills! If you’re willing to allow people into your place of social seclusion, the property comes with a fully furnished guest home. Perfect to rent out as a potential Airbnb!

2. The European Manor

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| Verona, Wisconsin |

This stunning luxurious  European manor is the perfect retreat for those who enjoy solitude. Set on 20 acres of picturesque woods, fields, and streams. This beautiful estate lies at the end of a winding drive so you don’t even have to see people on the street, no people in sight, which makes this the perfect home for a person that doesn’t like people. In addition to the solitude this home offers, exquisite exterior stone work, a spectacular open foyer with a gorgeous curved staircase, and much more!

3. Private Rolling Hills Home

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| Argyle, Wisconsin |

If you enjoy breathtaking views of rolling hills, pasture lands, and woods… but not a huge fan of being in close proximities to other people, well then this home is perfect for you. On 74 acres of gorgeous land this home keeps you a lengthy distance from anyone or everyone you wish to not be around. This home was built with the highest quality construction and offers a great floor plan with a chef’s kitchen. In my opinion though, that zebra rug completes the home. Now that rug doesn’t come with the property, but don’t you worry Ive hooked you up with a link to a similar rug on Amazon. You’re welcome.

4. The Smart Home

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| Portage, Wisconsin |

This home is perfect for those that enjoy living on the luxurious side. Although, I warn it’s not for people that enjoy showing off their luxurious things because, well, there is no one in the immediate area to show it off too. This modern 3 bedroom smart home was built in 2007 and lies on 4.79 acres of land with 371 feet of water frontage. The home has a private driveway with a remote-controlled privacy gate, to keep out any and all unwanted guests.

5. The Castle

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| Mazomanie, Wisconsin |

I have thus declared this property “the castle.” Mostly because the outside architecture resembles that of a castle, but also because the gorgeous spiral staircase looks like something straight out of Cinderella. This is your opportunity to be the king/queen of your very own castle, and that’s not even the best part. The best part truly is that all other people, to go along with the theme let’s call them peasants, are 120 acres away. That’s right! 120 ACRES! Be the ruler of your own person-less 120 acre kingdom. Now that’s just too good to pass up!

6. Anti-Social Oasis

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| Fontana, Wisconsin |

This home offers a resort style pool, with waterfall, lake view and pool house bar. Unlike other resorts though, this property is all for you, and you only. This is a real upside for loners. Added benefit, the inside is just as beautiful! Huge windows allow for an abundance of natural light and offer stunning views of the lake! There is so much to do on this property and the added comfort truly makes this home an antisocial oasis for all the loners out there.

7. Loner Island

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| Presque Isle, Wisconsin |

If you are a true loner, then I bet you’ve seen this property before….  somewhere in a dream perhaps. I mean at this point, people have to make a short boat ride to get to you, and unless you’re as entertaining as the late Robin Williams, I don’t think many are willing to do so. This means we’ve already greatly restricted the human interaction… you’re welcome. Okay, now onto actual information about the home. This beautifully designed timber frame home offers lake views from all sides. The amazing architecture and superb floor plan brings luxury to the majestic Northwoods of Wisconsin. Home is move in ready and comes with a private boat house.

8. Custom-built Lowell Home

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| Delavan, Wisconsin |

This 2016 custom-built Lowell home lies on 5 acres of beautiful land and comes with a detached full sized gym/shop, complete with radiant floor heat. This home offers a one-of-a-kind outdoor space with a fire-pit, soccer field, and private paths through the prairie. With such a beautiful home, private paths, field, and gym, I find little reason for you to ever have to leave. You could theoretically hide away from all of mankind forever with this home. 

9. Luxury Loner Living

Receive up to $13,800 cash closing credit when buying this home!

| Summit, Wisconsin |

This home is a masterpiece of design and construction, perfect for relaxing or entertaining, but given the fact that you’re reading this article, I don’t think entertaining is high up on your to do list.  This home offers everything you’d expect in a luxury house – fine craftsmanship, exquisite finishes, high end appliances, an open floor plan, and abundant windows which fill the house with light. The amenities are endless, movie room, large pool, paved sports court, and much more! If that didn’t intrigue you enough, this home lies on 12.79 acres of land, which means, there are no people within a 12.79 acre radius of your home. House sold amiright?

10. Nature Lovers Paradise

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| Merrimac, Wisconsin |

Love nature, but not people? Well welcome to your dream home. This is the idyllic hideaway from the world and the people in it. Although you are visible to the street so you might run into a couple people, but depending on your level of commitment to limiting social interaction, you could just pretend to not see them. This home is perched on 2.2 acres of land overlooking 200 feet of frontage on Lake Wisconsin. With those breathtaking views there is little reason to spend in the front of the house (by the street).

11. Winner of Best Backyard

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| Green Lake, Wisconsin |

Stepping into this property’s backyard is what I imagine stepping into the movie Alice in Wonderland would feel like. Beautiful big trees line the sides of the yard, creating an immaculate sense of privacy. I assume since you’re reading this article, privacy is something you’d appreciate. The backyard also includes a beautiful and spacious patio space with outdoor kitchen, screened in area, and enough room to fit the whole family in fact it’s probably big enough for multiple families. My personal favorite is the whimsical steps that curve through the stunning garden. This is truly a home you have to see to believe.

12. Secluded Log Lodge

Receive up to $8,399 cash closing credit when buying this home!

| Elkhorn, Wisconsin |

This lovely log lodge lies on 43 acres of beautiful and rugged wildlife making this a true sportsman paradise! A network of trails winds you around the 4 acre pond(perfect for fishing), through forests, cultivated fields, and a shooting range to sharpen your skills. Zoned for horses, outbuildings, and recreational vehicles. This is a property that is guaranteed to keep you entertained in your solitude.

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